Should You Let Your Dog Sleep with You? Pro's and Con's of Sleeping in the Same Bed as Your Dog!

hi everybody and welcome back to it relax my dog today me and Milo here are

going to be talking about whether you should let your dog sleep in your bed

so obviously Milo is currently in my bed, he's kicked me out. so today we're

gonna be finding out whether this is right or whether this is wrong so let's

get started before we get started what I want you all to do is, I want you to go

down below to the comments and let me know whether you think it is right or

whether you think it is wrong obviously there is no right or wrong answer with

this one obviously it's just your personal preference whether you want

your dog to sleep in the same bed as you obviously I've slept in the same bed as

Milo multiple times Milo doesn't really like it because he gets very agitated he

wants to see where everybody is in the house so he doesn't necessarily sleep

with the same bed as me but we're finding out whether you guys should let

your dog or shouldn't let your dog so statistics actually show that slightly

less than half of pet owners actually share their bed slash their bedroom with

their dog which i think is quite interesting so throughout this video Milos

just going to sleep here because I think he's quite tired it's very very hot in

the UK at the moment I think he's just getting a bit exhausted so he's gonna be

having a little bit of a nap I think not much help for a Relax My Dog channel but it does show that he

is extremely relaxed sofirst we're gonna get started with why you shouldn't

sleep with your dog in your bed so the first reason why you should not share

your bed with your dog is because human allergies can actually be aggravated

when they sleep in the same bed obviously if your self or your partner

is allergic to dogs or fur or hair anything like that they should just sort

of stay clear off that room because this could mean you could have a difficulty

breathing at night now the second one is quite an obvious one and this is sort of

diseases and bacteria that your dog may carry it can be spread onto your bedding

etc especially if your dog has fleas because obviously don't want fleas on

your bed because you might get bites etc now however it is rare for any sort of

transmission of disease to be spread from your dog to your selves and but

this is definitely something to consider and the third one is the quality of your

sleep obviously if you have a dog in your bed the quality of sleep might be better

it might be worse it is very dependent on the owner and the dog with Milo he's

very very agitated he'll move he will spin he'll get down he'll get up it's

just not the best quality of sleep with him at all because he is constantly

moving and doesn't sort of have a very deep

sleep although looking right now you would not think that at all but believe

me he is so again the quality of sleep is something to consider when

sleeping with your dog in the bed and then the last one for why you shouldn't

is that dogs can actually start to believe that they are more dominant than

the owner this can be quite a bad thing to do with behaviour obviously if your

dog sees themselves as more superior to you and their behaviour might start to

deteriorate etc so that is something to definitely consider it depends

per dog really and some dogs love sleeping in the same bed as their owner

but some dogs will believe that because they own the same bed and

they're the same sort of tier as their owner that they are higher and more

dominant than the owner now we're going to move on to why you shouldn't sleep

with your dog in the same bed do you think you should sleep in the same bed

sometimes he does again sometimes he doesn't know what I didn't know is that it

isn't a modern phenomenon that dogs can actually sleep in the same bed as owners

obviously you would have thought that this sort of came around is sort of recent

years but it's not it's a very very traditional thing to do a lot of

traditional cultures actually see this as a Co sleeping and then it is a very

very beneficial thing to do with your dog as they believe that sleeping with

animals is very very beneficial "are you getting a little bit more comfortable" so this

sort of shows that there's never been any sort of evidence to why you

shouldn't necessarily sleep with your dog in the same bed and the second

reason for why they should be allowed in the same bed as you is that they stay

alert for sounds obviously your dog is constantly on high alert for different

sounds different noises in your house so it's very very

beneficial but if they hear something they might wake you up that worries

them etc just to protect you as their owner which then leads on to the third

one which is obviously increasing your safety and your security in your house

obviously you don't want to think about this the day that any one sort of breaks

in or anything breaks in your house etcetera so having a dog in the bed will

definitely increase your safety and your security or make you at least feel a

little bit more safe as well and then the last one is it's something that is

very very nice and that is that increases your quality time with your

pet obviously the more time you spend with

your pet the more relationship is built and so they might respect you a little

bit more as well as that they will just be extremely cute in bed as well like

this one is he is completely out for the camera look I'll see if I can show you look he is

sprawled across his bed and that is it for this week's video definitely do

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