What is Kumon? The Cold, Hard Truth


yeah what's up y'all today I'm gonna

share with you what I do for a living so

if you're new to my channel you might

have caught the title what is cumin and

I'll get to that and if you're familiar

with my channel you wonder how I make my

living because I definitely can't make a

living off youtube right now so cumin is

an international franchise that

originated in Japan it's an educational

franchise it's not really tutoring I

think of it more as a fundamental

teaching program so they teach you the

fundamentals of mostly mathematics I

don't really like it's a reading program

they call it reading to really be called

their English program but I'll get into

that later but a lot of people don't

know what cumin is it's not a tutoring

program it's not you know one teacher

sitting next to a student and teaching

him or her every second and being like

oh do this do that oh you know doting

over him or her every second that's not

cool cumin is man it's not a private

tutoring program you know in sports like

for example basketball there are

different fundamentals you need to learn

like dribbling and shooting so you need

to know those things before you play a

game and that's what

come on teaches kids they teach you the

fundamentals of I'll just stick with the

math for now adding subtracting and how

do they teach you that repetition you

just do problem after problem and it the

program emphasizes speed they want you

to be fast because being fast and

accurate getting all the questions right

that is a sign of mastery we want you to

master the fundamentals of math it's not

about taking your time and really

thinking about each problem what six

plus three

oh six then you add three one two three

no it's more about memorization and

about visual memory you see six plus

three nine

if you've ever played brain age for the


it's kind of like that because there's a

math program in there where you try to

solve as many math problems as fast as

possible that's kind of like the

philosophy behind come on it makes sense

because the creator of well not the

Creator but the main inspiration of

brain age is also another Japanese

person or Utah

kawashima just like come on is from

Japan as well well with kids these days

I don't know if the method of repetition

is necessarily gonna work a lot of kids

have a DD and they can't really focus on

a lot of things at once and if you're

into the extra-terrestrial field you

have heard that kids born in 2000 and

later or homo Novis or homo no Atticus I

don't know which one so they learn

differently they learn in spirals they

don't really learn in a linear path kind

of weird I've had trouble teaching kids

because they don't think linearly they

think in a spiral and I don't think in a

spiral necessarily but I can kind of

feel how they think because I'm kind of

empathic or highly sensitive so I don't

know how effective Kumaon actually is

right now for kids these days it might

be too antiquated a method I'm just I'm

not making a judgment on how good c'mon

is or not I'm just trying to tell people

how it is so the fundamental tenets of

come on is not tutoring it's self

learning independent learning we're

teaching kids how to fish

we're not giving kids to fish so on a

Friday there was this angry parent that

came in his daughter was crying to him

and then he took his anger out on us he

was like oh you don't help but you don't

help the children I look in the look in

the window you'll do anything oh that's

the point bro we're not giving kids fish

we're teaching them how to fish it's

kind of like video games you have to be

interactive the gamer or the learner the

student has to

most of the work you know you buy a game

the games not gonna play itself for you

most games you have to actually play the

game yourself you have to put in the


same with learning students have to

actually do the work so it's not like

you know watching a movie you pay money

and you could just sit there and watch

the movie you're entertained you got

your money's worth

although there are levels of more

engagement you could do with movies you

could really pay attention to the thing

but the point is you have to the onus of

your education is on mostly on the

student so you might think what am I

paying for then if the teacher is not

doing most of the work well that's the

whole point of Education we're teaching

kids how to fish not giving kids to fish

that's how we believe the best way to

educate children and if you don't

believe that then go somewhere else and

don't take your anger out on us if you

think that shopping knowledge into a

kid's brain is the way to go then you

know why don't you become a brain

surgeon or something and it meant a

program and then put electrodes on your

break your child's brain and shove the

knowledge into his or her skull maybe

that'll work but as far as we all know

as human beings education is a two-way

process you have the student any of the

teacher and they both have their duty

and that's what we do at Kumaon we don't

shove knowledge into kids brains we give

kids the basic fundamentals of how to do

a problem and the key learns it and then

it's up to the kid practice practice

practice it's just like dribbling you

don't just dribble the ball once and

then think you're good at dribbling you

keep doing it you have to do it under

pressure to change direction

you to do a spin move crossover takes

time and patience a lot of I think a lot

of the objections from parents has to do

with money they don't feel like in

patience so a lot of parents are poor

and they don't have patience so when

they don't have either they get

frustrated they get mad they don't take

their anger out on their kids so they

take it out on us

but a lot of parents probably do take it

out on their kids at home when we're not

looking so that sucks for the kid too

and one thing that I'll say and Kumaon

might not like this opinion but I'm

gonna say it anyway is that if your kid

is really dumb

then come on can help him or her it's

just like economics economics make the

rich get richer and the poor get poorer

same with come on if your kid is already

fundamentally smart in the brain if and

he or she does come on he or she is

gonna get really smart but if your kid

is really dumb to begin with there's not

much we can do I've seen it in practice

of course I think that just like Goku

and Naruto even the weakest people can

become really strong through hard work

and not just regular hard work extreme

hard work so if you're ready to take

your kids education into your own hands

and if your kid is ready to work really

hard and Kumaon can still work for you

even if your kid is very dumb but don't

think that come on is a quick fix it

won't you if your kid is really dumb it

won't even be a few months to see an

improvement be a year two years three

years watch what you feed your children

watch what you let your children do as

far as you know TV internet video games

enrich your child not just not just

shoving your kid onto an after-school

program like come on and can spec them

to do all the work you have to do a lot

of work to make sure he or she does his

or her come on homework and don't just

love your kids without disciplining them

it's like Cesar Millan the dog whisperer

said you have to give your dogs exercise

discipline and then affection it's the

same thing with children get them to

exercise both physically and mentally

discipline them and then give them

affection a lot of parents just give

them affection immediately especially

fathers who don't see their children

often they just come home from work and

they just love their children without

any kind of discipline and that's not

good for the children while you're doing

is for yourself

skipping everything along too

you just wanted that that's the easy way

you're being a bad father a bad parent

so that's what I do for a living that's

what come on is if come on sounds like a

good thing then you should sign up well

thank you for joining me on another

video have a great day