Home IV Antibiotics Push Method fv

hi we're the OPEC transitional care team

at Parkland Hospital in this video we're

going to go over how to give your IV

antibiotics at home using the slow IV

push method to begin it is very

important to have a clean surface to put

your supplies and IV medicine on choose

a place that you can easily clean and

that is free from clutter clean this

area well using soap and water the next

step is one of the most important steps

in the process hand-washing wash your

hands with soap and water making sure

that you wash for at least 15 seconds

after washing dry your hands with a

clean paper or bath towel

then place down a fresh paper or cloth

towel now lay out all of your supplies

and medicines on the clean surface

before starting to give your antibiotic

put on your disposable gloves next

carefully look at the label on your IV

antibiotic syringe to make sure that it

is your medicine look to see that it has

your name next check that it is not

expired look for the expiration date and

finally check and see that it is the

correct medicine that was ordered by

your provider unwrap all four of the

saline flush syringes from their plastic

wrappers now prepare all four saline

flushes by loosening the cap on each

saline flush and gently pushing the

plunger to remove any air bubbles

take the end of your pick line extension

and clean it with alcohol for at least

15 seconds

always be careful not to touch the end

of your pick line extension or the tips

of any of the syringes now push and

twist a saline flush onto your pick line

extension until it is tight do not let

it go until it feels tight next push the

Saline through the PICC line extension

in a pulsating manner starting and

stopping over and over this will make

sure the line is open and the Saline

flows easily you will need to use two

saline flushes before giving your

antibiotic if the Saline does not flow

smoothly or you cannot push the Saline

through the line stop and call the OPAC

clinic next take the saline flush

syringe off the pick line extension by

untwisting it then twist the IV

antibiotic syringe onto the PICC line

extension now get a watch clock or timer

and review the amount of time shown on

the IV antibiotic syringe instructions

you will slowly push your IV antibiotic

into your PICC line extension over the

number of minutes shown on your

instructions after you've finished

pushing all the antibiotic from the

syringe through your PICC line extension

take your IV antibiotic syringe off your

PICC line by untwisting it remember be

careful not to touch the tip of your

PICC line extension or any of the

syringes to anything now repeat the

saline flush procedure using two saline

flushes as you did before to make sure

that all of the medicine is flushed

through the PICC line if you were given

a log sheet to write down your infusions

make sure to write down each time your

medicine is given be sure to give your

medicine around the same time every day

to make sure you don't miss any doses

come to your appointment at the OPAC

clinic every week to have your pick line

dressing changed your blood drawn and to

your IV antibiotic syringe refills at

the Parkland pharmacy if you have any

questions please call the OU pet clinic

at two one four five nine zero two two

nine seven