Cycle Day 9 Ovulation Test | TTC with LetrozolešŸ‘¶

tiny but I t's tiny doggies I know that

you're recording so I'm gracing you with

the song we do stuff like that all the

time anyway its cycle day nine of our

eight this is our 8th fertility

treatment well yeah because we're still

doing fertility meds so it counts okay

we're not doing the ultrasound or or

what is it a trigger shot but we did use

letrozole five days five so we're done

with that and it was five milligrams

anyway and we're gonna do time to

intercourse which I still feel so weird

saying out loud well you are 32 now

I know okay anyway so um Brian stop it

weirds me out because my dad watches

this show he doesn't your parents may be

my uncle's like I just I get weird babe

but they know that you're married to a

man okay anyway let's get past that okay

so uh the symptoms I still feel like I'm

feeling the symptoms and of the men so

yeah it's not great I feel them too in

my nostrils

hahaha okay well I've had bathroom

problems I warned you since I met you


well no no that's a lie I've waited this

story for another day if it hasn't

already been YouTubed I waited a while

and now you okay anyway uh some

migraines acne a little bit but it's not

as bad as it has been in the past would

you say with I've seen worse right with

our fertility treatments oh it's not as

bad migraines stomach pain and then the

gas eNOS and bathroom problems diarrhea

since Easter so you just had to leave

Sam's Club in a hurry

yes oh yeah well that too

anyway so we cycled a night and I was

going to start doing the ovulation

testing tomorrow I don't know my

paperwork's downstairs and it says I

think it said to start on day 10 but

we're gonna start the ovulation testing

with the clear blue advanced do you

think I should do this one to the cheapo

do both okay no I don't know either

start with the cheap and then go big

okay so we're gonna do the ovulation

testing because we've had some or not we

not at Brian but I've had some cervical

mucus eveness so this is a good video

don't freaking feel weird right now okay

anyway so um I'm gonna go do my

ovulating no my ovulation test and

brains gonna be in charge of you well I

think we're just gonna pause it right

here okay okay here you go hello we're

gonna pause it right here should we go

find out Rory should go see mommy do you

wanna go see mommy you do okay what's it


okay well that theme I don't really know

how to read those ones the cheapos this

one is still trying to figure it out um

but cheapo which one are we using Oh

easy at home we got this one on Amazon

easy at home easy at home so we can link

it in the description but this one we

just got from Target the clear blue at

will do that oh wait no this is not at

home it's not in the gas station we

should just sounds dumb well you know

what I was thinking we should have

looked for these in bulk at Sam's Club

maybe maybe they've got

okay so that one do you see a little

line right there babe

yeah do you see that second line I do

see a second line now I don't think we

even had weight right here

oh I don't think that means and that

means no LH surge Noel any chairs we

want a single line right here we want to

solid we want to solid lines on the

right there where her finger is yeah

yeah that's the one we want the right

one CT both solid so we kind of have a

one solid and one not even yeah so

that's correct

when we first started doing the

ovulation testing yeah and I kept doing

this that for the first like two weeks

that's all we got the whole time did you

use the same kinds here is a mistakes

mm-hmm okay so that's why I'm doing this

just in case I don't know but my my

cervical mucus tell me in a way that

we're good to go

so you just swap that thing out the

little stick there that goes in the

clear you do not pray there partying and

then once we only have three more left

so once that's gone my whole new one

well that's what Tiffany my friend

Tiffany who lives just down the street

she's gonna give us six more of these I

think so thanks to them we'll see we'll


um we have breakfast at her house yeah

uh-huh okay focus okay anyway so we'll

see either way I'll test tomorrow

morning 2l tomorrow night I'm even if I

just did the cheapos so are we not I'm

going over here in a little bit or oh my

god I said it as gracefully as I could

so video games it is okay brian is

checking the mail with Rory so you just

get me um but it looks like we are not

in the peak mode what does that mean

again low fertility I pretty sure the

circle means low fertility I guess I

have to read more about

cervical mucus because uh oh my gosh I

just feel so we're talking about that

anyway I'm gonna pay attention to my

body I'm gonna pay attention to the

pains that I have going on in here and

as well as doing the ovulation kit

testing and we'll just see I mean we're

taking leches all I feel eggs waking up

um yeah

and we're hopeful all you guys you guys

if you've watched this far you would to

hear this but if you haven't I'm not

sure it with you and I'm just joking

because clearly someone isn't going to

be paying attention and won't know what

they're missing so I've only ever had

two dreams that I've been pregnant right

after we had our second miscarriage I

had a dream I was I was actually giving

birth to twins and two nights ago I had

a dream that I was pregnant with twins

and then when I was in New York for IVF

cycle I had like this weird I should say

dream it wasn't a dream but was more

like a I thought something a weird dream

of some some kind that we had twins and

so anyway I don't know if it's gonna be

now I don't know if it's going to be in

a year I just feel like there's gonna be


at some point and maybe tonight's not

the night for ovulating and that's

probably a good thing because oh my gosh

you guys sometimes the side effects it's

just it's rough um like I said in the

last vlog I'm pretty sure that we are

that we doubled up on my matches all DOS

this time around compared to three years

ago four years ago oh my gosh it's been

so long I don't even know anymore

so anyway I'm pretty sure that's why I'm

having a hard time not hard your time

but I'm feeling it more you know what

I'm saying

so you guys all the all the good things

that come along with this this baby gun

knowing this baby's gonna be worth it

this baby's gonna be worth it okay

alright guys what can you do we'll try

again tomorrow