Kitten Care : When Do Kittens Start Eating Solids?

When do kittens start eating solids. Most kittens or all kittens obviously are going

to be nursing. If they are orphans they are going to be on something like KMR which is

a kitten milk replacer. About four weeks of age is where these kittens are going to start

to look for more solid food. What generally happens is if they are orphans is using something

like a milk replacer can be placed in a shallow bowl and those kittens will automatically

start generally lapping that up. After they get use to milk in a bowl, typically you can

add a little bit of moistened cat food or kitten food to that milk and that creates

a gruel, that is a little bit more solid. Their digestive system can deal with that

a little bit easier and you want to go slow. Obviously you are not forcing things on them,

then you can use a dry food that's moistened in the milk. After they start eating the dry

food, generally those kittens are around five to six weeks of age, are going to start eating

solid food and drinking water instead of trying to nurse off the mother. By six to eight weeks

those guys should be weaning and off of nursing and milk replacer.