Grow Marijuana: Light Deprivation (Dep) Greenhouse


hi this is Jorge Cervantes and I am in

another legal greenhouse this place is

great it's so what is this place here

how many feet 96 by 30 and you can see

well let's see we're about the 10th of

June today and they're gonna start

darkening this greenhouse out really

soon up here you can see the darkening

shading panels here and then when they

do that it's going to start getting

these will all start flowering one of

the Girl Scout cookies and oh geez so

you can see there's going to be at least

a hundred pounds come out here good

looking green house a and it's in well

on one side of California let's call it

and later pretty soon you can see these

two by fours sticking up here well

they're gonna put netting across there

because these plants are in here so

dense it's amazing here let me get off

this ladder and you'll be able to see

everything just so dense in here these

plants have been growing so fast how old

are they here the plants in here one

month so they were pretty good-sized

when they were put in Wow just to give

you a little perspective where is that

there's that little chihuahua he's over

there having a good time but this gives

you a little perspective as to just how

tall and big everything is and I'll tell

you one of the things I really like

about this greenhouse is that down here

it's planted in a bed and the bed how

the airplanes making a little noise but

the bed's really cool because we use

this saw this covering here this is just

a what a covering for the ground to

landscape cloth okay and then this

hardware cloth make a bed out of it's

about the least

spencey way you could make a bet it's

way cheaper than then containers and I

like it a lot better because see these

routes can go everywhere but see how

dense you can get this in here just

amazing yeah and then down below the

beds are our wood but look at this

greenhouse it's all set up with

irrigation can be automatically

irrigated or by hand and got irrigation

outlets here and then let's get through

some of this dense stuff my gosh

see this is so dense they're gonna need

to this will produce so many buds that

they're really really need to put the

the netting up for it and you can see

we've got we've got fans up here to keep

the air moving and also this has an open

spot on top that catches the natural

airflow and brings it out so the

greenhouse is really situated in a

perfect area now let me go show you

something else it's pretty pretty

amazing this greenhouse here suffered

through a fire and this fire burned a

good deal of the greenhouse you can see

there's fire damage there there's fire

damage here they just got the

electricity to start working they had to

replace all of the the darkening cloths

and a few other things but they got it

going and not that long ago this was all

fire damage in fact let me show you out

here we could see some of that fire

damage look at that out there all fire

damage so this year we've got a

greenhouse that's gonna make up for all

this fire damage it's great well let me

turn this camera around and show you one

last look here okay and anyway this

Jorge Cervantes

signing off with the garden tour oh yeah

and one thing I want to mention they are

growing so much in California this year

it's amazing I've never seen so much

grown so we'll see you later Jorge

Cervantes signing off

grow big