Improve Your Stroller Running INSTANTLY: Stroller Jogging TIPS


hi ladies ashley here from glow body pt

and today i'm going to give you my top

five tips to instantly improve

your stroller running the first two tips

are going to focus on the setup of your

stroller easy things that you could be


and then the last three are directly

technique focused

um in body focus that is going to

definitely improve your strength

and ability to maneuver your stroller no

matter how much weight you are pushing

i have three kids i've stroller run with

all of them

i've done a sub 145 half marathon

pushing the stroller and when i'm not

using a stroller i've done a 128 half

marathon and it was part of

a half iron man so after the swim and

after the 56 mile bike that's when i put

down the 128.

i was a d1 runner in college for all

four years for cross country

indoor track and outdoor chat i do

spartan racing

and i was the first woman to win a tough


overall and that was at nine months

postpartum so running is my jam

i am here to help you save you some time

and save you some frustration

first thing we need to do is set up your

handlebars for success so

down here is just too low this could be

appropriate for a casual walk because

you can swing in your arm right here

and up here is too high notice the the

dorsiflex on our wrist

not good for our wrist over time nor for

our forearms it's putting a lot of

stress there

and we're definitely not getting as much

power as we can out of our stroller

so find a position that your arm rests

that is

just like you would do a sled push so i

really want you pushing into it what

would feel good for you

we don't want to be over flexed nor do

we want our wrists facing down we want

it to be nice and natural so for me

that's um right about here this is my

good positions we're

pointed down just so slightly it'll be

height dependence as well

and depend a little bit on how long your

arms are if your feet

ever hit the stroller you are over


and it's not an issue of the handlebars

being too high or too low

it is an over shining issue so we have

our handlebars

set up for max power success next what i

need you to do is the swivel versus the

lock so this is a bob double

and this is what i mean by swivel i run

in the swivel about

90 of the time absolutely love it and

then some running shoulders though they

only come in the lock position

meaning it's not going anywhere this is

a super secure way to run

however it's not my favorite if you have

the option to choose i want you

doing the locked position anytime that

you know you'll be going up and down

over sidewalks or even the type that

slant and you kind of have to go the


because if you try and running with the


on sidewalks you can end up where you're


and suddenly it stutters on you your

stroller will stutter because that front

tire doesn't know what to do as it's

going up and down

so stick to running on flat terrain

as much as possible i like to run at the

track i try to stick to

quiet neighborhood roads that i can run

on the side of the road

or on spaces where i know that the

sidewalk is really long for a long time

and i'll stick in the swivel

and then before i approach the sidewalk

mentally pull it together

two hands on on your stroller and i know

to just slow down be extra careful i'll


lift your shoulder down go across the

street either walk or jog across the


and then lift up the front to get it

over it so as long as you're intentional

about running it and you're mindful that

you don't want your stroller to stutter

when you're in the swivel going over

bumps you're going to be

golden i want you running with one arm

the majority of the time this is so

helpful because your other arm

can do what it always does when you

don't have the stroller it will drive

you forward

the only way you're going to go wrong

with running with one arm is if you

start to get this tendency

where your arm starts to criss cross

over depending on which arm is not

holding the stroller i don't want to see


x formation running with your arms

instead make sure that you are driving

forward and backward forward and

backward because this will literally

help you

propel forward also help your hips stay

in alignment and not be causing any

crisscross lateral movement that we

don't need when

you are about to approach a turn if it

is a left turn

i need you grabbing the shoulder with

your right hand because watch this you

just hardly push it

it's going to turn left or if my turn

i'm about to take a right-hand turn just

put your left hand down

the opposite hand and it's pushing it

naturally for you

notice that i if i'm already in the

center before you're going to make that


just come out a little bit more to the

opposite side which is the easiest push

in the world and it will become very

fluid and natural

even on sharp 90 degree turns

the times when it is appropriate to have

two wheels on your stroller is when

you're going

up and down curves and you need to lift

up your stroller or if

you are in the locked position and you

have to push really hard

to get it to turn 90 degrees even


the front of the stroller if you're in a

locked running position i also like to

have two hands on my stroller when i'm

about to charge up a hill so i do hill

repeats with my stroller

when i have no health luke is the wood a

lot it's actually on his ninth

deployment right now

so when i have no help i do hill repeats

right out in front of my own


so that um you know i'm just close to


and i will always always start out

charging up that hill with two

hands on my stroller to really give me a

lot of power and then

once you have good momentum going that's

when you want to take the other hand put

it directly in the middle

and be pushing forward with the one arm

on the stroller

i want you focusing on your running

cadence more important than your

running pace so running cadence means

how many times your feet hit the ground

per minute now what ideal is when we

don't have a stroller is

90 plus it's hard to hit that means 90

or over

don't rely if you have a gps watch like

i do a running watch don't rely on what

it says your cadence is because think

