GTA 5 - How to Make Money Using The Stock Market Guide (GTA V)

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I'm gonna be talking about the stock

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top-notch GTA 5 videos before we start I

want to let you know that with stocks

there is always a risk nothing is

guaranteed besides a few instances that

I will explain a bit further on you also

need a decent amount of money I would

say a couple of million if you want to

make any good amounts of money in the

stock market unless you want to spend

hours upon hours making small trades

this guide also has a few minor spoilers

mostly just references the company names

from storyline missions a few references

to the assassination missions that you

have to perform for Leicester but there

are no major plot spoilers I would

suggest completing the game first and

not finishing any of Lester's

assassination missions before you take a

serious look into the stock market I

will be releasing guides on how to earn

money through other means in the near

future which will prove helpful if you

don't plan on completing the game any

time soon and still want to invest so be

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those to start there are two types of

stock markets in GTA 5 there's the LCN

Liberty and city national exchange which

is the single player stock market and

then there's the boss act which is the

online Rockstar social club affected

sort of stock market to access either

one of these stock markets simply press

the d-pad up to pull up your phone click

on the internet icon at the bottom and

then click on the money and services tap

you can also access this area through

the multiple laptops and desktop

computers that you find throughout the

game next click on either the LCN or the

boss shack and it will lead you to their

website now on to the basics whether you

are on the LCN or ballsack there are

three tabs at the top home shows the

market movers which are the companies

doing best and the worst on the market

at this point in time it also shows the

main stories which have so far proven to

be useless next the market tab shows all

of the available companies that you can

invest in the current price to purchase

one of their stocks how much it has

changed recently and the percentage of

that change if you click on any company

stock page you will see a graph showing

their weekly statistics and the highest

their stock has gone in the week as well

as the lowest it is helpful to note that

the stock price fluctuates every 30

seconds to 1 min

finally the my portfolio section shows

which stocks you have invested in

remember that the LCN is only in your

single player save and is not affected

by others like the boss AK which works

on the rocks or social club and

fluctuates based on buying and selling

now that you have a basic understanding

of the stock markets and how they work

there are four ways I'm going to cover

to use the stock market to profit and

greatly increase your income number one

is spotting trends which is the riskiest

option number two storyline missions

often long-term investments number three

is Lester's assassination missions which

are short-term investments have the

biggest payout and are the most

profitable and number four we have in

game free roam actions which I would say

are the most unreliable and they haven't

really proven themselves yet with all of

these options it all comes down to one


timing the time you buy and the time you

sell will greatly have an outcome on

whether you'll be able to eventually

purchase that 150 million dollar

property or if you'll be robbing

convenience stores to finance a respray

on your car starting off with number one

we have spotting trends so if you click

on a company's stock profile you will

see a graph on how their stock traded in

the last week if you noticed a pattern

of a drastic drop in price and then an

increase in price happening quite often

in the week then this is a good

accompany to choose for this option

you're going to want to wait and try it

and buy at the lowest point of the stock

and then sell at the highest point a

little while later use the high and low

values in the stock information section

to judge when the stock may be reaching

its lowest point and don't purchase

stocks that are consistently not going

up and down they're far too risky also

don't be discouraged if your stock

remains negative for a little while

stocks never crash to zero and it is

bound to go back up unless an in-game

story line mission directly affects it

and even then the stock will still

eventually rise back up now when you

invest low and try to sell high it's

tough kind of to tell when the stock

will stop climbing up so what I would

suggest is to keep the stock until it

drops even the slightest and then sell

it to maximize profits quick tip when

buying stocks is to hold down the Buy

button as it then quickly purchases more

stocks the longer you hold it down you

can all see an updated view of how your

stock is doing by clicking on the my

portfolio and then to markets and then

back to my portfolio as that effectively

refreshes the page again this is one of

the riskiest options and it takes quite

a bit of time to get used to it don't

stocks when they go negative just

because you're discouraged they will go

back up second we have storyline

missions during the storyline you will

be doing a lot of heists and missions

which have an effect on the company's

stocks that are involved these are

mostly long-term investments that will

greatly pay off by the end of the game

so if you have some extra cash be sure

to invest in these for example when you

do the first mission for Lester which

you have to go to the Life invader

office it would be wise to complete the

mission wait for all the events to occur

and then invest a decent amount when

life invader hits that all-time low this

stock will greatly increase by the time

that you're near the end of the game and

you will make a ton of money another

example of this is when you're robbing

the jewelry store known as Van Jellico

the stock will drop Charlie after you

have robbed it and then be sure to

invest when it hits its all-time lowest

point and then you will make a lot of

money again near the end of the game

third we have Lester's assassination

missions these are the best easiest and

fastest way to make money on the stock

market about halfway through the game

you will have access to Lester's

assassination missions on Franklin I

would suggest not completing any of

these until you complete the game and

have a few million to invest I would

also suggest investing in companies on

all three characters shortly before

starting the missions so that you can

profit on all of them if that situation

applies which I'm going to let you know

there are five assassination missions

and each one of them gives you an

opportunity to make a lot of money for

the first assassination mission where

you assassinate the person at the hotel

be sure to invest in beta

pharmaceuticals which is in the boss act

next for the second mission where you

have to assassinate multiple targets be

sure to invest in debonair cigarettes on

the LCN before you complete the mission

sell the stock winner rises to about a

50% increase a few minutes after you

complete the mission on the third

mission where you assassinate the guy

who loves hookers be sure to invest in

fruit on the Bossa as that stock will go

up fourth there is the bus missions

there is no rival company to invest for

this but you can invest in vapin after

it drops to a low because you did

assassinate their CEO and then just sell

it when it jumps back up finally on the

fifth mission where you can assassinate

the CEO at the construction site be sure

to invest in Gold Coast development on

the LCN before you complete the mission

this stock rises to give you a plus 50%

profit on your initial investment I had

invested 25 million dollars and made 14

million dollars off of this

investment finally within game free roam

you can have an effect on stocks as well

I want to note that this is not a

hundred percent proven but it seems to

have an effect from my testing here's

the list of competing businesses on the

LCN with this list you can vest in a

company and then rain destruction on

their competitors to increase the

company's share price that you invested

in an example of this is clucking Bell

vs taco bomb if you invest in taco bomb

and then head up to the clucking bells

Factory at the top of the map and then

continue to blow up their trucks kill

their workers and overall cause mayhem

on their facility it will drop clucking

bills stock price and raise taco bombs

another example is fly US vs. air EMU if

you invest in area mow and then continue

to go to low Santos Airport and blow up

all of the planes and vehicles you will

see the fly US stock price drop and the

air EMU stock rise giving you a profit

on your investment so overall the best

and most guaranteed way of making money

really quick and efficiently on stock

markets through those Lester's

assassination missions there are the

other three options which are a bit

risky and ones even long-term investment

but if you get good at them you can make

a lot of money

hopefully my in-depth guide on the stock

market has helped you give you a better

understanding of stock markets how they

function and have made you a bit of

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