How To Land a Job in Dallas BEFORE Moving | 10 Tips

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how did i find a job before i moved to

dallas so today

i have my little 10 tips here so that um

i can let y'all know how i did it so

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first things first that i have on my

list is figure out your monthly budget

and when i speak about budget i mean um

as far as your bills both

current and new bills so you're going to

be moving here so

you're looking at rent um utilities

wi-fi things of that nature also your

savings and your spending so

you want to find out how much money you

want coming in per month

with all your expenses that you might

have because that's going to determine

what type of job you want to go for if

you need

3 500 a month you don't want to get a

job that's paying

10 11 12 an hour you know what i'm

saying like it makes sense

so your second tip is you want to

find the average rent cost for where you

like to live

rent prices are different in the uptown


versus in arlington versus

um oak cliff area versus

you know downtown rent prices are

different literally everywhere so you

want to find

out what area is it all around what area

it is that you want to live in there's

also midtown archbishop there are so

many different areas so it's just

your job to do your research figure out

where is it that you want to live

and then go from there as far as y'all

should know that

rent you need say if your rent is

1100 then you'll need at least 3 300 as

your income because they do want you to

have either

two and a half times or three times more

than your

monthly rent as your income so that they

can guarantee that your rent will be

paid of course

around here i would say like as far as

my taste

and the things that i like i like a


not really big on like luxury right now


modern luxury style apartments are like

you know my thing

so i noticed like the average cost of


is about 1100 at the minimum so i would

definitely look

to spending about that much in rent

depending on where you live again

i live in an area where rent is higher

because you're paying for the area so

that's just how it is

if you live on the outskirts somewhere

your rent is going to be lower you can

find something that's

you know nice for like 900 950

11 i mean you know a thousand something

i don't know my rate is higher than that


that's like the average price from what

i was seeing based on what i like

three okay so after you figure out your

monthly budget

and you found the average cost of rent

the third step you want to do

is figure out what is it that you want

to do so

say for instance you want to come here


work i don't know as a cosmetologist so

what i would do

is look at the average salary for

cosmetologists here in dallas and then

to go even further i will look into the

specific areas so

average salary of a cosmetologist in

uptown dallas or in downtown dallas or

in irving or a mesquite

things like that i will be very specific

with the search and then go from there

so once you do that you want to

start looking for the jobs in your

career field

if you want more than one job that's

perfectly fine you can

always do one job say if you find that

it's not really what you want to make

and you just want a little extra more


there are part-time jobs here literally

everywhere there are jobs here where you

can work

overnight so there's no shortage of jobs

just to like let y'all know but

if you do want to have more than one job

that's perfectly fine i perfectly


okay we need multiple streams of income

you know

i guess because here honestly unless you

have a really good job i'm not even

gonna lie like

you you know number four

you need to ask yourself is your resume

updated period if you are trying to be

a cosmetologist but you have nothing but

skills related to like food service on

your resume

you might want to check into that and

see if there's anything that you can add

to your resume

to make it more appealing to be a

cosmetologist if y'all do need

assistance with uh resume building i do

help with that

so please comment down below or email me

my email address will be linked down

below and i can help you with your


the resume is very very very

important because your resume is what's

representing you to these employers

being that you can't be here

physically before they see your face

they're going to see your resume

so it's very important to make like a

great impression

just off of that piece of paper you know

it sucks that we're judged on that but

it's very very much so important

that your resume is top notch very short

concise to the points

but still detailed you know so again if

y'all need help with resume building

please check the description bar below

and email me

and i'll get right back to you make sure

you put like in the um

subject box like resume assistance or

something like so for number five

i have an optional tip is to use the zip


near your area where you want to live

so say you want to live in

midtown dallas and the zip code there is

one two three four five

but you're in chicago illinois so

instead of having your chicago

zero zero one one one um you're gonna


the zip code on your resume for the


area okay so i would definitely

recommend this like once you really are

planning to move to dallas don't

use a dallas zip code and then

you're not moving here for another like

six to eight months see what i mean

so i was using the dollar zip code a

girl that i went to school with

she was telling me like where she stayed

and the the area and things like that

because i was asking some questions and

from there she sent me

like you know the name of her place and

stuff and it had the zip code so i was

like okay i'm going to put this zip code

on my

on my resume so lo and behold i didn't

end up

living like nowhere near the zip code

that i use so it's just a tip

and it's very smart because it makes

them feel like you're already there

or that you do have plans in the very

near future to be in the area

number six a lot of people ask me where

do i go to apply for jobs

where do i find where did i find my job

things of that nature

indeed i use i strictly use

to look for jobs you can visit if

there's a particular company that you

would like to work for say you want to

work for cola cola what

say you want to work for coca-cola then

if you feel it will be a better chance

of you getting a job if you go and apply

directly on the coca-cola

site then that's an option too but some

other sites i have here

are like snagajob glassdoor things of

that nature

but personally like i say i use indeed

you can also build a resume on indeed in

case you didn't know but i feel like

y'all you already know that

you can build a resume on indeed and you

can also upload your personal resume


you can also look for work from home

jobs so

we're in the middle of quarantine right

now still

technically like we're we're still


in a virtual world

so there are also jobs online

that you can start before you even move

here you can get hired with the company

and being that it's virtual you can

start the job while you're still

in you know arkansas or florida wherever

you're coming from you can still start

the job from home

so that's always an option and to me

it's like take advantage of more jobs

are open to

allowing people to work from home my job

i work from home primarily i do go out