about it half the time

your arm is staying right there and not

and not moving instead of

checking um what your gps cleans your

cadence is

i actually want you just doing the

old-fashioned test which is to set a

one-minute timer on your watch

and then count every time your right

foot hits the ground and that is going

to add up

to somewhere close to 90. i want you in

that ballpark if you are

far below 90 and you're hitting 60 we

need to see a change to this this means

you are over

striding this is regardless of whether

you're running fast

or whether you're running slow because

if you're running fast you're still

going to have that high cadence you're


pushing off farther and in effect

covering more distance to create a

faster speed

so it should be 90 regardless 90 or

above and if you are super below that

that means you're over shredding

over shredding unfortunately is the

number one cause of running related

injuries so that means i need you taking

shorter quicker steps on me so in your

head you say short quick step

short quick steps short quick steps and

that is going to make you in a more

efficient runner

and faster without even putting in any

additional effort

yes i want you to push hard but instead

think about it as a scale of effort am i

going a zero

or am i pushing that's hard to attend

that is what your new

pace turns into i ignore my shoulder

paces don't compare that

to your normal cases because it is

absolutely defeating and just

not appropriate you're pushing a 25 plus

pound stroller

maybe 50 maybe 100 pounds worth of kids

maybe more

tell me in the comments how much you're

pushing i'd love to hear and that is

going to significantly slow you down

i also convert my my stroller mileage

into what would be the equivalent of

regular mileage and for me

for every two and a half miles i do in a


that means i did three miles of running

so i pack on a half a mile

again another example if i did five

miles of running

with the stroller with children or one

child in the stroller that's the

equivalent of

six miles of effort and calories burned

so if that helps you mentally too to

convert your shoulder miles

um convert your mileage into what i like

to call stroller mileage to be

fair and to remind yourself that hey i

really did put in more effort and that

counts more than just

a run like actually colored by herself

it counts more it's a lot more effort

you're putting out the last thing that


must do if you're serious about

improving your stroller running is doing

running specific strength training now

if you want a full plan for this

like everything the agility the mobility

the strength

injury prevention full body your core

legs but

do my 10-minute plan you can either do

the beginner

5k plan that will take you from walking

to running a full 5k

or you can do the advanced 5k plan


which will take whatever speed you're at

and make you

really super fast i'm talking about

laying down a pr or a personal best

as a mother it is an amazing plan i do

the workouts for myself

all the time but this exercise here you

can do anywhere so i'm just showing you

using a fancy road box but you can

seriously use your kitchen chair

or park bench and get equal benefit out

of it take 10 minutes to do

step ups i'm going to let you do any

variety you choose if you really want a

full length

step up video with me let me know in the

comments below and i can record that for


but this is amazing for runner-specific

strength because it is going to be

targeting the glutes and hamstrings

which we really need when we're pushing

a stroller forward

notice we don't want to be in this

anterior pelvic tilt because you cannot

engage your glutes here

so you just want to be in a neutral

spine so that when you are pushing your

stroller especially up a hill because it

is a lot of weight

that the glutes and hands are turned on

and performing so same goes here

for our step up so just start with one

foot on the box and

opposite arm opposite leg just as if you

are running we're going to

charge those arms up the base leg that

is on the box is doing

all of the work this one here this glue

the other leg

that's just there for buns it comes down

to a flat foot but i'm not

bending down and pushing up off that

foot it'll actually cause

a pelvic tilt which we do not want i

want the pelvis to stay nice and


and just drive up you can alternate legs

one up other down one up

your goal is to spend as little time on

the box as possible but i do want your


to come up to full extension now you can

get explosive with this

we do these in the 10-minute plan we're

going to have one leg up here on the box

i want you to drive up and actually get

a little air at the top

notice that it's not a lot i'm not

jumping really high but a little bit of

air is coming underneath the box

and the last one is nice and slow in

control and this is going to

improve your knee stability so it's

going to prevent

knee valves which is the knee heating

and a really common problem i see

from when women are um pronating in on

the foot and their knee also falls in so

we are strengthening

the outer part of our leg and the outer

part of our glute the gluteus medius

so we're going to stand up and i want

you to slowly lower

stand up and slowly lower

and slowly now doing this in a mirror is

going to help you so much

keep an eye on that knee control if you

see it with a wobble

that's okay that's totally normal but

you are creating that neural muscular


to stop the wibble wobble and keep your


in a more stable aligned forward


which is going to optimize your running

make you run faster

and help you not get injuries as a

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i love you ladies so much and i'll see

you next time bye that is how we were


the perfect hip hinge pattern stay low

chest is high court is tight if you're a

mother you will jump through hoops and

do anything

make nap time fun so this workout

designs that the moving leg is burning

and the base leg is also burning pause

here lean forward

and kick it up same arm as leg is

forward we're going to reach down

lift all because this is legit this is

not for the weekend heart