Kipping Pull-Up Tutorial | CrossFit Invictus | Gymnastics

this is travis with Invictus gymnastics

we're gonna discuss the kipping pull-up

the kipping pull-up can look a lot of

different ways for example if you go

into your gym and you're watching people

in the group class doing kipping

pull-ups because it's in the programming

you may see a lot of different

variations of the kipping pull-up but

they all count so generally speaking as

long as your chin gets higher than the

bar the rep counts which means that the

bar could be here underneath my chin or

technically speaking it could be way out

here okay have you got slight bend in my

arms my chin it's higher than the bar

that counts as a pull-up so it depends

on what your goals are if your goals are

to rep out as many kipping pull-ups as

you can best chances that you have to

doing this are just swinging your legs

as hard as you can and pulling him close

trying to jackhammer your legs against

the air to get up there and we've all

seen that one before right if you want

to see efficient kipping you can watch

this any little kid in the gym so he

comes in he's got to do kipping pull-ups

he doesn't even have the strength for a

strict pull-up yet and what he does he

goes he's just kicking as hard as he can

okay bet that is technically an

efficient kipping pull-up but if your

goals are not just to do kipping

pull-ups you want to progress to a

butterfly pull-up that's what this video

is for I want to show you guys how to

approach the kipping pull-up so you can

move it into the butterfly eventually so

some key points that we want to go

through is that everything is going to

start from the way that you mount the

bar the way that you jump up there

initially and the way I want you to

consider this is starting with your toes

completely and absolutely underneath the

bar I'm standing up really straight I'm

not like leaning back with my hips

forward to jump up there or anything

just nice and straight when I jump I

want to create just a slight bend in my

hip that I would call the lazy L butt

honestly it's like the laziest l like an

L hang ever whereas you're just barely

pulling your feet forward what we're

trying to do is get that first straight

body position when your feet drop from

the L this first straight body position

out here just slightly slightly in front

of the rig not beneath the rig not way

out here if it's out here too far it's

gonna cause this really weird swing for

your pull up and it's not gonna be

maintainable for multiple reps I'd start

with my toes bending at the bar I jump

up feet slightly forward and when I jump

up and I get pressure or pulling on the

bar I'm gonna allow my legs to release

go into a loading position

first time through is going to be not

very aggressive Bend but a loading


and then we're going to a half kipping

toaster bar so that means that I'm gonna

swing my legs straight up until they're

at the height of my hips from the ground

it should look like this pretty simple

it's not very aggressive but I do

recommend that you keep your legs

straight first spot kipping half toes

bar second thing because we're going to

get hip extension I'm going to go ahead

and keep my arms straight on this one

so I'm swinging my feet to hip height

and then when I get hip extension it's

almost like my feet are floating in

midair as my hips extend I want to come

down the same way releasing or keeping

tension or keeping length from the bar

to my hips I allow the hips to drop into

the legs swing back

now all we need to do to finish that

kipping pull-up is secrete some elbow

bend the elbow Bend should only be

approximately 90 degrees in the elbow

that's not a full range pull-up but what

it's going to do is at the angle that

I'm going to be leaning back at it's

going to put my chin

pretty much level at the bar if my

Chin's down but if I lift my chin up my

chin goes up another couple inches and

that counts the rep that's the kipping

pull-up that will help you learn the

butterfly pull-up

so just three parts there kipping half

toes of our hip extension elbows to the

ribs chin stays up you can keep it up

the entire time it's actually a good

habit to get into for the butterfly pull

up that's it

coming down reverse the process

straighten the arms drop the hips swing

the legs back and continue