Body Hydration: The Key to Improved Performance, Health, and Life | Chris Gintz | TEDxHiltonHead


so about every 25 years or so somebody

asked me to come out and talk

normally normally I don't like to very

much because you all afraid the hell out

of me

and it's not so much you as individuals

but what you do with some of the things

that I've been involved in creating

people say gosh you must be really proud

that you invented the notebook computer

and when I think about the fact that

people spend 30 percent of their day

looking at pornography on it wasn't

exactly what I had mine wouldn't move in


the other reason I don't come out and

talk very much it's because I'm a felon

and even my best friends one of whom is

Rex Gayle who I went to college with

which is why I'm really here today I got

to follow the band so you see where I am

in the sequence why am i why am ia felon

I have an Interpol number my family

refuses to travel with me because when I

go through customs I always get stopped

for extra screening which I appreciate

ever so much it's because when I was

working on the first computer that had a

hard disk drive I had a very young wife

who I was trying to impress so I took

her to England over the fourth of July

and I was promptly arrested by Her

Majesty's Customs because I didn't have

a document called a karne for the

prototype of the first portable computer

that had two disc drive in it we were

actually designing this in England I had

a 40 million dollar development contract

in my pocket and you can imagine how

thrilled the commerce department was in

England when they found out that the guy

that had the contract was in jail in the

Tower of London for four days over the

fourth of July holiday so every time I

go through England now since I have an

Interpol number they always say ah mr.

Ganz so so nice to see you what are you

smuggling today

and so being a felon doesn't enable me

to get out you know and travel as much

as maybe I would like to but it's it's

interesting in the marketplace of ideas

when you start talking about invention

and you try to explain to people what

you do every day it's a challenge you

know sort of like listening to the van

where does music come from who makes

that stuff up and so I've spent the

better part of the last 40 years being

called by people that have asked me to

think about their problem and to try to

come up with a practical idea on how to

go translate some vision they have of

whatever it is that they want to make

into something practical that you all

can use so for the past three or four

years I've been working on an idea about

using something as simple as your breath

to determine how hydrated you are and

the reason that that's an important

problem to go solve is that if you have

an elder relative and they forget to

drink water it's about a $10,000 trip to

the hospital every time that they go on

their path to suffering from congestive

heart failure

having been on Hilton Head for the past

30 years I've enjoyed the fact that I'm

also a volunteer as the voice of the

Hilton had prepped fighting dolphins and

I've been watching people every Friday

get cramps from heat which is another

symptom of having a hydration problem

and so the one idea that I took from

watching all the presentations today is

the idea that you have to remember

something from this talk so I'm going to

give you a very simple thing to remember

and that is eight can everybody remember


what does eight stand for you remember

when we were kids somebody said you

should drink eight glasses of water at

and so being you know an engineer I keep

asking myself what is significant about

8:00 and I've read all the research and

what I found out was it seems like a

good idea is there any you know actual

you know reality to why we should drink

eight glasses of water and so the other

thing I want you to remember is it seems

like a good idea so behind me is my

graphic on what we all are and what we

mostly are is water and whether you're

talking about your you know your lungs

or you're talking about virtually any

other part of your Anatomy

once the water drains out of you there's

not really very much left so keeping

yourself hydrated every day is really

important and the problem is unlike your

Chevy out there you don't have a

dipstick so how do you know if you're

properly hydrated or not and so I'm

going to share with you some of the

Voodoo ways that we currently use to

determine if people are hydrated or not

my personal favorite is color okay so

I'm going to conduct a little experiment

and you should all go when I get done

with this in almost every facility in

the country we have color charts where

we compare the color of our urine to the

chart and we're supposed to be able to

turn and determine how hydrated we are

thank God it's the T my second favorite

way is the one that the NCAA uses now to

determine if students can go out and

exercise after lunch so for kids that

are just a moment you have two people

you have a 95-pound gymnast and a

300-pound football tackle the

n-c-double-a says that we're going to

weigh everybody before they exercise and

then we're going to weigh them again

after they exercise and we're going to

determine how much weight they've lost

in between those two measurements and

when they replace oh I don't know let's

think of some arbitrary like half of

their weight then they can go out this

afternoon and work out again so if you

did the math on those two things and you

looked at the number of bottles of water

that a 300-pound linemen would have to

drink you'd literally have to waterboard

that 95 pound gymnast for her for her to

to have the equivalent amount of water

so we have color we have weight what

other kind of innovative ways can we

figure out how to measure hydration my

third favorite one is blood every TV

show that you watch what happens

Fire Department shows up and they

immediately stick an IV in somebody's

arm how do we know that that works what

why do they do that so if the answer is

1/8 what's the answer well it seems like

a good idea but does it actually work we

don't know so for the past three years

I've been thinking about how one

actually determined so if a person is

properly hydrated and if you stop and

think about what we all have lungs and

we inhale and exhale every day we

realize that the secret is there and

every time you exhale you exhale about

300 gases and many of those gases are in

varying minut parts like parts per

trillion so how do I go measure some

thing that's in parts per trillion and

the answer is my friend everybody does

this is right everybody's got one

well maybe not blackberry but everybody

has a cell phone this is this is a micro

way okay and so the way that we're going

to do calculations is we're going to

take the chips out of this and make some

special chips that enable us to make a

device called a microwave rotational

spectrometer but you can think about a

cell phone because which you're going to

really care about is the results from

the test are gonna show up on your cell

phone you can go oh I'm about a quart

low so people always ask me what a

device for measuring breath is going to

look like and we all do things that are

analogous to things that we understand

so I brought my invention and the

invention is a device that I blow into

and it's going to have my state after me

microwave rotational spectrometer

microwave three rotational spectrometer

stuck it on the back of it I look at the

display go oh my god I'm down a court

when does this get occur we're hoping in

the next two to three years because I'm

not sure we can continue to rely on

looking at the color of our peak or

giving people IVs that they may not need

or or last you know but not least is my

least favorite one I've been a great

audience thank you so much