How to prepare intravenous antibiotics for IV infusion


hi again Bella I'm Tina welcome to this

video which demonstrates how to

reconstitute an intravenous antibiotic

and administer it via an intravenous

infusion begin by performing wiper wash

your hands introduce yourself to the

patient and confirm their name date of

birth and if they have any allergies

explain the procedure and seek

permission to perform the procedure

expose their arm and cannula and

reposition as appropriate

observe the cannula site for any signs

of inflammation or miss placement

ensure the drug and fluids are

prescribed correctly use the five rights

the right patient the right drug or

fluid the right dose the right route the

right time

depending on your professional role you

may be required to double-check the

prescription and patient with a second

qualified member of staff clean a

dressing trolley with an alcohol wipe

clean the plastic tray first on the

inside and then on the outside gather

the equipment and check their expiry

dates as you go along

fill in the drug additive label and

complete with signatures

you will need a clean dressing trolley

the antibiotic some water for injection

a saline flush alcohol wipes a 10 mil

syringe and two green needles also

you'll need a hundred mils of saline an

administration set a drug edit of label

a drugs chart a sharps pin alcohol hand

wash and remember your apron and gloves

wash your hands and put on the gloves

prepare the saline flush placing the

syringe back in its packets to keep it



remove the outer wrapper on the fluid

bag and check fluid for transparency

remove the lid from the antibiotic vial

and clean it with an alcohol wipe


refer to the drug information leaflet

for specific reconstitution instructions

such as the type and volume of dilute


in this case we will use 10 mils of

sterile water for injection draw up the

sterile water using an aseptic non-touch


once again always check the fluids and

equipment are in date


pierce the rubber stopper on the vial

and inject between two and five mils of

water for injection

agitate the bottle and solution until

the powder is dissolved


now withdraw the solution back into the

syringe you may have to inject some air

into the bottle first as demonstrated



pierce the drug additive port on the

fluid bag with the

inge and inject the drug


agitate the bag to mix the drug

and attach the drug additive label

hang it on the drip stand

now open the fluid administration set

unravel the tube making sure to keep

hold of both ends these are your key

parts that must remain sterile

clamp the tube using the roller clamp do

this by rolling the wheel downwards

twist off the cap attached to the fluid


remove the cap from the spike this is a

key part and must remain sterile

now push the spike firmly into the port

with a twisting motion

ensure the opposite end of the tube

remains safely in your hand

squeeze the drip chamber several times

until it fills halfway with fluid

now prime the chi with fluid by opening

the roller clamp slowly allow the fluid

to pass slowly along the tube until it

reaches the end

now close the clamp

please check for any air bubbles in the

tube remove them if present

stretch the tube tightly and flick it

with your finger this encourages the

bubbles to rise to the end of the tube

should there be a really big air bubble

you might need to allow some of the

Saline to drain into a sink or pot until

the bubbles are cleared


now close the clamp

bring your tray containing an alcohol

wipe and say line flush closer to your

patient if I pop this on your on your

leg again thank you need to change my

gloves put on a clean pair of gloves to

connect the drip to the cannula there we


all right so all I'm going to do now is

I'm just going to give that a clean

clean the cap on the cannula with an

alcohol wipe

open the clamp

please make sure there aren't any air

bubbles in the syringe

now flush the cannula with the saline

flush to ensure it is clean and patent

now close the clamp


remove the cap from the administration

tube exposing the key part immediately

connect this to the cannula

open the clamp again to allow the fluids

to infuse

secure the cannula and tube with tape if



set the drip rate according to the


advised the patient to let you know if

they have any side effects such as a

rash nausea vomiting difficulty in

breathing or a hot flush

now sign the drug chart and make a note

of the procedure in the patient's notes

thank the patient and dispose of the