you know every now and then but um i

work from home

majority of the time now so you know

just got lucky because usually

before covid like my job would be in an

office setting like

five days a week eight hours a day

like it's all looked up so

uh my tip number eight

apply for as many jobs as you can when i

tell you

i was applying for jobs from february

to june

like i was applying like constantly some

people i was applying multiple times

like hey

hey it's me again i didn't hear from you

so i'm applying again i definitely took

advantage of that

it's never too much but i do want to say

that you want to make sure you have

options to weigh against you know what i

mean like you don't want to just

automatically choose one job that's

willing to pay you 18 000 and you choose

that one but then another one over here

wants to pay you 22 but you cancel them

out you know

this is a big area they have multiple

um suburban areas around dallas so

even if you don't work in the city you

can also

always go outside and there are plenty

of jobs there

a plethora of jobs here okay

so and that's any career honestly

let's see nine conduct interviews

virtually that's going to be a given a

lot of places

are doing virtual interviews personally

i use

go to meeting and zoom those are

the two apps or websites that i had

interviews on

but with everything being so virtual

nowadays and people are out of the

office do the covid

and the social distancing a lot of

people are

actually a lot of companies are

preferring to do the

hiring process virtually and even if

they aren't

maybe it would be a wise idea to ask

them like hey

i'm not located in dallas yet but

i would love to conduct this interview

virtually can we do it on skype on go to

meeting on zoom on microsoft teams there

are so many different apps nowadays that

have come about

you can accent conduct a meeting there

and 9 out of 10

majority of the time especially nowadays

with the times we're living in as long


they know that you have a plan to come

here they'll still be willing to conduct

the interview virtually all the

paperwork that i needed to complete

for my new hire stuff um that was sent

to me via email

or faxed or scanned that kind of thing

and i would just send it right back via


so there's a way where there's a will

there's a way

period in my tip number 10

let them know in the interview that

you'll be moving to

the area soon wherever you're planning

on moving let them know that you do have

a plan to get there

don't lie and be too dramatic if you

don't plan on moving

until may of next year if you get an

interview in december of this year don't

tell them that you'll be there in a few


yet i mean so you want to be honest with

them because that can

that can cause you to lose out of an

opportunity if you lie

because then you'll have people waiting

on you things of that nature

ask them can you start your job start

any trainings or anything like that can

you start it from home where

you're at you're in the process of

moving you're in the process of finding

an apartment

can you start it from home and then

another option i have is you can visit

the area for a few days

so that's what i did in my uh part one

of my journey to dallas vlog

y'all saw me drive into dallas and

whatnot so really i came here to look

for an apartment

it wasn't even confirmed that i had my

job yet but i was really coming here too

to go and visit a couple places i was

aware that they have like staffing

agencies around here

where i could have gone to to get a job

and that's another thing too

if you want to be one of those people

who you know just comes and wins it

that's fine but they do have uh staffing

agencies here

me personally i'm just not that tight

because i'm a little scary and i need to

have plans like

you know i need to have things like

written down set in stone

so you want to make sure uh if you are

the type of person who does

want to come out here and then find a

job there are staffing agencies

there are people who you can go and

speak to in person

if you want to do that kind of thing but

it's not always a guarantee that they'll

be hiring

but again that's always an option okay

in the last tip that i have for y'all i

didn't even write this down but i just

thought of it as i was talking

make sure whenever you get a job okay if

you get the job before you move

to the area and this is with anywhere it

doesn't even necessarily have to be


but before you move here you want them


give you a written uh statement

containing your higher dates how much

you're going to be making

and um your pay frequency because

if you're going to be moving here your

apartment complexes they're going to

want some type of proof of documentation

that you're going to be able to pay your

rent if you don't have a job and you

just want to move here and wing it

foundation when you get here

a lot of places do accept three pesos

from a previous employment

or they take three months worth of bank

statements just to verify that you know

your money is coming in consistently

things of that nature

so make sure you have that get all that

written out you also want to ask

how much am i going to be making after

taxes because that's definitely

important a job can tell you

you'll be making 6k a month but then

once you get

your monthly salary you're coming with

you know 3 500 make it make sense

but you want to verify how much you're

going to be making without taxes

i'm sorry after taxes because you want

to verify that you'll have the funds to

pay your rent and

you know other bills because there's

rent there's renters insurance you're

gonna have to get

um you know i mean if you're gonna be

working from home you're gonna need

wi-fi um things of that nature furniture

like everything is just so expensive

y'all so

just to let y'all know i want y'all to

come out here or whatever it is that you

want to go

come out here be stable have a place to


um have a job secured or if you want to

come down here and wing it you know do


they do have a lot of success stories

with people doing that as well

so if you want to make it you can make

it that's all i got to say

like if you have the will to do it

you're going to do it

if you have it set in your mind that you

want to get this job you're going to get

this job

if you have it set in your mind that you

want to

have this much this much and this much

to take care of like

your your expenses you're going to have

that so it's all about how you think go

into it thinking positively

and you know just prepare for the best

that's all you can do just go in


like i said if y'all need any assistance

with resumes please email me

my email will be in the description bar

below okay

when i tell y'all like resumes are like

my thing like college definitely help me

with resumes okay so

if you feel like your resume needs some

improvement please let me know and i'll

get back

with you okay um i need to shut up

before i start preaching or something

i hope this video was helpful so i hope

this video

i hope this video was helpful for y'all


um you know i wish all the best and

y'all's new journey i hope this answers

all the questions that y'all have been

dming me

i'm sorry i provide as much information

as i can but hopefully this was more

thorough for y'all so until the next


i will see you in the next video i don't

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i will see you in my next video