The PERFECT Workout to Lose Weight (Sets and Reps Included)

what's up guys jeff cavaliere today we continue our

perfect workout series this time the

perfect workout to lose weight and oh

yes there is one that does exist or at

least as close to perfect that we can

get here in this series now we talk

about losing weight you can't continue

this discussion without first talking

about nutrition and a lot of us don't

want to hear about it but it always is

about calories in and calories out the

calories in portion is significant as a

matter of fact I always say you can't

out train a bad diet so you got to get

serious about what you're eating that

being said though I know you're here

because you want to talk about the

calories out portion what you can do to

burn calories while you're in the gym

how can you get to that hypocaloric

state well that's where we need to start

talking here because a lot of times what

people wind up doing are things that are

not nearly as efficient or effective for

the time that they're spending in the

gym and we can fix that here with this

perfect workout so a lot of us will go

to the gym we'll either do a lot of this

just sort of line normally boring cardio

or we may even do something a little bit

more athletic and try to do this the

jumping jack representative of some type

of metabolic exercise the problem is

this right here is too low on the

intensity scale to be really worth it or

effective in the long run because this

is actually only going to burn about

five to six calories per minute not

really going to get a lot of bang for

your buck even if you do this for a long

period of time on the opposite end of

the spectrum here you could do something

like this because you maybe even saw one

of the videos that Jesse and I did where

I put him through the torture and I had

them do the Burpee and the Burpee is

actually going to be able to burn 15

calories per minute on average

everything's relative to the size of the

person and the fitness level of the

person doing it but on average 15

calories per minute making it one of the

most effective exercises for burning

calories but how long are you going to

sustain a minute after minute after

minute of burpees likely not very long

so your ability to sustain the exercise

is going to be critical to keep this

going and have a massive impact on your

desire here to lose weight the second

part of it here is most often the

workouts that are done completely ignore

the contribution of resistance training

to the workout we're not going to make

the same

stay here as a matter of fact it's going

to play an integral role in what we do

to create the workout all right so what

are we supposed to be doing well here's

where the first surprise comes in this

video and that is I'm actually not going

to just give you one workout I'm gonna

give you a week of workouts I want to

make sure that I leave no stone unturned

because I know that this is an issue

that a lot of you out there are dealing

with and I want to give you the exact

step-by-step gameplan to make sure you

see the results from doing this and we

start with actually a leg workout that's

gonna fit into a perfect push-pull legs

set up here with the goal being to lose

weight so why are we choosing the legs

to start because I want to illustrate a

major point and it goes back to what I

just talked about about the

effectiveness and the importance of the

resistance training exercise it's sort

of leading the way and we start here

with a barbell squat and you're probably

telling yourself wait a second this does

not look at all like any weight loss

workout I've used in the past and my

answer is I know and that's probably why

you might still be looking for one

because this is going to be more of a

long-term solution for you so how do we

load this we load this actually in a

much heavier weather you might expect we

go for a 70% to 80% load of your one rep

max 10 repetitions for 10 sets after

every single set you're gonna rest one

minute this is a traditional German

volume training approach now why is this

work well we go to a study recently

published here that showcases the

caloric expenditure of these resistance

training exercises and again why they're

so important in what we're doing here

you can see that at a much lower

intensity level the squat is still

capable of burning 10 pallars which

instantly makes it better than what the

traditional jumping jack would give us

and it again would be far more

sustainable than a Burpee although at a

less of a calorie expenditure that's ok

because we know that we can increase the

intensity level as I said up to the 70

or in this case it was used at an 80%

max the fact is now we're all of a

sudden jumping up significantly to about

a 30 3.2 calories burn per minute at

this effort level why is that look even

if you don't agree entirely the accuracy

of that number which I have some

questions it certainly isn't down at 10

calories the reason why it's much higher

is that the effort level to do this is

far more significant

we're trying to burn calories guys again

he want to maximize how much effort you

exert but still make it sustainable and

the beauty of German volume training is

that it's going to ally to be

sustainable you can do this I've done it

myself as a matter of fact we programmed

it in one of our programs max size that

allows us to do this the secondary

benefit though of this exercise and all

the exercises in the leadoff spot here

is you're also getting muscle building

benefits and the more muscle you can

build the more calories you'll be going

to be able to burn in an ongoing basis

because the tissue is going to be more

metabolically demanding even at rest so

we do this and then we move on to the

second half of the workout and the

second half actually is going to pair up

once again one of those resistance

training exercises with one of the more

typical metabolic conditioning exercises

so here's what this one will look like

you're gonna do 40 seconds of this

push-up renegade row again it's sort of

a push up into a pull a push into a pull

we're gonna do this for 40 seconds in a

one-minute period meaning you get 20

seconds rest then you immediately go

into this next exercise here the more

metabolic conditioning movement here and

this is the high effort mountain climber

and notice I didn't say just a mountain

climber because mountain climbers can

look like this this is not very

effective you look like you're doing

something but you don't look like you're

really working that hard for this to be

more effective guys I want you to bust

