How To Invest For Retirement?

thank you for joining us America we're

so glad you are here Dee is with us in

Kansas City Heidi how are you I'm doing

well how are you better than I deserve

what's up in your world well I have a

question you know I'm familiar with what

you normally recommend for investments

and I've also heard you say the stock

market's not great for money that you

need in less than five years I'm 63 my

husband 67 we have about a half million

in retirement money and I'm wanting to

know if you have a blueprint for how to

invest that money to last a long time

and withdraw the money I've been tapping

the retirement income the last two

months you will not be withdrawing all

the money within five years you'll just

be drawing an income off of it and so I

would invest that in good growth stock

mutual funds like we always do if you

want to move toward you know we usually

say growth and income aggressive growth

international and a growth fund if you

want to make that a little bit more

conservative you can pull the aggressive

growth fund out and do a do a balanced

fund instead of that and that will make

that portfolio a little more a little

more stable a little less wild so to

speak but still the point is you're

invested in good mutual funds in and off

the half-million dollars invested you're

going to live off of the income it

creates or you're going to tear into the

principal and you're going to start

cutting up the goose it's laying the

golden eggs so you want to do something

where you can do that and you know so

you need to plan on living on

can you pull less than forty thousand a

year off and still live okay

it's tight but I pulled off 1,400 in

November and 1700 this month okay well

that would that would only be $18,000 a

year average yeah we have 1500 a month

in pension income okay well if you set

yourself up $2,000 a month coming off of

this and it was invested like we're

talking about it would run almost

forever okay so you think man's keeping

all of the 500

virtually all of it in the four asset

classes you described is the safe thing

to do it's what I would do it's what I

do I'm 55 and you know so I'm just

brought right behind you here and you

know so it's is there is there ever

anything that's a hundred percent safe

no but when you bought your home it's

not you don't have a guarantee you just

feel good about the investment over the

long haul because homes have a good

track record over the long haul but but

you've got a you've got to research it

you've got to feel good about it I feel

fine about that and so it is what I have

personally done and it's what I've

recommended for 25 years and you know we

were doing a millionaire themed hour

yesterday how to be a millionaire and

two of the millionaires said they

started following that exact track

several years ago and it you know and

their mutual funds alone we're over a

million dollars but the calls we took

just yesterday so it's not like I'm just

you know some kind of wild crazy out

here on the fringes making up some kind

of risky thing there's a fairly

conservative approach to investing and

so you know well diversified long track

record mutual funds and you know this is

not like we're playing single stocks I'm

not telling you to pick a stock I'm not

even telling you which mutual fund to

pick but those asset classes as you

called them yes that's the four I use

and if you want to make it more

conservative change the aggressive

growth out for the balanced and you'll

be just fine I think and again I think

so obviously because I'm doing it for me

so it's not any different really thanks

for the call you guys would be so rich

so fast and be able to do so much not

only for yourselves and for your family

but for others