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- Hey mamas, is your due date right around the corner,

or has it already maybe come and gone

and you're sitting at the computer screen

with that burning question,

how do I get this baby out of me?

I get it mama.

By the end, you're so uncomfortable

but probably more than anything,

you are just so ready to finally meet your baby.

So in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you

10 tips to help you naturally induce labor.

I'm Bridget and I'm a birth doula

in the San Francisco Bay Area

and I love helping moms love their birth.

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First of all mamas, you can do all 10 of these tips

and if baby isn't ready, they still may not come.

Baby is kind of running the show here,

they are the captain of the ship

and so if they're not ready to set sail yet,

then they're gonna stay in there cooking up still.

With that being said, these tips have helped so many women,

myself included, who in the hopes of getting labor started,

tried these tips and got what they wanted.

So, let's get started on these 10 tips

to induce labor naturally.

As with anything that you do in pregnancy,

you wanna make sure that you are checking in

with your care providers so that they give you

the green light to do all of these things

before you do them.

So the first tip that I have for you

to naturally kickstart labor

is to clear out your fears.

Labor is going to progress best when you are feeling calm

and relaxed and sometimes our fears

are what's holding us back from getting labor started.

So when you're anxious or afraid,

your body is gonna hold onto a lot of tension

that's going to really prevent your body

from becoming soft and open

to allow baby to come down and out.

Not only that, but the hormones that are released

from fear anxiety are killers of the natural labor hormone

called oxytocin.

So obviously, if there's fear and anxiety about birth

that's going to affect you getting into labor somehow.

I'll go into depth about how fear creates pain in labor

in this video, so make sure you check that out

so you know exactly how fear plays a role

in the birth space.

So how exactly do you clear fear?

Well, we have nine more steps to go

and I created a whole video about this.

So instead of giving it all right here,

I'm gonna have you check out this video up here,

I'll link it down in the descriptions below.

So make you sure you check that out

so that you are able to eliminate your fears

about childbirth and start that natural induction for labor.

So the second tip that I have for you

is to practice hypnobirthing.

Now, before you start thinking,

I'm a crazy person trying to hypnotize you,

I want you to know that hypnosis is a state

that most people experience on a regular day to day basis.

So you know that feeling when you're really

in the groove of doing something,

maybe if you're an experienced driver

and you're driving, you know the roads

and you've just kind of like gone into that trance mode

or maybe you're cleaning and you know all the steps

that you have to do and you're just kind of in this like

zone where you're relaxed but know what your body is doing,

that's a state of hypnosis.

That is a state of deep relaxation,

whether you know it or not.

So hypnobirthing uses visualization and meditation

to deepen this state of relaxation.

So one of my favorite phrases is

where the brain leads the body follows

and so in that same regard,

when you are listening to a track of someone

who's doing hypnobirthing,

or you are listening to a live person

who's speaking these affirmations for you,

they are speaking these truths to your brain

so that your body follows in that same direction.

So basically, as your brain is letting those words

and phrases and affirmations to really seep into the brain,

they're going to seep in and then transform your body

to be able to walk where the brain is leading it to go.

You can search in YouTube

several different hypnobirthing meditations.

I'm going to have some

pregnancy affirmation meditations coming for you

so stay tuned for those or you can go more in depth

and take a course on it and I will link in the descriptions

a eCourse on hypnobirthing that I absolutely love

that you can check out for yourself on your own time.

So hypnobirthing is a great way to naturally induce labor.

The third tip that I have for you is exercise.

Movement is one of the best ways to prepare yourself

and your baby for labor.

Now, I know as pregnancy progresses,

it can become a lot more difficult to move your body

and get out and exercise but mama,

if you are sitting on the couch all day,

your baby is going to be sitting on the couch all day too.

What do I mean by that?

I mean, that baby isn't going to be super motivated

to come out if you aren't really being active and moving

and kind of helping them along that process.

If you are moving, baby is going to be moving too.

So what are some exercises that you can do?

Obviously, walking is a super great one

especially when you are so late

in the game during pregnancy,

it's a really easy one on your body

but it's a really good one with the way

that you're moving your body to help baby come down

into the pelvis to put pressure on your cervix.

If you wanna step it up a little bit,

hiking is really good too.

Swimming is fun if you just have kids

that you need to be active with

go to the park with them, play with them

really whatever you can do to get up off the couch,

get up off your bed and be active and move your body.

Tip number four is to use a birthing ball

and a birthing ball is basically

a special word for an exercise ball.

If you're looking for a cheap but great birth ball

to get started on, to help you induce your labor,

then I have one, I'll link it in the descriptions below

that I use that I let my mama's that I work with use

and I absolutely love it.

So check it out if you would like that one.

