FIRST 30: Advice When Starting Dialysis

the first 30 days very scared

I was denial the first 30 days I'm

really scared I didn't know what to

expect I had no idea what kidneys did

there's a fear that you have that's

understandable it's real but you need to

embrace your situation and do everything

you can to fight

when I first found out I actually cried

I was afraid to tell my family because I

didn't know how they were going to react

for a new patient one of the things I

tell them is that you are not your

disease that is so important that you

don't remember the essence of the person

that you are and that you have a whole

care team that's here to take care of

you that will surround you and support

you and your family to get you where you

want to go in the first 30 days the

patient can experience fear and they

lose lack of control it's fear of the

unknown on how they're gonna continue to

live my words of advice for new patients

is ask questions understand that it's a

team approach and we're here to help

them and we know it's going to be

overwhelming we are going to try to ease

them into it as best we can I'll never

forget my first day it was just weird

seeing all these people hooked up to

machines I saw that I wasn't the only

one but I had no idea that so many

people had kidney disease my biggest

surprise was there there's life after

dialysis you know you could have the

houses and still live relatively full

life we're not a whole lot of issues

within their thirty days I realized is

something it's gonna help me live longer

and in the Sun that's necessary dialysis

is not a cure it's a treatment and it's

a life-sustaining treatment so being on

dialysis is like just eating every day

it gives you life it prolongs and

preserves life

the key is this is your second chance of

life and without you going to dialysis

you won't make it so you have to look at

that in a positive way if I can help

somebody else get through it then that

makes me feel good it's a rough

situation but it can be managed and

that's what I do I manage it it's so

thankful for this machine but if you

want to live and you want to contribute

and you want to still be around those

people you love and have a positive

impact get on dialysis stay the whole

time take your meds and try to find the

good in this situation which there's a

lot of because there is ayat e level is

so high they come like deer in the

headlights and the world is spinning

around them it's a total life change so

we encourage them to keep talking to us

we're going to keep sharing information

and we're gonna work it day by day

positive attitude is the key of living

with dialysis my life has changed in

order for me that to live a better life

I have to do the office I know that this

machine and the people here are keeping

me alive and I think that is the biggest

motivation that a person can have