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and probably right before i turned 19

probably 18 years old and i've been on


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hi and welcome back to my channel this

is lex marie with another

video today we are going to talk about

different ways you can boost your

femininity and start your feminine


in college okay and i know that i say

that a lot of my topics are geared

towards younger women or college women

but this is specifically talking about


and high school girls like specifically

specifically so that is who my audience

is today

feminine you know young college girls or

girls that are trying to boost their

femininity in high school

so that is what we are going to be

discussing today

if you want to know where i am right now

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so once you do all of those things

watch the rest of this video okay so the

first thing that i would recommend to do

if you are in high school or college

starting your feminine journey

is to constantly improve

and yearn for change okay and i think

that overall we should all be doing this

but specifically for

us you have to make sure that you're not


whether it is in your work study or a


you're not settling with your same

friends you're not settling

with your significant other make sure

that you are doing things that

are going to improve you and help you

while you are going on this feminine

journey so if something is not feeding

you if something is not

helping you grow and go in that


switch it up change your surroundings

change your friends

you know expand your friend group try to

switch it up so you're not

stuck in the same routine or stuck in

the same situation all the time

one thing that i would recommend is

definitely learning a new skill

this is the time you're going to be

experimenting with things

trying new things and the only way you

can try new things is by testing out

what you're good at and what

you're not good at so maybe there's a

club opportunity you can do

and see how you are with marketing see

how you are

with um being a secretary you know

taking notes just different things that


show you a skill that you may have and

you just don't know you have so

i would definitely recommend that in

terms of finding different ways to

improve and change

also exercise all right because i know

in high school and college

that freshman 15 baby that freshman 15


it's gonna hit okay it's really gonna

hit and i don't know if that's the type

of change you want

but if it's not the type of change you

want make sure that you are working on


physically whether it's just walking

every day going to the gym for 30

minutes to an hour

or just making sure you're taking the

stairs instead of the elevator okay

because i definitely

because my room is on the 10th floor of

my building and honey like

i'm not walking all those steps but if i

do have an opportunity where i can walk

up steps i try to walk up steps

um i occasionally i have to walk places

so i try to walk instead of taking the

bus so just different things like that

making sure that you're staying

physically active but all this goes to

say is that just

try not to stay still whether that

is physically or with your

growth just try to always be improving

yourself in one way or another

so you can acquire a new skill develop a

new habit

or even improve yourself in other ways

alright so the second thing that i would

recommend doing

for you young ladies in high school and

college is to avoid


and focus on yourself okay

um this is not degrassi

this is not degrassi this is not

a different world this is

avoid the drama okay and specifically

for high school students you are

focusing on doing

everything you can possibly do to not

only get accepted into a college if you

choose to go to a college

but to get money you know that means you

got to get in your studies and make sure

you get that scholarship

you know make sure you're make sure

you're on top of your stuff and

i know one thing is that talking about


and talking about janet and talking

about jessie isn't going to help you get

your scholarship it's not going to help


get into college make sure that you are

staying focused on what

you're there for your purpose at your

school yes it's okay to make friends yes

it's okay to

build a network but getting into drama

getting into conflict getting into


getting into fights that is not what


should do especially women we don't need

to be doing that it is

other ways trust me i'm the queen of


a uh a very

a very lengthy email i love sending my


that express my concerns to who this may

concern to whom this may concern

that is me however i do not

advocate for violence or putting

yourself in a position where

you are out of your own character

definitely when it comes to conflict i

know it's going to happen i know she's

going to talk about you i know they're

going to say things about you

but it's not worth it because i'm

telling right now half the girls my high

school i don't even think about

i'm in college i could have sworn they

would be

like a lot like have a lasting

impression on me i don't even think

about them anymore

i really don't and you're not gonna

think about them anymore either so

try to look at a big like at the bigger

picture when it comes to

drama and everything don't worry about

those girls

okay don't worry about what they got to

say about you don't worry if they say

that you're

too girly or you're too prissy let them


because honestly at the end of the day

they admire you and they keep

your name in their mouth for what reason

for the whole reason no reason

admiration okay i'm letting you know

it's admiration so

don't stress those girls if you're in

high school young ladies please don't


i don't even need to see them they're

not worth it okay they're not worth it

you're gorgeous you're beautiful you're

smart you're intelligent

ignore it and when it comes to drama in


yes there is drama in college high

school girls there is drama in college

avoid that as well because there is


of young women young men you know young


that you can be friends with you don't

have to be friends with the girls in

your class you don't have to be friends

with the girls in your

organization or clubs you can talk to an

array of people so make sure that you


