How and When to Seed Start Kale & Collard Greens Indoors: Cool Weather - The Rusted Garden 2014

welcome to the rest of garden today I

want to show you how to seed start kale

and collards indoors I have a couple of

us starts already going today is

February 15th and you want to start your

kale on your collards indoors about four

to six four to six weeks before they're

ready to go outside they are cool

weather crops they can take a freeze

they can take a frost in actually here

in Maryland zone seven I plant some in

the later summer so that they overwinter

through definitely fall and winter

they'll slow down the stop growing the

leaves will drop down like that

as soon as the warm weather comes which

for kale and collards is 40 degree soil

temperature 50 degree days they spring

up extremely quickly grow lots of tiny

leaves much more sweeter in the spring

after winter then you might grow them in

the summer and they will flower they're

biennial so the first year you get a lot

of leaves the second year you'll end up

with great tasting flowers that you can

pick before they bloom or you can pick

when they flower they typically flower

with tiny little yellow flowers and if

you catch them just right you can taste

the pollen and the sweetness in the

flowers now these are this is kale this

was planted on January 22nd so it's been

about 17 days about two weeks worth of

growth and you can see what they look

like after two weeks of growth these

were planted on January 10th and this is

almost five weeks worth of growth so

they're getting to that six week mark

and this is when they would really be

ready to go into the ground kale and

collards are very versatile vegetables

very nutritious they're packed full of

calcium the leaves will get you know

huge like this big at least you can wrap

them you can wrap rice in them you can

wrap meats in them you can then bake

them you can cut them into thin slices

put them in your salad you can saute em

you can stew them and just have boiled

greens or a great vegetable to have in

your garden let me talk to you a little

bit about the planting the seeds are

small you're going to put two or three

seeds into each cell you don't want to

wait around for a plant to germinate a

seed to germinate that's not going to

germinate and you can

see these have already been sinned all

these plants have been thinned out they

get thinned at about the two-week stage

you picked the strongest plant you know

gently pull out the kale that you're not

going to use you only want one plant per

cell these plants get very large you

don't want them competing for space and

you can also see some didn't come up at

all so two or three seeds per cell when

you start you're when you pack yourself

with starting mix you're going to put

the soil in the starting mix in and it's

good to be very loose thumb pack it down

you always want a solid starting base

for your plants or for your seeds it

helps with germination and since the

seeds not going to find its way and fall

down to the bottom it better helps wick

water up from the bottom of the cell

also pre moisten your starting mix they

come bone-dry typically and if you set a

dry starting mix in a pan of water it

usually just floats if you pre moisten

it the water just wicks up very quickly

once you thump pack it down you see that

you're gonna need more space add some

more starting mix and you end up with

something like this that has a nice

solid starting base for your plants for

the kale again and for the collards two

or three seeds and you can see that

they're very small but they're easy to

handle and I tend to do the same thing

you're not gonna be able to see the

seeds on the video but I was put one in

the right corner the left corner and

then just push it down

a little more than 1/4 of an inch and I

would do that for the whole cell and

then once they're done of course a

little bit of starting mix and they're

ready to go let me put these seeds back


and this cell was pre-moistened I also

recommend don't pour water on the top

what happens is it will splash the soil

around it'll splash the seeds around and

if you have diseases fungus any kind of

sport you're gonna splash the spores

around so it's just a better way to keep

your plants healthy I just put them into

you know the big black trays I'll use

this for the example but just drop this

in there fill this up with water to

about here whatever this absorbs in 20

minutes you're good to go just dump out

the excess water and with some practice

you'll figure out how to put in you know

the right amount of water but that will

set your seeds up for germination a

couple of things to notice these plants

are under grow lights for about 14 hours

and there's still a little bit leggy you

can see that they're loose and that's

because this stem is really pushing a

plant towards the light and even with 14

hours of light and my bulb stay about

probably 2 or 3 inches above the

germinating seeds they still get a

little bit leggy that's okay they just

raced towards the light and kale grows

really fast and if you can see here from

here to here that's the extra leg enos

that's not so bad it's really really

hard to it'll become woody when you

transplant these you're going to

transplant it to about here and this

plant will stand up perfectly all the

leaves will start coming out and you're

good to go this stock is gonna get

really really thick so don't worry about

a little bit of like enos here's the

collards over here and you can see that

they're leaf structure is a little bit

different and this is the wrinkled black

kales what they call it it's also la CIN

ato don't know how to pronounce it but

this is the black crinkled kale and this

is your standard Georgia collard greens

and these leaves will get huge and you

can see the difference the taste is

pretty much similar but again they can

get a little bit leggy and when you

transplant them you're gonna transplant

them these are the first leaves right up

to about here and let them go

hope you enjoyed the video please check

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