Complete Red Chinchompa Hunting Guide | Locations, Trap setup and 3t Hunter | Oldschool Runescape


what is up everyone my name is Joseph

and today I'm going to give you a

complete guide to catching Red King

Chiapas this guide will include hunting

locations both inside and outside of the

private hunting area an explanation on

how to set up your traps next I'll talk

about some catch rates and some XP rates

that you should be able to expect while

hunting red Chin Chiapas and then we'll

conclude the video with talking about

some take manipulation starting off with

why it's important and then ending the

video on how you can actually use tick

manipulation to your advantage

while hunting wrench and chompers if you

want to skip around the timestamps are

on screen but with that all being said

let's get into the first section of this

video which is the hunting locations the

first thing you're going to want to do

is make your way to fill the pills this

is the location that all the Reg and

Champa's are located the easiest ways to

get here are either using the fairy ring

code aks and walking a little south

using the spirit tree and which brings

you just to the southern coast of fel

two pills and then walking north you can

also teleport to you nil and walk south

this one is a little bit farther so if

you can use the other two methods those

are preferred or if you already have 99

Hunter you can use the hunter skill cape

to teleport right to the chin locations

so now that you're in falda pills let's

talk about the actual spawn locations of

the chin chompers and we're going to

start off with the ones that are outside

of the private hunting area if the maps

being shown on-screen highlight the

locations that have at least two red

Shin spawns and you are going to want at

least to be relatively efficient now not

having the western hard diaries

completed in order to access the private

hunting area does put you at a

disadvantage however these four

locations can still be used to hunt

chins relatively efficiently on screen

you will now see the actual spawn

locations of the chins in each of these

different areas so based off of these

diagrams you can go ahead and pick a

location that suits your needs

based on how popular that those areas

are at a given time these are in order

from best to worst and they're ordered

based on the amount of chintz pawns and

the proximity those pawns are to each

other so when picking a location you are

going to want to try to pick one of the

the best ones that will get you the most

XP and the most Kanchana is per hour

however these areas may be populated I

hate to say it but this is or has been

in the past

a heavily bodied activity so it may be

difficult to get one of those areas so

if one of the areas just seems to be

fall on every single world just go down

the list until you find one that's open

it is much more efficient to be at one

of the worst spots alone than it is to

share a spot with somebody else so keep

that in mind when you're picking a

location to hunt before we talk about

the trap placements for these different

locations I do want to hit on the

private hunting grounds and where the

best place is to set up your traps are

in that location so to get here there's

just a dungeon icon on your mini-map

Infeld up hills you do need the hard

western diaries completed to be able to

access this area but if you do have that

diary completed make your way over to

the dungeon icon on the map and head on

in now if you notice there's only one

location on screen with the chin spawns

and that's because this is what I

consider to be the best place in the

private hunting grounds it has three

spawns very close to each other and it

is relatively easy to find an open-world

however if you're not able to I will

leave a link in the description to a

reddit post that has the entire hunting

grounds mapped out with each of the

spawns for the chin chompers

so if you do need to pick a new area

just use that map to try to find an area

that is very close to at least two chin

spawns and you'll be all set so that's

pretty much all you need to know in

terms of where to actually hunt so now

let's talk about your trap placement so

I am going to show just some generic

trap placements on screen but what I

really want to talk about in this

section is what your mentality should be

when you go to set up your traps now

what you really want to focus on is

getting the most amount of traps around

most amount of spawns possible so if

you're in a location that has three

spawns very close together you want to

make sure to put your traps in such a

way that will attract all three Chin's

if possible now there's a few locations

that I listed that has three spawn

locations but they're very distant what

you want to do in this situation is set

your traps up to be close to two spawn

points and use a bow and arrow to shoot

the third chin if it starts going in the

other direction so since your traps are

a little bit farther away from that

third spawn location you want to do

everything you can to make sure that it

comes to the direction of your traps so

if you are in spot number three for

example set your traps up on the north

side and if that southern chin starts to

