- Hi guys, welcome back to my channel.

In today's video I'm going to be sharing

with you six tips to do with hypnobirthing,

and also talking a little bit about my experience.

I have made a video on this in the past,

but it doesn't include the experience

of my recent home birth, so I thought it was about time

that I updated the video,

and yeah I really hope you enjoy it,

I hope you get something from it.

Whenever one of my friends

or someone I know becomes pregnant,

the first thing I say to them is

have you considered doing hypnobirthing?

Because I have had such good experiences,

I have had three natural births,

I only had some gas and air and Paracetamol

with the first birth, and it was all very straightforward,

and I was really, really lucky.

Obviously, you go into birth not knowing

what's gonna happen.

You might have to be induced, you might have

to have a ceasarean in the end,

but by doing hypnobirthing, it can even make you

more relaxed in dealing with those situations.

So, I would just recommend it.

I think any prep that you can do for labor

is really important, and you wouldn't go and run a marathon

having not trained at all.

So, for me, hypnobirthing's been amazing.

So the first thing to know about hypnobirthing,

is that there is actually a scientific reason

why it works, or helps.

There's something called FTP, which is fear, tension, pain.

So when we fear something, we tense up,

we get loads of adrenaline, and then that results in pain.

So, what we want to try and do in birth and labor

is stay as calm as possible, and have all those

good, oxytocin hormones coming in,

'cause basically if you have adrenaline,

and fear that can actually stop the blood flow

to your uterus and things, and it can

result in a lot of pain.

So, you want to try and remain as calm as possible,

so listening to hypnobirthing, practicing your breathing,

or pain techniques can really help with that.

So there are a few different ways

that you can practice hypnobirthing.

I actually found a local hypnotist

who specialized in that, but you can

download audios from apps or from online,

or you can also find local hypnobirthing classes.

So whichever way you do it, it will definitely help

if you practice it at home.

So I went down the route of seeing a specialist,

and we had three sessions together,

and I ended up taking my husband, Matt, as well,

so that he was fully on board and understanding

what was going on.

In the first session, she did some

relaxation hypnosis with me,

and also talked about any fears I had.

I had a big tear about tearing,

so she included that in my hypnosis.

She actually gave me CD's, it was CD's back then,

that I could then put onto my iPhone

or iPod or computer or something

so that I would have it available during the birth.

I was given three different audios really.

One was a relaxation hypnosis,

one was pain techniques, which would

kind of talk you through you're walking through a cold lake,

and now you're completely numb from the chest down.

So it kind of learning pain techniques

that you could then use during birth.

And then the final one was one

that I was not to listen to until

I went into labor because it did talk about you are dilating

at the exact right speed for your body,

and it was actually things that

if you listened to before you were due,

that could actually bring on labor.

My next tip I already touched upon,

but it's definitely worth putting

whatever you download or get given onto your phone,

or there are also some great hypnosis apps

that you can get.

But, wherever you are when you go into labor,

you will have your phone, and it's even worth

putting it onto your partners phone.

'Cause if you run out of battery

or anything like that, definitely bring chargers

to the hospital as well.

And also get some headphones.

For me, when I was in labor, one really nice thing

was that I had my headphones on

and I was listening to my relaxing hypnosis

and I couldn't hear everything that

was going on in the room.

And with my second son Caleb,

we actually arrived at the hospital and I was

already seven centimeters dilated

and my husband Matt said that the midwife

actually started to panic and get things ready

and you could tell she was worried

how quickly the baby was coming

but because I had my headphones on

I was a little bit oblivious,

I was kind of just rocking and swaying

and she just got on and did whatever.

But I think that if you were actually in the room

seeing how panicked the midwife was,

it could have been quite unsettling.

And another thing that I did,

in my first birth I had just normal headphones

but in my second birth I actually had wireless headphones,

because in my first birth the wires were really annoying me

and I had to hold the phone and have all these wires.

So it might be worth getting wireless headphones

but you have to make sure that you charge them

before the birth and then there's obviously that worry

that they could run out of charge.

