When Is The Right Time To Hold A Girls Hand?

when is the right time to hold hands

with a girl when I say this video title

I want to go ah isn't that nice okay I'm

saying that because I actually know that

lots of you guys out there particularly

starting dating you this is a legit

question this cuz you know holding hands

is often held up as the first physical

contact right you walk along you hold

hands with a girl and then it's like

she's your girlfriend and she might kiss

you later that whole chain of events

begins and for the guys out there that

are wondering about this I just want to

kind of reverse this a little bit so you


the right way to go about building those

touches up with a woman because whilst

holding hands might feel like it's the

first right touch to go for a lot of the

time actually what that says is it feels

a bit coupling which you might think is

good but I would argue that on the first

couple of dates it's not really about

feeling coupling it's about feeling dead

excited and like really attracted to

this person in front of you so rather

than going for a touch that's it this is

my hand holding signals yes signals a

couple Lena's it's probably better to go

for some touches that actually make a

person physically really attracted to

you and really engaged with you what

that means is what that means is you

want instead of going in for a handhold

you actually want to be thinking about

the touches that lead up to a kiss now

I've done some pretty good video

tutorials on how to go for a kiss so if

you haven't seen them already please

take a watch of those in the meantime

what I want you to focus on is I want

you to begin by using the back of your

hand and then the palm of your hand to

very gently begin touching different

areas of the woman's body and now you're

thinking whoa this sounds like a bit

much is this appropriate so I'll tell

you when it's appropriate a great thing

would be say you're in a bar on a day or

you're walking a girl to the bar or

coffee shop for your birthday and the

right thing for you to do is for

instance you can use a subtle touch to

the back of her arm that says let's go

this way and then a subtle touch here to

say let's stop here

likewise you can gesture and walk her

across the road maybe even by tracing

the front of your hand the small of her

back or alter

when you're speaking to her if you want

to emphasize a point because you're

telling a really cool story you can just

gently touch to her shoulder put your

hand on a shoulder it is it's so brief

or to the back of her arm this is going

to be a much better set of touches that

will get her to see if she wants to

physically engage with you and if she

starts touching you back then we can

build towards going for a kiss and

really the kiss on the first day or

second day at the absolute latest is

where you need to be heading because

rather than signaling you're my

girlfriend now instead I want you to be

signaling hey baby I want to kiss you

right now so we're going to go for sexy

sexy sexy appeal first and then couple a

comfort second and this is really

important in terms of making women feel

attracted to you and then backing up

with a relationship later on so if

you're thinking about when's the right

time to hold hands with the women

instead I'd be thinking right my first

goal is I'm going to kiss this woman I'm

going to spend the budget dates with her

I'm gonna make the relationship more

sexual and then as we see each other

with some regularity maybe maybe date to

probably date three on that's when the

hand-holding starts to feel a bit more

appropriate so just reverse that trend

focus on being the sexy guy not the

coupling guy just to begin with and

things are going to go loads better for

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