Best Physio Positions to do Kegel Exercise for Pregnant Women

Hi, I'm Michelle and welcome to pelvic exercises

Well today we're looking at the four best positions to do your Kegel exercises during pregnancy

Now I'm going to show you some positions up right and I'm also going to show you positions

Lying down for when your pregnancy progresses. So let's get started straight away

great position to do your kegels is

Sitting so you can do this

During the early stages of the pregnancy as your baby's lighter weight

It's easier to do your kegels in upright positions so that you're actually in lifting Bubb

So lifting the muscles inside your people muscles inside against gravity

so we're going to be lifting up and in so what you do is rather than sitting back and slumping against the back of the

Chair you lean forward and you keep the inward curve in the back so you don't want to be slumping and using the back of the chair

Nice and nice tall posture and then you're lifting and squeezing in and around your three pelvic openings

So the back passage the vagina and the urethra rather urine tube lifting up inside lifting up and squeezing

Inside and then lowering down slowly and resting so sitting down is a great position if you're waiting for an appointment

Sitting on the train thing on the bus might be a great time to do some of your kegels

That's what that's the first good position to start with now the other position that's upright in the first five months

One to five really good positions to use is standing

So just simple exercises standing up again making sure that your posture is lifted

Your chest is nice and tall shoulders are back and down and again that you've got the inward curve in your lower back

So you can do your kegels both in sitting and standing for those first four to five months

Now as your baby grows and gets heavier, that's when you might need to need to change your position

So you might find that you need to lie down

to get more

Activation through your public floor muscles if you can continue to do your kegels upright in that time. That's great

But otherwise, let's move on to some of those positions lying down

So the first position on the mat on the ground is on all fours, so if you can come down when you're a bit

Larger baby's growing gives you plenty of space and also to know you're not lifting your pelvic floor muscles against gravity

So this makes the exercise is easier so you've got knees underneath hips

Hands, roughly underneath shoulders and then you're doing your and you've got your inward curve in your back as always and doing your exercises

In that position now if your wrists are sore with your pregnancy if you've got carpal tunnel syndrome

You might find that coming down onto your forearms like that is more comfortable and that's fine to do your exercises

In as well and you might find that that anti gravity position really helps you do your kegels more effectively

now finally in the later stages of pregnancy you

Possibly need to lie down to for your feel your kegels. So lying down on your side

Obviously, you can't lie on your back to the do your Kegel exercises from 16 weeks onwards because that decreases the blood supply

Through to your heart and through to your baby

So we don't want to do any exercises lying down on our backs from 16 weeks, but lying down your side is great

So coming down sideways and you might need to even use a pillow

Underneath bub to support bub

that way or you might find also find a pillow between your knees makes this comfortable too and

Keeping your head down so that your neck's relaxed

So in this position you could also then do your kegels you can obviously do these lying in bed when you first wake up

And during the course of the day forget the chance to have a rest

so you can see we've gone through quite a number of positions there that you can actually practice so

Early stages of pregnancy you're trying to do your kegels in upright positions standing and sitting and then try to continue some appropriate upright

Exercises during the course of the day if you can in the later stages of your pregnancy

But if you're unable to you can come down and do them on hands and knees hands and forearms or lying down

Well, I hope that's helped you with your kegels if you'd like some more exercises for during pregnancy and general physiotherapy exercises

Just subscribe down below. I look forward to exercising with you again soon. Bye for now