run away from your traps just shoot it

with a boat they only have one hit point

with very low defense and then hope that

when he responds he runs north instead

of South away from your Chin's

for some of the locations that are

higher up on the list that have three

spawns that are relatively close to each

other it may not be necessary to bring a

bow and arrow since you are going to be

always doing something since there are

three spawns close to each other you

have a much higher chance of catching

two or three of those Chin's when they

spawn so you're not gonna really have

time to shoot the ones that go stray and

go far away and by the time that you

have a spare second they'll probably

have made their way back but it is

important especially if you're using the

spot number three or spot number four

outside the hunter area that you do

bring a bow since there are a limited

amount of chins and the spawns are a

little bit more scattered you want to

make sure you're maximizing that your

time used and shooting the chins that

run away so you can get the most

experience for your time plate so with

all that in mind you should be able to

pick a location that suits your needs

and set up your traps in a way that is

most efficient for that location and now

we can go on to talking about some

experience rates or some catch rates for

these Regin chompers recently ma -

actually tweeted some information about

this and from that we've been able to

get the catch rate formula for these red

Chin's and I'll show that on-screen it

does scale by level so

the higher level you have the more

likely you are for the chin to go inside

of your trap and not break it this catch

rate scales with your level and variance

between 45.3% at level 63 and 89.4% at

level 99 so at level 99 almost nine out

of every ten times H and champa tries to

go inside your trap you will catch that

chin now in terms of XP rates I am going

to really only look at level 80 to 99

you get an extra trap that you're able

to lay at level 80 hunter so when you're

pre 80 or under level 80 you can only

set up four traps and then when you hit

level 80 you can set up five so I'm

gonna focus the XP rates and I'm gonna

talk about on level 80 to 99 I also do

want to say that it is difficult for me

to get level 80 XP rates because of the

catch rate so I'm going to show the math

that I'm doing on screen on how I

arrived at these XP rates from what I've

been able to find an XP rate of one

hundred and seventy-five thousand

experience per hour is what is easily

maintainable at level 99 you're able to

push that a little bit higher to say 180

to 185 Kay per hour but that is a little

bit more near perfect and I want to kind

of keep these rates at more of an

average maintainable level so I'm going

to base these rates off of one hundred

seventy-five thousand experience per

hour so if you're able to get one

hundred and seventy five thousand

experience per hour at level 99 that

comes out to about six hundred and sixty

Chin's per hour which with a catch rate

of eighty nine point four comes out to

seven hundred and forty total chances

you had to catch a chin so in seven

hundred and forty chances you only

caught six sixty so if we scale that

back to level eighty the experience rate

you're going to get is about a hundred

and twenty-nine Kay with a catch rate of

sixty six point one percent and the same

amount of total chances you'll only

catch around four hundred and ninety so

your XP rates only gonna be about 129

130 thousand experience per hour again I

don't want to calculate between 63 and

eighty because you do have one less trap

and the calculations get a little bit

harder when I don't actually have

count with 6300 to test it on but expect

rates much lower than that because not

only do you have a lower catch rate but

you have one whole box trap less so

you're not able to even have that as

many chances because you'll not have as

many box traps but between level 80 and

99 you should expect rates between 130

and 175,000 increasing each level as

your catch rate gets a little bit better

every time you level up so that kind of

wraps it up for the XP rates to expect

while leveling hunter if you want the

total GP per hour

you just multiply the total catches

between 490 and 660 by the current price

of retch and chompers and since that

changes you know every day basically I

don't really want to give an exact

number as it could change by the time

you're watching this video so now that

we've gone over the catch and XP rates

let's talk a little bit about tick

manipulation in relation to reg and

chomp O's while it is becoming more

mainstream and more popular to do I do

think people still have a little bit of

an issue with tick manipulation in terms

of realizing why it's important and why

you should be doing it now in general it

really only adds a few extra clicks to

each time you do an action and it saves

you a considerable amount of time for

example when catching red chin chomp oz

it saves you one game tick every time

you catch a chin which may not seem like

much but it really does add up one game

tick is 0.6 seconds and let's say you

catch 500 chins an hour I'm just gonna

use 500 just for the sake of this

example you may catch more or fewer

