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hello my name is Carol cool I'm a

physician and a woman's health

specialist I'd like to talk to you about

early menopause and the potential

complications if left untreated if you

are experiencing lighter minstrel cycles

with longer intervals between them or

your periods have stopped and you're

having hot flashes night sweats and

irritability and you're under the age of

45 you may be going through early

menopause besides being uncomfortable

with these symptoms you may wonder why

is it important to identify early

menopause women who go through menopause

at a younger age not only lose their

ability to have children but are also at

risk for medical conditions that are

usually seen in older women female sex

hormones protect our heart from

developing cardiovascular disease they

also protect our bones from developing

osteoporosis and even more important

female sexual hormones protect our brain

from early cognitive impairment and

dementia if you've had both of your

ovaries removed before the age of 45 you

are at even higher risk for these

medical problems when left untreated

early menopause could have a significant

impact on your sexual desire your mood

and may even cause pain during

intercourse due to the loss of estrogen

in the vaginal tissues hormone therapy

can help with these symptoms and

decrease your risk for the medical

complications we talked about research

has shown that hormone therapy can

decrease the risks on heart bone and

cognitive health as well as improved

sexual functioning for most women early

menopause in early menopause hormone

therapy including estrogen is safe and

should be continued until the natural

age of menopause which is around 51

years old in other words the benefits

far outweigh the risks if you think

you're experiencing early menopause the

expert providers in menopause and sexual

health and the women's health clinic

would be happy to work with you call

today and schedule an appointment it's

in your best interest to have an

accurate and prompt diagnosis