So just think about all that when you pack your hospital bag

put headphones in, maybe ones with wires, ones without,

because you won't want to run out of the hypnosis.

I suppose you could put it on speaker, worst case.

But yeah, that's just a tip from me.

My next tip is probably the most important

and that is to actually practice it.

You have to do the do.

It's all well and good saying that

you're gonna do hypnobirthing but then

if you don't do it when you're at home,

what's the point?

So what I did was from 30 weeks pregnant

I would just listen to the relaxation hypnosis.

It was 20 minutes long and I would listen to that

every single day.

With my first I used to have naps, but

then when I had my second son,

I didn't have the luxury of having naps

so I would just literally turn on when I was going to bed

and sometimes I would fall asleep with it in

but it was still going in.

So that's a really easy way to do it.

Just literally put it on when you're going to bed.

It's so relaxing anyway, I used to sleep so well.

But you have to do the do.

If you're watching this though and

you're 35 weeks pregnant, it's not too late.

You can do some practicing and you will find that

helpful anyway.

I just think in the ideal world I did it

from 30 weeks with each of my pregnancies

for 20 minutes a day.

My next tip is an important one

and that is to make sure that the hospital staff

or the midwives know that you have practiced hypnobirthing.

You will be much more calm than the average woman in labor

and I definitely felt that.

With my first son, I went into hospital

I was three or four centimeters dilated,

and I was having a contraction, but

I was able to kind of talk to the midwife a bit

and the midwife sent me home because she said

if I was really in labor, if my contractions

were really that bad, that I wouldn't have been able

to breathe or talk through my contraction,

but I was because I was practicing hypnobirthing

and I was so calm.

So they sent me home and then it was

a bit of a nightmare.

Then I had to call an ambulance

and get rushed back 'cause the baby was coming.

So definitely make that your husband's job to say

she's been doing hypnobirthing, she's very calm.

I personally feel like I wasn't taken

as seriously, in a way, because I was so relaxed,

they didn't kind of give me a room straight away

and they said because it was my first baby

that it would take over 24 hours and he came

in just seven hours.

My next tip is that there are a few things that you can do

alongside hypnobirthing that can really help

with your birth.

I practiced pregnancy yoga or pregnancy pilates to

keep my body supple, and whenever I did yoga

I would sleep really well that night.

So it was great for breathing and relaxation.

I also ate a healthy, balanced diet as much as I could

bar the cravings toward the end of my pregnancy.

And I also had acupuncture and reflexology

in the last couple of weeks.

I actually had that 'cause I was trying

to bring on the labor 'cause all of my babies were late.

But, it can be really, really, good

and there are things they can do

in acupuncture that can really help apparently,

I mean I'm not a doctor or anything,

but can bring the baby's head down

and that can give you those really nice

oxytocin hormones which are so important

when you're giving birth.

Right, so there's my tips and I really hope

you found them helpful.

I really wanted to share my experience with hypnobirthing

because I've had such good births

and I think there are actually a lot of

positive birth experiences out there

if you look for it.

When we watch movies or TV or we hear the horror stories

that our friends have been through in birth

it can really make you scared of it

and that is exactly what you don't want.

So if someone starts telling you about their horrendous

birth experience maybe just don't listen

or just tell them to stop, because you

just don't need that in your head.

And I know my experience was really good,

but because it was good it's also quite forgettable.

My first son came in just seven hours,

my second son came in just three hours,

and third son I had at home, right there, on the floor,

and it took just 40 minutes from

when I got to five centimeters dilated.

I was extremely relaxed.

My husband always said, "You were like in the zone."

And I did have a friend that tried hypnobirthing

but then unfortunately she had an induction

and not the birth that she had planned,

but she said that the hypnobirthing was so helpful

in the early days of being a new mom.

She was a very relaxed new mother

because in the hypnobirthing it does say

you know, you're a natural, you'll know exactly what to do,

so it can also help for when your baby is actually here.

So yeah, it's worth a shot.

But anyway, if you've got any questions

please put them int he comments down below

and I will be sure to answer them.

And thank you so much for watching and I'll see you soon.

Bye guys.