this time I am pretty sure

romance passing away I never seen before

you help me out of the door always

wonder if you were left without tomorrow

did you ever let go

did you ever not know you were never

do you think there's a chance for this

enough to be

I'll let you take three



I've been praying through the evening



I'll be picking up the pieces

transferase down and it went beautifully

unfortunately Tim caught up in the

moment caught up in the moment he had

the camera pointing where it should be

but realized so we don't have any

footage for you guys I'm sorry okay I

just said to him as long as he films the

Beth presses record when we have our

baby that's all that matters

you're gonna yeah

but yeah the nurse was super lovely

super lovely you beyond amazing she was

so kind and the doctor who did the

transfer was lovely - it was pretty


we saw did you see the little flash of

light and it's where it's meant to be

and you've done Millie basically done

everything you possibly can can have

thrown everything at it and I'm into

this cycle and he said it went embryo

was placed in a perfect bit of my uterus

or part of my uterus so in nine months

time we'll be meeting a little rainbow

baby a little shooting star

good job today thanks Ari

you had one job okay no it's fun we're

going to go home now I think or we might

I don't know what we're gonna do um

something enjoyable and just relax now

and I can't believe we're taking can't

believe I've got a little embryo inside

of me it's crazy

my official beta blood test pregnancy

test is on the 18th so I don't even know

when what date is it today the 7th so 11

days I haven't even thought about

testing whether I'm going to be testing

I've just been taking one data time one

heard a little time so I'm not I'm not

going to even think about that for at

least a few days

yeah I'm just leave it don't care to

marry because then if you do you know

yeah I'm not gonna test too early I also

got the hcg injections a couple of days

ago so I don't know how long that stays

in my system for I'm just gonna chill

relax enjoy this moment I'm hopeful I'm

very hopeful that we will get to meet

this little baby and it is so loved


I loved before it even existed so I'm

just gonna nurture and

speak on good vibes yeah you're kind to

myself that's good advice

anything up

I'm sorry about the filming we might

have to reenact it at home we don't have

stirrups oh we can bet I'll make some up

motors make some content once and just

reenact the whole thing who's gonna do

the transfer

nada nobody's Cooper keeper can be

tripod it not gonna be the doctor that

could be a little weird yeah yep this

morning I woke up to so many amazing

beautiful sweet kind messages and

prayers and I was overwhelmed by

people's kindness and it was a perfect

start special day yeah I just wanted to

thank you all so so much for your

support you've been amazing there's so

many people praying that this little

embryo sticks and grows healthy and

strong and we are seriously so grateful

to everyone's wishes so thank you very

much thank you

so that's it now we wait the waiting

begins we didn't find out the gender a

part of me really wants to know but

another part of me wants to wait

boy or girl where guys baby is going to

be so loved and we're so grateful to

have come this far

so grateful that it thought okay feeling

very very grateful in this moment and

just enjoying it

and remaining classical music makes

plants grow so we're happy when you feel

my nose hairs for I've just got the

chair tilted back a little bit but we

were just saying what a nice experience

that was that nurse was beyond lovely

she's the kind of nurse that you just

feel there needs a client they need to

clone like a motherly kind of you feel

really comfortable and really really

nice good experience that was I'm just

so grateful that everything went

smoothly and now we drive home team's

going to cook up a storm when we get

home I'm going to get into my comfy

clothes and relax and we might watch

friends I reckon lots of creeper cuddles




in the back of the schoolyard


my god