it for 30 seconds as hard as you

possibly can the idea here is you do 30

seconds of work but you get 30 seconds

of rest before you have to go back into

that resistance training exercise so you

go back and forth here 10 rounds of each

exercise meaning you're gonna do this

for 20 more minutes in total this

workout will take you just about 37 to

40 minutes that's it there's no

long-distance cardio haven't be done

here there's no boring stuff being done

here your effort level is high enough

without being too high to still allow us

to be sustainable that's day one where

do you go from here well let's actually

go back a day because when we schedule

this all out

you're gonna see that we're going to

lead off the week with our push workout

but I wanted to set the groundwork

because I want to illustrate a very

important point for the push workout

today our exercise of choice to kick it

off for our main resistance training

exercise is the barbell bench press and

again working about the 70 or 80% max

for 10 sets of 10 in between once again

here you can be resting for a full

minute now how many calories does this

exercise burn obviously a lot less than

it does when you're training your legs

this is going to give you about twelve

point four calories burned at that

resistance level but keep in mind we're

going to be resting here in between so

if you average it out you're actually

gonna be only getting about a six point

two calories per minute burn well you

might be thinking yourself Jeff that's

not much better than the jumping jack

that was five or six calories you're

right what's the jumping jack had none

of the benefits that this exercise is

going to provide for building muscle to

get those additional long-term benefits

so we're kind of playing this for the

long run here while we're still setting

up the rest of the workout like we did

the first day and the rest of the

workout looks like this there's going to

be 40 seconds of the kettlebell

alternating clean and lunge so we can

get those legs working again here you do

that for 40 seconds and then you rest

for 20 seconds and then you just pick up

a jump rope one of the best exercises

you can possibly do when it comes to

conditioning and burning calories itself

at a level of around fifteen or sixteen

calories per minute depending upon how

intense it is that you're jumping and as

I mentioned back with the mountain

climbers I want you to be jumping as

intensely as you can again with the

ability to continue to sustain this for

the duration of the workout now guys I

point out here that I've said ten rounds

of each meaning twenty minutes total of

this second half of the workout if

you're just starting out and you're

finding it difficult do five rounds of

each but the goal here is to work your

way up to the point where you're doing

ten and ten then we proceed through the

workout week through the leg workout and

then back here now to Friday on your

pool workout and the exercise here of

choice is going to be the barbell row

it's similar to the benchpress it's not

going to be as calorically significant

of a burn as you'd get on the legs but

it's going to be around thirteen point

nine calories at that 80% level now

again remember we're factoring in that

additional minute of rest so on average

you're bringing this down to about seven

calories per minute but don't lose sight

of those additional benefits that we're

getting from the muscle building aspect

now the second half of this workout will

look like this you're gonna go back

forty seconds of the kettlebell clean

and press you're going all the way down

to the floor cleaning it up putting it

down all the way down to the floor

opposite side clean and press a

metabolically demanding

exercise with that resistance training

component we move on to 30 seconds of

another exercise probably one of the

best you can do with the kettlebell for

metabolic benefit and that is the

kettlebell swing so 30 seconds using a

significant weight one that's going to

get you to do about 20 swings or so in

those 30 seconds you rest the remaining

30 seconds and you continue to repeat

this all the way through until you're

done with your 10 rounds of each now is

that workout we complete we've hit our

push we've in our legs we put our pull

we still got one more we got one

additional core workout and I want you

to slot this in on either Saturday or

Sunday or that remaining day of the week

and what we're doing here is simply 10

repetitions of three different exercises

as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes

so as you can see guys none of these

workouts are going to last longer than

even 45 minutes but if you do this in

just 4 workouts a week you are going to

lose weight and you're gonna do it the

right way here's what this workout looks

like it starts with what we call a 3-way

seated knee tuck you're going to bring

your knees in lean back engage that core

post early tilt the ABS bring your knees

dead center then bring them to the right

and then bring it to the left a little

bit of an oblique twist to add on 10

repetitions in each direction so

essentially 30 repetitions straight then

you go into a squat thrusts 10

repetitions here again this becomes more

of one of those metabolic conditioning

exercises and then finally we tie it all

together with 10 box jumps up onto the

same bench or box that you started this

workout from so it's very condensed in

terms of how much room you need to take

up in the gym that's not an excuse again

as many rounds as you can you rest as

needed but you're encouraged to keep

this thing moving as fast as possible

the fact is guys when you stream this

all together here and you lay it all out

as you see me doing here this becomes as

close to perfect as an option for losing

weight as there is out there it is far

superior to allow the other things that

you might be doing right now and maybe

even getting frustrated over you spend

your time in the gym you might be there

even over an hour doing traditional

cardio and it's not working for you or

it works for a short period of time and

then you hit a wall and you're left

wanting more or you're back looking for

videos like this I promise you guys the

effort level is going to go up here but

so will the results and if you're

willing to put it in guys you're gonna

find the results to come a lot more


and that is the key here guys to make

sure that you're not getting frustrated

because it's taking too long to see what

you want to see if you're looking for

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