So a birth ball is great in helping induce labor naturally

because it can really help open up your pelvis

and allow baby to get in an optimal position

to put nice, good pressure on your cervix

so that they can kick start labor for you.

Not only that but it also is a really comfortable stretch

that you can do and it's really nice

towards the end of your pregnancy

and so just brings a lot of comfort

while you are trying to induce your labor.

So the first thing that you can do with a birth ball

is just to lean over it with your arms.

So it's nice and comfortable.

So your chest is on the birth ball

and your belly button is facing towards the ground.

So this is really going to help

if baby is in a malposition

where maybe their back of the head is resting on your spine,

to help them turn over while your belly is kind of suspended

and they have a little bit more wiggle room

to twist and turn and turn around

so that their face now is facing the spine

and the back of their head isn't on the spine.

So that can really help put them in a good position

to start your labor for you.

The next step that I have for you have a little fun way

to help you remember what to do on a birth ball

and that's to rock and roll on it.

So basically, when you're on the birth ball

you just kind of sway your hips,

you rock them back and forth just like that

and then you can roll your hips as well

so that it's kind of in this circular motion

or a figure eight motion

and while you're doing that,

you want your legs pointed outward

so that you have the most space between your legs

so that it's opening your pelvis

for baby to be engaged in it in a optimal way.

These are just a few tips on how to use a birth ball

to induce labor.

If you want to know more tips

on how to use a birth ball during pregnancy,

during labor even into postpartum,

I'm going to be making a video

all about how to use a birth ball.

So make sure you are tuning in for that video.

So the fifth tip that I have for you is acupressure

and I have two methods to share with you

to help induce labor naturally.

So the first location that I wanna show you

is going to be between your index finger and your thumb

and it's just this nice fleshy part of your hand.

If it's too far out you're too close

to like the outer part of your skin, that's not it

and if you're too far towards the center,

it's gonna be bony.

So if you're feeling like any bone,

you need to come up a little bit.

So it's just this nice fleshy area

and a good tip for you to remember how to do it

is to bring your thumb close to your hand

and where this little bulge of flesh is,

is where you're going to place your finger

to apply firm pressure to.

The next acupressure location is right above your ankle,

about four finger widths above the top of your ankle

and it's behind your shinbone.

So again, if you're on the bone,

then you've gone too far forward

you wanna just slide your finger back a little bit

so you're on that nice, like fleshy area

that's behind the shinbone

and four fingers up from the top of your ankle.

Now, in order for acupressure to be effective

in inducing labor naturally, you need to make sure

that you are actually spending time doing it.

So if you're just doing it once a day for a minute or so,

then it's probably not going to be very effective.

So for both the hand and the leg acupressure,

you're going to want to do it for two to three minutes

every few hours all throughout the day.

And when you're applying pressure,

you definitely want it to be firm enough

where you can feel it

and maybe it's not like the most comfortable sensation

but you definitely don't want it to be painful

and that's how you know that you're applying enough pressure

for that acupressure to actually be effective.

So the sixth tip that I have for you is nipple stimulation

and you can use this to help naturally induce labor

as well as during the birth process

to make sure that labor progresses nicely.

So let me give you a little science lesson

behind using nipple stimulation to induce your labor.

So when your nipples are stimulated,

oxytocin is released from the pituitary gland.

An oxytocin is that beautiful labor hormone

that makes the cervix nice and soft and helps us

uterine contractions become nice and consistent

as well as helping them build an intensity

to eventually bring baby down and out.

So studies show that nipple stimulation

will generally work better

when a woman already has a favorable cervix.

So, when it's softer,

when you're a little bit more dilated, more effaced

that's when nipple stimulation is really going to have

the best effect.

You can either do it with a breast pump

or you can do it manually and if you're doing it manually

basically what you wanna do is take your fingers

or you can use your hand and you're going to want to

rub or like roll the nipple between your fingers

and you can massage or like rub around the areola,

which has a darker part around your nipple,

anything that's going to feel good

and that is stimulating your nipple.

You wanna focus on one breast at a time

and you can do it for five minutes

and then take a five minute break

and then switch to the other side

and you can do this for about 25 or 30 minutes.

I should mention here that the more that you enjoy it,

the more effective that it will be.

So if you enjoy having your partner be a part of it

let them join the process and help you do some stimulating.

The seventh tip that I have for you

is to use essential oils and the two that I'm gonna focus on

in this little area is clary sage and rosemary.

These two essential oils are really awesome

to help induce labor, but also to use during labor

to keep those contractions coming nice, steady and strong.

I've even worked with nurses during births

who have little blends of their own, that the hospital uses

to apply to women on their acupressure spots

to keep those contractions coming.

But of course, with anything

you wanna talk to your care provider

before you start using them

either during pregnancy or during your birth.

