From bilingual to multi-lingual: When to start learning another language

What's up guys?

Today we're gonna talk about how well you should master your second language before

you move on and start learning a third language.

And this is coming from a comment on my last Youtube video from, I believe it's Omar, but

I don't speak Arabic, so I apologize if I'm saying your name wrong.

And I can talk about this theme a little bit because besides my native language of English,

I've spent time learning five languages, Spanish, French, Esperanto, Romanian, and Greek.

Now, all I can do is share my personal experience learning languages.

But there's a lot of polyglots on Youtube making videos about this exact subject, and

some of them know a lot more languages than I do, so you might wanna check them out.

All I can do is just share my personal experiences with you guys here.

So like I've said, I've spent time learning five languages, and now I'm planning on starting

a sixth language, in the spring of 2019, next year.

And of those five languages that I've spent time learning, I can still speak three of

them, but my Greek and Romanian have pretty much fallen by the wayside.

Now, the most important thing you can ask yourself when deciding when to move on to

the next language is, "Why do I want to learn these languages?"

"What is my goal?"