How to Land a Job in Your Senior Year — 4 Important College Resume & Job Search Tips

hey guys this is Brandon I'm CEO of

brand resumes comm we are a career

advancement in resume writing service

that focuses upon entry-level graduates

mid-career professionals executives

across all industries today I want to

speak to you about some of the really

cool and tangible tips for finding and

landing a job your senior year of

college so sometimes you don't feel like

it's a black box you know it's a huge

mystery you don't know where to start

you're lost you know you're you know

that you're graduating soon and I just

want to be able to help that demystify

this give you some really you know cool

and attend to the tips you can start

today you might start to see some more

attraction right so why me like to why

my talking why I might not call my

friends down the street or my colleagues

well I have been helping professionals

just like you in college students for

over 5 years now I've been you know on

the corporate scale I've been in the

startup scene and I just want to give

you all this knowledge and education for

free because I really want to help you

succeed so today we're gonna jump into 4

tips that I feel like will help you by

the end of this video if you are you

know implementing these tricks and tips

and you're really you know studying and

really starting preparing yourself work

for it for this job search you will

start to see some more interviews so

let's get right into it


so now I'm gonna deep dive into the four

tips and by the end of these four tips

you should have some tangible metrics

where and actionable items that you can

go ahead and use to you know better your

search right now this is applicable if

you are in the accounting field if

you're in the medical field what even if

you're only ever space engineer it

doesn't matter these tips can work for

you if you can prevent some of these

tips hopefully you might start to see

some more attraction make me some

success in your job search and ideally

we want all of our you know listeners

and viewers like you to be able to land

your next job so tip number one and it's

really simple and actionable step is

that you can start early right you know

you know that you'll be you know going

into your senior year um and if you are

in a nursing here this will be fine

I won't let you know that a lot of times

companies will hire their talent

sometimes eight to ten months in advance

and it's not to say that you know not

every company follows the same path

because you know certain times that

there are you know hime trends right so

you know you may not fall into that but

if you start early

right just doing some of that core

research spending some time you know

researching maybe some of the top

companies do you like to work for

narrowing down you know the company's

purpose there their value is a mission

statement failing and and finding the

information that resonates with you that

makes all the difference right because

if you think about the term of a search

right it's like a isn't this a journey

it's a mission

you know finding that next step and we

want you to you know be able to jump

into that search with the right

operation if you ever heard of practice

in preparation it's very true right so

start early get in there do your

homework do your research figure out the

companies that resonate with you and

while you're doing this research if you

don't want to go ahead and create like a

spreadsheet or just a Google Doc and

just list out some of the key benefits

like you know I'd like to work at Nike

because Nike believes in you know humans

rights and they are you know a huge

advocacy and they and they and Nike

advocates heavily for you know gender

equality right print it out so that when

you are interviewing down the line and

if you do Lance up these interviews you

can relate that back to wide black work

for that company

tip number two I would say find

conferences and job fairs in your field

I can't stress this enough but it

doesn't matter what you'd like to be

this works really well for some some

folks on and it might be a little harder

for others depending on you know how

granular and nice your career is but

let's say for example you want to be an

accountant I would say do a Google

search by all of the accounting career

fairs accounting and conferences that

may be near you and sometimes you may

have to travel right so you may have new

travel to you know a metro location or

you may even have a car pools and

friends but do the research further out

what they are you know there's all these

companies like Eventbrite there are

national career services that actually

you know have representation from time

from some of the top companies they call


you know Nike Amazon to do the research

they're out there I would also say in

reference that you know check out any

universities calendars so your

University I'm sure those career fairs

sometimes virtual

sometimes in person but what you can

also do is a little bit of a secret

trick is to find the colleges near you

and it may be you know 10 minutes 20

minutes but forego when they have

currents - and show up right

calmly there with you know professional

attire with your resume portfolio

there's an hungry network you know who's

gonna shoot down you know ambition and

hustle right so that's not about it's

kind of like a tick that I know about

but you know it works right

and I would also say just overall like

be prepared to you know facing them

because sometimes you mean you kind of

get thrown into those conversations but

just do your homework

find the conference's and show up

showing up is half of the battle tip

number three get your resume in shape

there's no way you can show up to these

conferences or start - job search if you

don't have a good resume and arrest me

it's really important because it's

really the first step that you know

these recruiters or hire managers will

see you you know you want them to

quickly understand who you are you know

what value you bring to the table what

you've studied and two simple things

like that you know make sure that your

resume format is modern it's up to the

date it has all the relevant things

right we don't want any photos in there

as an apprentice or your dog keep that

for Instagram or snapchat but in all

seriousness make sure that you have a

beautiful formatted resume you're in

college I was just having the one-page

resume and sometimes you know you just

want to brag about all the things that

you're good at and I completely


I've been there you know I help clients

in the same tenancy pasady but keep it

clean keep it concise and stick to the

things that you can do that will

actually add value because sometimes you

think about in terms of a kind manager

like I'm hiring for you know a medical

assistant I wouldn't know what have you

done in your coursework that will relate

well to this job so it's just getting

quick tip you know make sure that in a

line selected to the role and it's up to

date and lastly tip number four I would

say network like crazy and this is kind

of like the thing that I love the most

like I'm a huge networker I'm all for

you know going out and speaking to

people making appearances and just

showing up you know they just can never

discount the the benefit of just being

there being present it's amazing and so

when I say network like crazy start

telling everybody you know what you want

to do I mean you know whether it's your

mother and your grandmother your calling

your professor

the guy you see in the street put it out

into the universe you never know what

the universe will get back to you if

people don't know what you're looking

for how can they help you right so just

get really crisp at you know even

crafting you know just like a even with

a quick elevator pitch like 10 20

seconds like why you might like why like

why you'd be love this and just why you

feel like this is where you would like

to be it's like telling everybody right

in addition to that just get really

comfortable with shaking hands and

compression posture obviously eye

contact because you go you know as you

start you know putting all these tips

into effect you might start getting more

traction right

you might start getting some enemies my

goodness folks will calls back which

would be great but just network you know

go hard you know learn about all the

different things in your industry you

know research all these different job

boards you know do the the really do

diligence go to class or comm you know

catch up on some of the company reviews

there's so many resources out there but

overall you know once you you know

there's dark early and you just find

those conferences if possible I'm sure

they exist and if not you know I'll even

help you find them get your resume in

shape you cannot I cannot just I know

the resin is very important and then

just network and with all that combined

you should start to see hopefully some

subtraction in your in the job search so

that's kind of what I would always

recommend you know doing if you're in

college and implement those results and

should see some you know some subtract

quickly I'd love to know what you think

about this video you know leave some

questions in the comment section below

and just share other strategies that you

may have right there's a lot of

multifaceted ways of landing jobs you

know people and jobs like finding

something on the subway and talking

about a song and just getting a business

card to get very comfortable being

uncomfortable but just to know that

there is a end and there's a lighting

site do those four things and let's

check back in that's brave ask me the