Beginner Mistakes: Compound vs. Isolation Exercises - Muscle & Strength


hello everyone welcome back it's Brandon

with muscle and strength calm and you're

watching the very first video in the

series beginning mistakes where we try

to take a look at things both in the gym

and outside the gym that could

potentially be limiting our progress now

regardless if your goal is to build

muscle gain strength or just live a

healthier overall lifestyle these are

all tips and tricks that we're going to

use to make sure that we're hitting our

goals more effectively and hopefully in

a more timely fashion so for today's

video we're going to talk a little bit

about compound and isolation movements

now compound movements are any exercise

that use multiple muscles in order to

perform so most notably some of these

exercises would be the benchpress the

squat the deadlift whereas an isolation

movement as the name sort of implies is

an isolated or targeted exercise towards

only one muscle group most notably the

biceps the triceps the calves and the

abs now whatever routine you choose to

go to will probably have some

combination of the two

however the truly good routines will

have more emphasis on the compound

movements and where most new people to

the gym make the mistake is focusing too

much on the isolation ones because

they're interested in such things as

having bigger arms or maybe a 6-pack of

ABS they neglect the compound movements

the way I like to look at this is like

we're building a house the first thing

we need to do is establish a nice strong

foundation and this is where compound

movements come into play not only do

they allow us to use the most muscle

groups possible when performing an

exercise they also allow us to use a

heavier weight in most cases this is

going to come into play in future topics

that we talk about such as time under

tension and progressive overload one of

the mistakes people make when focusing

on isolation movements is they try to

just focus on one simple body part if

you've ever noticed the anatomy of

somebody most commonly people don't just

have one big body part in relation to

the rest of their body the only person

that really comes to mind to me is

Popeye and last time I checked he was a

cartoon character typically those with

the biggest arms also have the biggest

chest the biggest back and the biggest

legs because they focus on things like

compound movements so when you're out

there looking at a routine whether

you're trying a tried-and-true one that

you found on muscle and strength

calm or you'd like to go ahead and

experiment and create your own just make

sure that it has heavily based around

the compound movements and you'll be

sure to see those goals a little bit

faster and a little bit more effective

thanks for watching everybody stay tuned

for the next episode and in the meantime

train hard