Are you thinking about the Insanity Workout? this is not going to be your average INSANITY Workout review

you been thinking about doing Insanity workout and then you see there is no

rest it all melts body fat like Kendall west there's a lot of wasted and getting

my results where I lost 70 pounds so I made this video to help people say you

know what I don't think anyone is to back to do insanity so whether you're

just a little worried if you are morbidly obese I want to share some tips

for you to get started now when I first started I had no room to let it be I was

a computer high school college being sick right I literally did not know what

to do but actually tried to diets are trying to things like that are going to

the gym and the general good of the Genesee disc I throw so what's it all

I've been there done that they have a 2004 the teacher

side today I want to test because I believe that anybody can do the insanity

workout and you know my review this is whether you want to do insanity which is

the original about 45 to 60 minutes a day when the new insanity max 30 which with the insanity workout review

is similar but only thirty minutes today

programs here to help you lose the body fat that you want because here's what

went through my mind when I first started I thought to myself there's no

way I can keep up with these clouds on the video there's just absolutely no way

I am way two thousand out of shape so if you ever felt like that this is here for

you I want to help you I have so many people has occurred just fires me up

when I see people get results so she checks ready here we go

hit number one it is oh ok cannot keep up with its ok now that it's extremely

frustrating what are you doing the insanity workout review grooving along with them and

like they're on the move like never eat and you're so back will move them you're

like oh my god I can't keep up with this thing but that's ok so what I had to do

when I was going through my weight loss journey as I get to my mind that it is

ok to slow down because as long as I'm going at my page and outside my comfort

zone hit a little bit even though I'm behind that is OK

every day and I want to push harder and harder every day at the end of it was

over the course of five years

busting my butt pushing myself outside my comfort zone but at the same time not

worried about keeping up with the people I don't understand I'm the first to

admit that it's not gonna be part where you get frustrated because I like you

know everyone no matter what I just cannot keep up with these guys it's okay

to keep up with those guys because of strong take it from the former that got

there are times even today that I can't keep up with those guys you know I look

at the video I said you know what I'm gonna do the best I can do as a way to

get stronger with the insanity workout review

every single day that's what counts number 20 K modified its ok to modify

the modifier if you doin Saturday backs 30 that's the thirty-minute today

Saturday there is actually a modifier that is like frozen on the screen

the cool thing about that is you get the opportunity to modify but my father

modifier for example the burpees gosh who invented the seat hammock move

called the burp the worst thing in the world right well if you can't keep up

with that and you can do the modified version modified the modifiers keeping

your mind you know what each day I want to focus on being outside my comfort

zone because of poor sleepy does equal viewed your body's always progressing

it's burning fat it's building muscle is doing everything it needs to do to get

you want but as soon as I move does get easier as soon as not modified modified

start getting easier to think to yourself unfortunately it's getting

easier I need to make it a little bit harder as you do that you're going to

live south of success for yourself now one thing is you gotta take afternoon

and then that one might have been because each day we're time get shorter

to make the most of it

make yourself feel good because your workers so get ready to get started

click up here if you want the shorter version which is up microphones Saturday

max 30 is a program that way I did great and our private facebook group and I'm

here to support you I somebody that has been there I somebody that still

struggles today because I love you get results I wanna help you do that through

the day and that if you only have one of these programs are you looking for

support to any for free

true success doesn't matter but if you put it that time that focus your gonna

get the results that you deserve and I'm gonna be there because you did it and

you just awesome day if you enjoyed this content you want to see more

do things to help you get through my different service programs as well so

I'll see you in the next video thanks alot for watching