expanding your friend group and

expanding your circle

and networking as well because a

feminine woman is still a smart woman

and she is about getting her money as


so you never know what people know other


to help you maybe with your major or

with a business

that you may have so make sure that you


trying to avoid negative press negative

drama and

essentially a relevant and trivial


you do not need that in your life it's

not serving you and

you're better than that so the third tip

that i have for you beautiful young

ladies in high school and college

is to make sure that you look put

together and i did make a video talking

about this so if you do want to watch it

i am going to

link it right there baby link it right


and put it in my bio but i was just

talking about how to

look polished and look effortless

without really doing that much

so if you do want to check out that

video i would definitely recommend doing

that after this but people are going to

make you feel bad

for wanting to look good it's crazy okay

and i know in high school everyone

wants to wear um whatever is in

fashion and whatever i guess they see

these instagram models are doing and you

do not have to do that

you can still look your age

and look timeless and be beautiful so

don't feel pressured to wear ripped

jeans and

jordans if you don't want to wear that

you know what i'm saying you don't have


subscribe to what all the girls in your

class are wearing just because they're

wearing it

stick true stay true to your style and

stay classy because when people

see that you are staying true to

yourself sometimes they're going to put

you down for it

and you know you just have to learn to

accept it

but because you're not following the

norm they're going to question how can

she do that and i can't how

how can she walk around and address and

i cannot how come

you know she can walk in heels tonight

you know they're gonna they're gonna ask

questions and they're gonna try to put

you down and make you feel like somewhat

of an outcast for just being different

and you're going to have to learn and

practice to just ignore them

and to know that you are on your own

personal journey

and you're doing the thing that best

serves you

so in high school i would definitely

just recommend make sure that you

are putting a little bit of effort into

your hair if you don't wear makeup

that's fine

make sure that your skin is moisturized

you're taking care of the health of your

skin you're drinking water um even with

your clothes don't go in

smelly and with a ripped up shirt

scrunched up shirt

don't you don't need to go in with

sweatpants try to you know put a little

effort maybe with a jeans and a nice top


maybe wear your favorite necklace or a

nice bracelet try to incorporate a

little bit

of a feminine flair with whatever style

you have

just to up your look and

again this can translate into college as

well because i know at my

university the first two weeks

or no the first seven days

not including the weekends the girls

look great like i'm telling you right

now they must plan their

outfits for each day because i'm like

wow you know these girls are trying blah

blah blah

after the seven days it's sweatpants

tank tops or t-shirts

and crocs and i mean that's okay

if you're the person that just doesn't

want to put effort into your look but

for me and what i'm trying to show you

ladies is consistency

and building a habit because now i'm at

the point where

i'm wearing something that's just

not that great and i don't really put it

together i'm going to feel

not as great so when i go out and i

look good i nine times out of ten i feel

amazing so i would definitely recommend

if you are in college to just again

you never know who you're going to run

into you never know who you're going to


okay there's a ton of people at your

campus i'm just saying

i'm just saying so make sure that your


is polished and

again you don't have to wear makeup but

just making sure your skin is clear if

you do your eyebrows make sure your

eyebrows are done

have a little gloss on maybe wear a

pretty face mask

you know who knows and just try to put

some effort

into your outfit okay because you know

as well my philosophy is

i'm not trying to create a nine-to-five

fatty or not a nine-to-five body but

like an eight to eleven because usually

that's when girls get dressed up

i want you guys to be 24 hour

24 7 flawless women

you know so that is definitely what i

think i don't

try to have a on and off switch when it

comes to my

look and how i want to

be seen by the world so you know i'm

just extra all day

you know i'm just extra every day i love

to get dressed up and

you know kind of dress myself up like a

barbie so i would definitely recommend

for you young high school girls college

girls just try to make sure

that you are keeping yourself together

your hygiene

your outer appearance your hair your

skin your nails

all of that stuff because people do pay

attention and you want to develop those

habits early

so later on in life you're not watching

this video you know what i mean

so try to just build those habits

now so later in life or just maybe a

couple years down the line it'll be

like second nature to you all right so

the fourth

tip and again

i'm dropping gems all right i am

definitely dropping gems i don't care

what anyone says

these tips i'm telling right now


okay so the fourth tip is to build


with teachers and not just friendships

okay not just friendships make sure that

you build rapport not a full friendship

but you build rapport with your teachers

and i'm telling you right now this will

help you work on your feminine charm

and just your networking skills as a

young lady because you need that

all right in the modern world you're

going to learn you need to learn how to

build rapport

with people that are above you so

in high school i know that a lot of my

teachers i was very familiar with

i was able to contact them if i needed

them for anything

but it took time okay it took time and

it wasn't easy to build rapport with my

teachers or build a connection not all

my teachers i had a connection with

but most of them knew me and could speak

to me and i could go to them

for anything i really needed for that

class so one thing that i would

definitely recommend doing

is to just pull them aside you know pull

them aside after class

