Things You NEED to Know Before Starting IVF

hey guys and welcome to today's video I

want to talk about a couple things that

I didn't know before I did my IVF egg

retrieval and transfers all that stuff

so if that's something you're interested

in hearing about let's get into it


all right so hi I'm Kelsey if you're new

here I did my IVF egg retrieval last

year and I have done two frozen

transfers since then the first one was

successful we transferred two embryos

and I was pregnant with a little girl

for 11 weeks until we had a missed

miscarriage that was our third loss and

my second awreeoh transfer we also

transferred two embryos and the transfer

was not successful obviously when we

when those of us that are going to do

IVF are presented with IVF we have a lot

of assumptions we do a lot of googling

we do a lot of internet stalking and

people that have done it and we kind of

know a lot usually going in at least I

did I felt like I knew a lot before I

did it because I'm just the type that

likes repair for all the scenarios but

there were things that I didn't know and

that I learned along the way so I wanted

to share those with you guys today the

first thing I want to talk about is

something that I feel like a lot of

people know but they don't know why and

sometimes it's the opposite of what they

think so what I'm talking about is that

IVF cycles can be cancelled I think a

lot of people assume that cycles are

canceled because you your body's not

responding but that can also be the


you can also respond to well isn't that

insane like you literally have to land

in this perfect middle for things to

work you can't respond too well you

can't respond to not well right in the

middle so when I did my egg retrieval my

doctors hope was to do a fresh transfer

meaning that five days after my eggs

were collected and they were you know

put with the sperm five days later the

embryos would be ready to be transferred

back into me without ever being frozen

so that was the intent for for me and

that didn't get to happen so I want

everybody to understand that cycles can

get cancelled if you respond

- well so what does it mean if you

respond - well my estrogen levels were

through the freaking roof it's really

dangerous to do a transfer when your

estrogen levels aren't that high because

if your transfer is successful it's just

gonna make it more painful this all goes

this is so hard to explain so with my

egg retrieval I have PCOS I'm a very

high AMH so I know this can happen for a

lot of people in a similar situation

where you have tons of follicles growing

from your stems and sometimes they're

able to manipulate how high your

estrogen is going but sometimes there's

nothing they can do and they just

skyrocket so when you're going through

your monitoring appointments what

happened for me is follicles looked

great they were so excited that they

were said I'm responding really really

well and of course in my mind I'm like

hell yeah we're gonna go chat and renew

times every day I want to be pregnant in

a week like all this stuff and at my

last ultrasound before egg retrieval

they also take your blood to monitor

your levels and my estrogen was through

the roof like I want to say it was like

seven thousand really high my doctor

basically said pretty much anything over

like five thousand I'm gonna cancel your

transfer but I wasn't really told that

until it happened and I was devastated

I remember when I got the email from my

nurse my mom was over Anthony was there

and I was just bawling because you go

through so much I'm gonna get emotional

so anyways sorry to get emotional IVF is

hard so you go through all the stems

you're getting huge like your body is

doing all this craziness and then you

get told sorry after your egg retrieval

you need to heal and you have to wait

longer I think a lot of doctors do that

anyways like they don't a lot of doctors

don't even do fresh transfers mine did

so I had to do something that I was

gonna get to do it so I wanted to just

get that information out there

that there are multiple ways for a

transfer to get cancelled so all that to

say not to scare you but if you over

respond or under respond things I'm not

going to turn out in your favor so my

fresh transfer got cancelled I was very

upset and yeah that's that okay so my

second kind of thing that I feel like

everybody should know about especially

if you're going through the IVF process

because your doctor's appointments can

be so overwhelming you're doing this

huge thing and it's scary and sometimes

you know when you're overwhelmed you're

like not fully listening because you're

just so worked up so the second thing I

want to tell you guys about was this app

that I use on my phone it's called a

bridge and the app is simply just to

help you remember and go through your

doctor's appointment after the fact so

if you're someone like me that gets

really overwhelmed in doctor's

appointment sometimes it's hard to focus

this app has been a lifesaver for me so

the app is called a bridge I've talked

about here on my channel before and

shout out to a bridge thank you guys so

much for wanting to partner up again and

sponsor today's video okay so a bridge

is just this little app right here

the navy blue background with the pink

dot so a bridge is such a helpful app to

use in your appointments because you can

record the appointment and go back and

listen to it later and then the cool

part is that the app will pull out

highlights for you so like say your

doctor's talking about like dosing

changes or times of your injections to

change the app has it all there it like

pulls out special medical terms that it

thinks is important to you so I did a

little fake recording for you guys I did

one pretending that I was a tan re and

that I was being prescribed letrozole

five milligrams and the side effects

would be fatigue headaches and mood

swings and you can see there that they

bolded out the words that are pertaining

to kind of medical advice or information

so we got the prescription name we've

got the side effects bolded out it's