Another thing that I want to add is to make sure

you are using therapeutic grade essential oils

because if they aren't pure into the highest quality,

then you aren't sure what exactly you're putting on

or into your body, which can pose a risk for you

and for your baby.

The ones that I love using are dōTerra,

Young Living and Aura Cacia.

So how can you use clary sage and rosemary

to help kickstart labor for you naturally?

Well, the first way that I have for you

is to use a cloth, either flannel or cotton

or some kind of material of some sort

and put a few drops of clary sage

and a few drops of rosemary

and just inhale that during the day

or put it under your pillow at night

so that you are smelling it

or another way to do it is just to diffuse it

in a diffuser throughout the day.

So if you're trying to induce labor

with these essential oils, make sure you're using

a good amount.

Don't be stingy at this point,

make sure you're doing several drops in that diffuser,

several drops on that a piece of flannel cloth

that you can put under your pillow

so you're actually getting it into your system enough.

So another way that you can use that clary sage

and that rosemary is, like I said earlier

with that the nurses use, they use it on acupressure points.

So you can do that on your own too

by applying that clary sage and rosemary

to your hand or to your ankle,

or if you are getting a massage

at a professional massage place

or you're just having your partner give you a massage,

either way you can apply that topically

with a carrier oils, such as coconut oil.

So you just do several drops of clary sage,

several drops of that rosemary with some coconut oil,

slather that on your body and get a massage

and hit those acupressure points

and labor may start for you.

The next tip that I have for you is to use castor oil.

So not a ton of research has been done

on the use of castor oil to induce labor,

but on the studies that they have done,

women who have used castor oil

to help them induce labor naturally

are 58% more likely to go into labor

within 24 hours after taking that castor oil

than women who didn't use it.

So basically, castor oil will cause your muscles

in your intestines and your uterus to contract.

Now, sometimes these contractions

can make you feel nauseous or have diarrhea

but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you have reached that moment of desperation,

make sure you reach out to your care provider

because it really varies on doctor to doctor,

whether or not they support taking castor oil

to induce labor.

So make sure you go over with them

but if they give you the green light to try it out

then what you're going to want to do

is take a tablespoon of castor oil

and wait 24 hours to see how it kind of affects your body.

Make sure you are prepared to drink lots of fluids

that might be displaced from any nausea

that causes vomiting or any diarrhea that you might have

because that is a common effect of taking castor oil.

So the ninth tip that I have for you

that I recently learned about and wanted to share with you

because I've heard it's really really effective

is midwives brew.

And this is a German labor cocktail

and it's really commonly used by midwives in Europe

and so I'm going to share the recipe

with you guys right now.

So these are the ingredients that

you're going to want to grab

in order to make your German labor cocktail.

You're gonna wanna have 10 ounces of apricot juice,

eight ounces of lemon verbena tea,

two tablespoons of castor oil

and two tablespoons of almond butter.

You're gonna wanna mix that all up

and make sure I bruise up really nicely

and then you're gonna wanna drink that on an empty stomach.

Now this drink is not easy on the stomach

probably because of the castor oil that's in it

and so you just wanna be careful when you're drinking it

to again, make sure you are replacing any fluids

that you're losing from possibly vomiting

from the nausea or having diarrhea from with lots of water

so that you are staying nice and hydrated.

If you're wanting to make this midwives brew,

definitely check in with your care provider first

but then I'll link all the ingredients

and the recipe down below for you to check out.

Now, last but not least, the 10th tip that I have for you

is sex.

So just like nipple stimulation,

sex is going to help your pituitary gland

to release that oxytocin which I told you before

is that labor hormone that is going to help your cervix

get nice and soft and help those uterine contractions

to begin.

Now, sex is especially beneficial

in helping kickstart labor naturally

when mama is able to reach orgasm

and the reason for that is because an orgasm

is basically like a mini feelgood contraction

and so basically if that is triggering a contraction

it may trigger those uterine contractions that you want

that is going to help enable labor to get started.

So not only does sex help the body to release oxytocin

and give that little contraction,

that orgasm that moment experiences

but when a man ejaculates semen into a woman,

that semen contains a ton of prostaglandin

and prostaglandin are what help ripen and prepare cervix

to open, to dilate, to prepare for birth.

Mama, baby is going to come out

the same way the baby was put in there

so spending time with your partner, having sex with them

is actually a good way to help induce labor

and is also kind of a fun way to get labor on the road.

So those are my 10 ways to help you naturally induce labor.

If you have any questions about any of those things,

about when to start them, about how to do them specifically,

make sure you ask them in the comments below.

I would love to get back to you on those answers

and thanks for watching this video.

I hope it helps you, if you are at that 40, 41, 42 mark

and you're desperate to have your baby in your arms finally

I hope that these 10 tips help you.

Thanks for being here

and I will see you in the next video.

Bye mamas.