tell them what you're about tell them

what type of student you are

and create the climate you want for that

space okay i'm going to tell you that

right now

create the climate that you want for

that space hi how are you

i am alexa marie i am currently a


at so-and-so high school i am really

really into english and i want to be an

english teacher like yourself so

um just when it comes to my papers

maybe just grade me a little harder

because i want to be challenged blah

blah blah

teachers like to hear that okay teachers

love to hear that

and if you're that person

that is asking questions in class you

know pushing

conversations being a leader knowing

when to

let other people speak versus not you


speaking or choosing not to speak you

know what i'm trying to say

uh knowing when to interject or lead a

conversation or when to pull back

teachers know that teachers admire when

a student

isn't running the class okay they know

um how to let others speak and have a


and when to speak up and say

their point of view so i would

definitely recommend to do that

as well and also having good

email etiquette

so when it comes to writing emails make

sure that you're not saying yo

what's up um i didn't get the homework

and then you didn't put your name you

didn't put the date you didn't put

you know hi how are you i'm contesting

you you know there's a whole thing you

have to do with emails so

just making sure that you are

maintaining a level of professionalism

and charm but you are not trying to go

to the point where you're talking to

them as a friend i definitely

think that is very important and even in


i know when you go to a university it's

harder to build rapport with your

teachers so again you have to go out

your way to speak to them because

they're going to see you as you know

student that sits in the back or student

that sits in the corner or

you know the student that's always

talking they're not gonna know who you

are so make sure you're going up to them

and breaking that ice

to build that rapport and it will help

you it will definitely help you

i have um finesse

a's when i had a b

or b minus because the teacher enjoyed

one conversation we had

and said you know what let me help a

sister out let me bump it up with two


at this point and it worked

okay it's it doesn't work when you're


and being argumentative with the teacher

and causing conflict with the teacher it


it doesn't work if anything they're

going to fail you all right because

they can be very spiteful so make sure

that you

are maintaining a level of respect with

authority i would say just

overall and being kind to

your teachers that you're going to be

dealing with in

high school and college all right and

the very last thing that i would

recommend for you beautiful

young high school and college women

while you are on this journey

is to look age

appropriate look age appropriate

look age appropriate look age


and you know sometimes you can't help it

i know i'm

i know i'm 20 but everyone thinks i'm

30 whether or not i have makeup on it

depends on the day depends on the


most people think i'm older than i am

and that's not really because of makeup

that's uh just my maturity level i guess

or my height i really don't know but

people mistake me for being older but

that's not exactly what i'm talking


i know a lot of girls in high school try

to look

older than their actual age whether it's

through their clothing their makeup

their hair

how they speak and you don't have to do

that don't feel pressured to

act older than your age because that's

you know what society's doing now

everyone wants to be you know

kim kardashian and all that stuff you

don't have to look like that you don't

have to look like kylie jenner okay

kylie jenner has had surgery okay

you're 16

with a iphone 5s you don't need to

you don't need to look like that all

right you don't it's too different she's

in a whole different realm than us

so when it comes to high school girls i

would definitely just recommend

trying to look as youthful as possible

because you will not

believe how many women miss looking the

way you do

because as soon as you hit a surname

just like all that starts to go away

you know you start to get wrinkles in

your eyes and you're like wait hold up

hold up you start to gain weight in

places you didn't realize you could gain

weight and you're like wait a minute

hold up wait why isn't this coming off

i'm working out

why isn't this coming off so make sure

that you are enjoying your youth

enjoy your youth wear clothes that

are age-appropriate you see all these

femininity channels wearing clothes out

of new york and company

and jc penney and all of these more

mature stores dress barn

you don't have to wear that okay you do

not have to wear that you can still shop

at forever 21

you can still shop at route 21 or

wherever you guys shop

h m who knows i don't know where you

guys shop

but make sure that you're still trying

to be age appropriate because

you're 15 you're 16 17.

embrace it love it take advantage of it

okay because a lot of these girls i see

they say that they're 14 but they look


and i don't know if it's the makeup or

what but

you don't need to look that old and be

that young

and again when it comes to the college


age-appropriate so you can find feminine


and feminine style and still look your


if you just naturally like to look older

in your clothing that's fine but

make sure that you're not aging yourself

you know embrace that you are still

youthful and that you're still young and

vibrant and everything you still have

that energy in you so

don't try to um change your age

with your makeup or hair just try to


age appropriate i don't know how else to

say it but definitely

still shop in stores at a four-year age

group try to find things that are

feminine in those stores because

you know the stores that we have younger

women forever 21 h

m's are they still have feminine

and masculine clothing androgynous

clothing you can find whatever style

works for you

so that is my very last tip that i have

for you all

thank you so much for watching this

video if you do want to see more content

like this

talking about femininity for younger

women or in college or just in general

please let me know in the comment

section down below but

that is all i will see you guys in the

next video