chins but let's just say 500 for a nice

easy number to do math with so if you're

able to catch 500 chins in one hour

while using tick manipulation to save

0.6 seconds every chin that saves you 5

minutes of your time every single hour

you've played this is a considerable

amount of time because if we assume 500

tons an hour from level 80 299 which

again isn't completely accurate but for

the sake of math we'll stick to that

number it saves you 7 hours of play time

between those levels this is a huge

amount of time saved especially

considering all you have to do is just a

few X

clicks when you go to lay down a trap

thick manipulation may not be for


but if you are kind of on the fence on

whether or not you should use tech

manipulation methods in Hunter just keep

that in mind that it does save you a

considerable amount of time and since

most people do actually hate Hunter the

less hunter you have to do in your life

probably the better so using tech

manipulation will save you a good amount

of time so that is really why it's

important I hope I've been able to

explain that clearly enough and now

let's briefly go over how you can

actually use tick manipulation to your


while hunting Regin chiapas so the

method I'm going to be using here is the

Guam tar method and this method is

really simple all you do is get some

swamp tar get a clean Guam make sure you

do only have one clean Guam in your

inventory use the Guam on the tar and

immediately do an action and what this

does is it just cuts a little bit of

time and basically cancels part of your

animation of whatever you're trying to

do so if you're trying to lay down a

trap a little bit faster the the overall

flow would be click on your your tar

click on your Guam and immediately click

on your trap and you'll set this trap up

one game tick faster then you would have

if you had just clicked on your trap and

nothing else another situation you can

use this in is if you aren't on top of

the trap so if you have to walk

somewhere and then set up your trap the

flow for this would be to click on the

trap to collect it use your tar on your

Guam immediately walk to the location

that you want to set up your trap and

place your trap and you'll set up this

trap seemingly almost instantly you

won't go through the animation of

putting down the trap and setting it up

you won't even hear if you play with

game sounds the sounds of your trap

being set up

it will just be set up almost

immediately once you walk to that

location now you don't always have to

use Guam tar to to set up these traps

quickly if you are setting up two traps

right in a row and you already have the

animation of doing one and you

immediately go to another location to

set up another trap and we'll do the

same thing and I'll leave a clip on

screen so you can kind of see what I'm

talking about

but if you're doing two trap setups at

the same time

you can do them in succession and it

does the same thing of canceling out

that animation so if you're new to this

type of tick manipulation I'm just gonna

give you a few tips to help you out

while you learn this the first one is to

set up your inventory similar to how

mine is set up if you have your

inventory set up this way with some

grimy Guam's

on the side your box trap will always be

under your clean Guam and the reason you

do want to have some extra grimy Guam's

on hand is that in case you do

accidentally make the Guam tar you can

just clean one Guam and just keep going

it's that simple to get back on track

one thing to keep in mind is that you do

only want one clean Guam in your

inventory at a time or else the the make

X dialog will come up and that really

throws off the tick manipulation method

so just make sure again at least 15

swamp tar one clean Guam and a bunch of

extra grimy guam's in case you mess up

in the second tip I have for this is

just practice it the more you practice

the better you'll get and the more

you'll get comfortable with this method

and with the timing and you really lose

nothing for practicing

Guam's are very cheap so I'm tar is very

cheap so even if you mess up a few times

and make some Guam tar you're not really

losing out on money and the only thing

it's doing is helping you on the times

that it does work so my suggestion would

be just give it a few tries see if you

actually like doing it and if you don't

mind it just keep practicing it's

definitely worth it in the long run and

it will definitely save you some time

while you go through these Hunter levels

I am going to leave a link in the

description to a video that I think

explains tick manipulation with Hunter

in-depth and very well it's actually the

video that I watched when I wanted to

learn how to do it efficiently so I'm

gonna leave that in the description if

you do want to go the next step and

really learn all of the the intricacies

of tick manipulation for Red Chin's but

that does wrap up this video that's

really all I have to say and at this

point you should be able to hunt wrench

and Chapas efficiently and effectively

if you have any questions leave them in

the comments below I'll do my best to

help you out there but that is again all

I have for this video I hope you guys

did enjoy it and I will see you next