Starting Baby Led Weaning: 3 Tips for Any Parent Before Beginning

hey what's up mama are you feeling like

there is just too much freakin

information on the internet when it

comes to transitioning your little one

to solid foods and it's overwhelming and

it's stressful and it's scary then I

have got you in this video I'm going to

provide three really helpful tips to get

you moving in the right direction as

well as a couple of very valuable

resources that you're not gonna want to

miss out on when it comes time to

transition your baby to solid foods


hello friend and welcome back to the

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name is Nicole I'm a mommy I'm a

pediatric occupational therapist that

specializes in feeding as well as a

certified lactation counselor and I just

want to make motherhood a little bit

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helpful tips all right so let's have a

little a little chat very soon you will

be coming up on a really important

milestone of helping your little one

transition from breast milk or formula

to solid foods and let's just be honest

that it can be terrifying for some of us

Mama's right like some of us are all

consumed with the fear of our child

choking of offering the wrong type of

food of not cooking it properly of not

preparing it properly you name it we're

spinning so I have a few really helpful

suggestions that maybe you take maybe

you leave but it has helped my self and

it has helped other momma's who have

been in this position of gearing up to

transition their little to solid foods

alright mama so the first suggestion I

have and you're likely already doing it

since you're here is to educate yourself

on the topic of transitioning your

little one to solid foods now again

you're here so kudos to you but just

quickly when I was first gearing up to

start transitioning my son to solid

foods I was really scared and I realized

quickly that the only way

can remove those fears was to face said

fears by consuming the courses and doing

the work so that way I felt confident

and competent to give my child the

safest and the best experience and the

same goes for any of us right like we

won't feel confident and we won't feel

trusting in our ability to give our

child that safe experience and the best

experience that they deserve unless we

consume the content and unless we take

the time and invest our time and

learning more about the subject on that

note is my second suggestion which is to

pick one or two resources that you trust

and stick with them because if you start

watching every single baby led weaning

YouTube video out there or reading every

article that pops up on Google search

you are going to feel more overwhelmed

and more stressed than you did when you

started and that's because there's so

much information on the internet and

people have various ways of going about

transitioning their baby to solid foods

and some of that information contradicts

the other information which can leave

you feeling again more stressed more

confused and potentially even more

scared so find one or two people

resources that you truly trust and stick

with them let them be your guides let

them provide the information that you

need that way you are getting one

cohesive story and you know consistent

suggestions and strategies and/or

techniques about how to safely and

successfully transition your little one

to solid foods all right in the third

suggestion that I have is a really big

one and maybe you've thought about it

before but it's really important to be

aware of as you go into mealtime with

your baby and that is check your energy

before mealtime if you are feeling

fearful if you are feeling stressed if

you are feeling distrusting of your

ability to provide a safe environment

for your little one your baby's gonna


on that energy immediately even if we

fake it and we put this beautiful smile

on our face energy doesn't lie we want

to not only trust in our ability to give

our child the best and safest experience


but also trust our little ones oral

motor development and our ability to

support them in their oral motor

development as they're learning to

become independent feeders so I think

this is really important to talk about

just for a moment

as parents we may have the dream that

our child at least explores some new

foods and that they don't grow up to be

extremely picky or limited eaters where

there is a meltdown if we aren't giving

them chicken nuggets drenched and

ketchup with french fries right like we

want to be able to go out and explore

new places and trust that baby will

explore new things on the menu that we

don't have to bring special foods just

for our child because they refuse to eat

anything new it's really not too much to

ask and as an occupational therapist

that specializes in feeding I believe we

do this by setting our little one up

with a solid foundation from the first

day that we begin solid foods and I want

to offer a couple of free resources to

you to help guide you in transitioning

your little one to solid foods so the

first free resource is a free master

class I will link it down below to

register for this master class I do want

to note it's only going to be up for a

limited time so definitely jump on it

while you can if you don't see the link

for the master class it's because the

master class has already been taken down

but I do want to offer another free

resource for you and that is the major

milestones of feeding so this PDF is

gonna guide you through all the little

mini skills that our little one develops

while they're learning to eat

independently because there are so many

tiny skills that have to come together

for our baby to learn to be independent

feeders and if we know about these

little skills it's easier for us to

support our baby as they're moving

through these milestones right so if

you're interested in

click the link in the description box

that is the major milestones of feeding

and also if you can get your hands on

the master class that is great

information and it's typically reserved

for my foundations for feeding students

only so if you happen to see that link

jump on it now I hope you found this

information helpful if you have any

questions or comments drop them down

below and I will get back to you as soon

as possible thank you so much for

watching mama have a beautiful day