just really helpful to go back and

listen afterwards also if your partner

can't be at the appointment with you and

they want to know how

you like do you want to listen I just

love what they do and I think they're

really helpful highly recommend okay so

the third thing I want to talk about is

for my gals with either PCOS or hi AM H

or whatever the case may be is OHSS so I

feel like Oh H SS is a known thing

everybody kind of gets the impression

okay I'm doing I've yet

I could get away chesed I think a lot of

people think that oh HSS means you're

going to be hospitalized like you got a

hospital your ovaries gonna flip off

like all these things there's lots of

scary articles out there and for good

reason that can happen but also OHSS is

a waiting game and so I did end up with

OHS s and it it was awful and I won't

deny that I can't even think back on

that time without getting upset because

it was so awful it took so long to

recover from I want to say it took over

a month to like really get my body back

to like what it was supposed to be doing

I was in so much pain like I couldn't

even like coughs without my lower back

hurting all this stuff and all the tips

they tell you like drink Gatorade eat

salty cracker is like all this stuff it

does it at least maybe it does and if I

wouldn't have done it it could have been

worse I just didn't feel like it did

very much and it sucks and if you're

having to if you're I couldn't breathe

very well like taking a deep breath in I

think if you go back and watch every one

of my videos talking about OHS says I'm

gasping for air like trying to talk and

it was just so painful but I want you to

know that it's not always hospitalized

bad but mine wasn't so you just gotta

wait it out I have no tips to make it

better I wish I did I did retain water

for a long time I probably looked a good

3-4 months pregnant for about a month

after so everybody's every body is

different and handles it differently so

I just wanted to talk about justice and

how long the effects can last because I

didn't know so the fourth thing I wanted

to talk about also OHSS related

obviously this is very personal with me

because I had OHSS but my doctor pretty

much assumed I was going to get it

because of after retrieval he's like we

got I got 28 eggs I don't know if I said

that we got 28 and he's like we need to

get you on something to kind of lessen

this and I honestly for the life of me

can not remember the name of the

medication I'll put it up on the screen

here because I'm gonna go look it up

from past videos but I had to lay there

in recovery for extra long because I had

this medicine going through my IV to

hopefully kind of counterbalance the

OHSS now I don't know if it would have

been worse if I wouldn't have gotten

that medication maybe probably I don't

know but he was very adamant about it so

I laid there for an extra hour and a

half while that thing was dripping into

my IV I did end up vomiting on the way

home and I think it was just I don't

know if it was from that drug or just

like the egg retrieval itself my whole

body was just like I'm so yeah and I

ended up vomiting and it was the whole

traumatic thing I don't even like

thinking about it but I did want to talk

about that drug I can't I can't remember

someone's gonna keep flushing it on the

screen that drug and if you are at risk

for OHSS maybe ask about it I wanted to

talk about the what your body feels like

after egg retrieval because it's

different for everybody but also I kind

of feel like nobody talks about like

directly after they're very focused on

like their eggs in the embryos and how

they're doing but like how are you doing

right so my body was very stiff after

retrieval I kind of I've been in a car

accident before and it kind of felt like

that like my body just like hurt like I

braced for impact or something and I was

just stiff and sore after retrieval and

I don't know if it's like that for

everybody but I wanted to just get it

out there so maybe you could know heat

packs did feel really good I'd put them

on my lower back

but just like your whole body is

affected but it lasted about two days

and it started to started to get better

okay and then the last tip I wanted to

talk about that I feel like not a lot of

people talk about a lot of people I know

myself included get kind of some

situational depression from IVF it's

very hard and but it's nothing to be

ashamed of and it's not your fault

so the depression and the anxiety that

comes along with IVF

I think people talk about it but I'm

gonna just piggyback off that because

it's it's really hard and there's no

time frame for when that depression or

anxiety are going to go away and there

are things you can do to help and I'm

one of those people that I'm not super

comfortable talking about what I've done

to try to help with the depression and

anxiety at least for me came weight gain

it's a sensitive topic for a lot of

people and not everybody's body is the

same and now that I'm not doing IVF not

doing a transfer for a long time it's

really hit me about like wow I have a

lot of damage to undo and it sucks and I

hate admitting it but like it is what it

is and it sucks and I just want you guys

to be aware that like it happens it

doesn't happen everybody I see some

girls I do IVF and they still look

amazing like they're rocking a swimsuit

like a month later and I'm like so I

feel like I needed to talk about that

because it's a real thing and it's

something that has just absolutely

killed my self-esteem that's it for some

of the things that I wish I'd known

before doing IVF if you've done IVF

sound off in the comments with something

that you didn't know I try to not talk

out like those stuff that I feel like

everybody talks about so I hope this was

helpful to you and yeah I'm in your

corner and I'm rooting for you

the biggest takeaway is that IVF isn't a

guarantee and I think a lot of people

think that they'll be the exception and

it will work first time that's not

always true thanks so much for watching

and I'll see you guys next time bye