What instrument should I start learning?

all right hello everybody matt from cool

music dad and we're gonna talk about

what instrument should you start with

when you're learning an instrument for

the first time I don't know I feel like

I hear this all the time for people they

say you know they say things like you

know I've always wanted to learn an

instrument but I just never got around

to it I don't have time but let's like I

think the first step is it's like what

is the instrument that you're going to

start with I actually asked this

question to fbook not too long ago and I

just kind of wanted to see what other

people would would say and I got a

variety of responses I heard things like

the piano because it's a great way to

master chords and that translates to

other instruments later I heard meet

flute which I don't think that's a

serious response so thank you James we

will pass triangle just because

apparently no one is using the triangle

these days or rocking the triangle so

it's just something to stand out be

unique musical saw was a friend of mine

said that her husband picked up the

musical saw and she would not recommend

it so put musical saw over on the don't

start with musical saw category there

are really three questions you need to

answer when determining what instrument

you're gonna learn for the first time so

the first question is what do you want

to do with your instrument and some

people maybe they want to perform live

they want to play live to a group of

people maybe they just want to perform

with their family and they're in their

house you want to think through what it

is you want to do because that's going

to determine the instrument that you

that you pick if it's something if it's

a simple environment you know maybe an

acoustic tars is the way to go maybe if

you want to play with a band somebody's

got an open for a bass player the second

question I think you should ask yourself

is do I need immediate gratification and

that just simply means I think that we

all respond differently when we're

learning and if you are somebody who

really wants to hear that sound or hear

some kind of a gratification right away

you want to start with a really simple


nano is easy to press down the courts

and you can hear the courts very very

quickly I don't mean it's easy to master

it's just easier to to hear for the

first time a 12 string guitar on the

other hand a little bit a little bit

different a little bit more complicated

difficult to to actually hold down the

the course so you want to think through

you know do I need immediate

gratification and then the third thing I

think you should consider is what are

your favourite artists because the type

of music that you listen to might also

be the type of music that you enjoy

playing and I think that it's really

important that you enjoy this process

otherwise we won't stick with it so if

you're somebody who listens to James

Taylor you might want to pick it and

acoustic guitar because all this stuff

is focused around the acoustic guitar if

it's Yanni

for example maybe you're a more of a

piano kind of guy or gal so those three

questions first what do I want to do

with it

do I need immediate gratification and

what artists do I listen to will help

guide me to determine what instrument

should I learn for the first time I'm

gonna stick with I'm gonna go with the

winner is ukelele because I think that

the ukulele is a beautiful instrument it

does give you that immediate

gratification because you can literally

hold down one string and play a chord

right there plus the bonuses this thing

can go anywhere with you so if you're

packing up for a little vacation and you

want to bring a little instrument with

you and in jam a few chords with your

family your friends whatever this baby

is a way to go plus it's inexpensive for

less than a hundred dollars you can pick

up a ukulele and it's gonna sound pretty

good so my vote is ukulele and here's my

challenge to you right now right after

you watch this go online just freaking

by ukulele and have it delivered and

it's a win-win situation because

everybody should have ukulele around the

house because it's really freakin fun so

ukulele it is I'll play us out here

you believe right now