Why You Should START Lawn Renovation Now... // Project Lawn Full Renovation Intro

all right so we are walking across the

street here to the project lawn

because i got some stuff to tell you

about what's coming up for fall and

actually a very big project coming up

for fall so let's get into it so if

you've been following along with this

yard basically what we did was we took


last year at the beginning of spring and

kind of had a very thin

weed filled kind of yard going on and we

took it to a place where

definitely is looking a whole lot better

we got rid of most of the weeds we did

some pre-emergents so that we don't have

crabgrass problems and things have been


really well with that but as you can see

here now we are basically in a severe

drought so

this yard doesn't have any irrigation

we're just letting it sort of be what it

is at this point and now it's completely


so at the same time that all this has

happened my neighbor has definitely


a big time lawn care nut and he said

you know i really think about renovating

this yard i want to do something with it


it's really patchy in terms of grass

types there's darker cultivars there's

lighter ones there's ones that are

withstanding the heat better than others

and so knowing me and knowing that i


renovations i said sure let's do it so

that's exactly what we are going to do

so i'd say there's two things that i

love the most in lawn care one

is definitely mowing but two is

renovating a yard and taking it from

something that someone's not extremely

happy with and turning it into something

that they are happy with getting some

new grass cultivars going in here and i

think this is going to be fantastic once

we get it done

but you also have to realize the

expectations of not getting in too ahead

of yourself

in terms of thinking that everything's

going to go perfectly during a

renovation because you can almost

guarantee that there's going to be some

struggles but

it's all part of it it's all part of the

fun and in the end

it will definitely turn out the way that

you wanted to you just have to have some


and some hard work put into it so you

should be able to see here what we're

dealing with

in terms of different grass types you've

got some of this that's really really


we've got some that's still kind of

hanging on a little bit and it's greener

but actually right back here you've got

a patch

of tall fescue and so this happens all

throughout the yard it's really not very


and then there's areas you can see here

much higher areas we want to bring in

some soil

and actually try to smooth everything

out make it less bumpy

and also just kind of change the grade a

little bit to make it more gradual

so here's another example of just a big

section of kind of an old junkie type of

tall fescue as well so you've got this

wide blade doesn't match anything else

around here

and so really the only thing you can do

to remove this stuff is to renovate

and some people are okay dealing with it

and just letting it be and

leaving it what we're going for here is

to just really up the game in terms of

uniform color cultivars that look a lot

better that are

just better overall for withstanding all

of our stresses and heats and

fungus and all that stuff so the other

thing that my neighbor wanted to do

was he wanted to fill this in a little

bit better so i told him we could

definitely do that but the problem will


if we bring in soil here and we plant

seed on some new soil then it's

definitely not going to match the rest

of the yard around it and that's really

when he

kind of made that decision that he'd

like to do this whole thing with new


and start over because going to look

really really weird if you have to do

any sort of major leveling work on your

yard or some kind of damage happens and

you need to bring in new soil and just

see that with some newer grass seed

it's just never going to look the same

as the other grass that's there

unless you knew exactly what was planted

and you can find that exact seat again

and basically over in this area the

exact same thing is happening in terms

of a low spot we wanted to smooth all of

this out fill this in a little bit

better as well so

same type of scenario here if we're

going to do this part and we're going to

put in new soil we might as well

smooth out the rest of it kind of get a

grade that's much more smooth and won't

be so bumpy to mow

and go for it so it might not seem like

you need to start this as early as you


very soon we are going to be starting

the process of removing this grass

as far as spraying it so that it will

all die all the weeds will die

we will do the leveling work but you

need to start this process because you

need a few weeks of time to let weeds

come up make sure you didn't miss any


and do that process again so that's

usually what i do and we need to plant


where i'm at because of frost date

usually around

late august to right at the beginning of

september is about the latest you want

to really go and that will just help

give you a lot more success because you


the actual soil temperature up your

germination should happen faster

and then also that will get us a really

good establishment before we get to

frost for the year

hopefully which is early october here

where we live

for the actual first frost date so if

you plant too late you just risk that

your grass is not going to be mature

enough you might get a hard freeze

you might lose some of it so that's

really the plan with that now if you

want to know how to spray it i've done

two videos on this already in the past

when i did renovations at my house so

i probably will not show you exactly

again how to do all the spraying because

it's the same exact process

and you can do the exact same thing as

those videos nothing has really changed

with the process there

so check out those videos i'll have them

linked the other thing is a lot of

people say that you cannot spray a

dormant yard but a couple times here

i've done it with these grass types

and sprayed it looking exactly like it

does right now

and had no problem with it now it would

definitely probably be better if it had

rained and this wasn't completely kind


in a dormant state yet but we can throw

some water on it after we do our first


try to get anything else to grow up and

then we'll do our spray again

so we're going back and forth on what

we're going to plant these are all going

to be the high-end

cultivars of things that will give you

great color

give you a lush yard like you want and

it'll be much more uniform than what's

there right now

so in preparation of any of your

overseeding or renovation projects that

you want to start here

i wanted to point you to a couple

resources that i have available for you


one is i have an overseeding video from

last year that covers all of these steps

in one video so if you're looking to

overseed your cool season lawn you want

to know the actual steps

what order to do them in all the info

about it you can check out this video

right here

and that's going to give you all that

info then the second thing you can do is

if you're looking for a full renovation

playlist i've got two of those

one is from a couple years ago on my

side yard section and i did a full

renovation playlist there so every

single step

in separate videos that actually explain

pretty in-depth what's going on with the

renovation that i was doing also last

year i did a renovation on the north

side of my house and that involved more

of a sloped area there's some options

there if you're dealing with something

like that and i show kind of what i did

on that section as well

so there's two playlists there full

renovation playlist if you're interested

in that process

and then also i did a podcast here with

my good friend ryan just this past week

on preparing for a renovation

we just recorded another one on the

actual steps for renovation

what you should be thinking about and

some of the in-depth information both of

these are around an hour and a half long

so they are a bit more detailed and they

are going to take a little more time to

check out if you want to do that so i

know they're a little bit longer but

throw on that podcast maybe and listen

while you're doing something else

that'd be a great option for you to get

some more info there also what's coming

up here is i'm going to be showing all

the rest of the steps here on this

renovation on this yard we're going to

be getting to this very soon that the

weather is looking like

it's kind of in an ideal section now

that we actually concede maybe a bit

sooner this year

than normally i would have in the past

so i'll be showing you all of that

coming up

and check out those resources there for

more info on all these processes and

previous videos that i've made

thanks so much for watching this one

we'll see you next time