How Does Laser Scar Removal Work?

the severe scarring most co2 devices do

not provide sufficient results due to

low power and longer post durations

these co2 lasers penetrate skin tissue

to one millimeter only not deep enough

to treat most scars and their ablation

coagulation ratios are often inadequate

this can result in side-effects

introducing ultrapulse

with scar FX synergistic coagulation and

ablation for advanced resurfacing using

more energy than other co2 lasers up to

150 milli Joule per spot scar FX reaches

far deeper skin conditions with this

high-energy precision beam scar FX and

it treats 4.0 millimeters into skin

tissue four times deeper than any other

co2 laser scar FX achieves the optimal

ablation coagulation ratio replacing

scar tissue with normal tissue and

minimizing side-effects thanks to ultra

pulse with scar FX treatment of

conspicuous scars improves patient's

quality of life by improving both range

of motion and the appearance of scars

ultra pulse with scar FX the highest

energy the deepest treatment the ideal

ablation coagulation ratio we've taken

co2 lasers to the limit