Feminizing Hormone Therapy at Seattle Children’s

feminizing hormone therapy feminizing

hormone therapy is an option that can

help people who are transgender

fulfilled they're affirmed feminine

gender identity and feel more

comfortable in their bodies but like

other medical treatments there are

benefits and risks

what is feminizing hormone therapy

feminizing hormone therapy changes the

levels of sex hormones in the body sex

hormones are the chemical messengers in

the body that regulate the development

of sex characteristics such as hair

growth fat distribution and muscle mass

the most common medicines used are

estrogen and spironolactone what you

take varies greatly from person to

person deciding what to take depends on

your health because each hormone therapy

has different benefits and risks what

are the benefits and risks feminizing

hormone therapy can help a person's body

more closely match their gender identity

physical changes to the body include

softening of the skin less muscle mass

beginning breast development and

decreased directions longer term changes

include slower growth of face and body

hair and redistribution of body fat to

the hips and breasts along with these

physical changes you may also notice

that you are feeling more and more

intense emotions we call this increased

emotional expression while changes to

your hormone levels can cause mood

swings that can impact mental health

many people notice that their mood will

improve as they begin to feel more

comfortable in their body what are the

risks the medical effects and safety of

feminizing hormone therapy are not fully

understood there may be long-term risks

that are not known yet you have a risk

of infertility because over time

estrogen can damage the cells that make

sperm however it's important to continue

to use birth control to prevent unwanted

pregnancy some of the rare but more

serious risks may include blood clots

high blood pressure kidney and liver

disease your doctor can help manage many

of the known risks of feminizing hormone

therapy by creating a hormone

combination that is made just for you

there are also actions you can take to

reduce the risks

including not smoking and having your

blood tested as recommended by your

doctor how is it taken feminizing

hormones can be taken in different ways

pills skin patch and injection what is

best varies from person to person how

quickly will the changes happen each

person changes differently you cannot

pick the changes you want because the

medicine affects your whole body how

quickly changes appear for you it

depends on your age the number of

hormone receptors in your body and the

way your body responds to the medicine

there is no way to know how your body

will respond before you start seattle

children's gender clinic specializes in

inclusive care and treatment for

transgender and gender diverse young

people deciding to start hormone therapy

is a decision that takes a lot of

factors into account and the support of

mental health therapists family and

friends is important write down your

questions and talk with us about the

questions you have