Post C-Section Exercise: WHEN To Start Exercising After C-Section (SERIES VIDEO 1)

c-section mama i feel ya you don't know

when to start

what to do what exercises are safe after

having a c-section there's no guidance

other than

go home and rest and don't drive and

don't lift anything heavier than your


you're scared you're fearful you just

had a major surgery

and you want to exercise but you have no


when and what is safe and we're getting

into all that

in this c-section exercise series

today we're talking about the when

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comment after comment on my videos i get

moms asking

when can i work out after he having a

c-section i had a c-section five months


is this okay for me when is this safe

for me to start doing high intensity

i've had a c-section a year ago but i'm


so here's what we want to do so first


you always want to wait for your

doctor's clearance

or the all go ahead all clear to go back

to exercise

after having your surgery and that's

usually around six to eight weeks

post-op of course if you had some

complications it will be a little bit

um more time after that now hold up

just because your doctor said it's okay

for you to start exercising

doesn't mean you're gonna go back and do

exercises that you were doing

before you got pregnant or exercises

that you were doing in pregnancy

right you've just had a major surgery

you just burnt the baby

you've got to start to retrain your core

from the inside out so

before you start and want to go back to

the gym or lifting weights or doing

crossfit or whatever

let's start slow first so first let's

talk about the exercises that you can do

immediately after giving birth so you're

sent home

you're resting and eventually you're

gonna you know get up you're moving

around a bit more

you're maybe walking around your home

you're walking up and down the stairs

and maybe you start to walk around your

neighborhood as well so

between that you know immediate after

having your baby and before your doctor

gives you the green light is when you'll

also be working on some restorative

breathing exercises and this is so key

in helping you to

regain your strength in your deep core

because i know you're feeling like mush

whether you've had a c-section or

a vaginal birth this is where i start

all of my clients on just

restorative breathing exercises now i

want to get into the what does that even

look like

we'll be doing that in the next

c-section uh video series

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and remember you are not a hero you

don't have to be

you know running up and down the stairs

or walking a mile

you do need to listen to your body and

what are you

what is okay with you what is okay

without causing any pain

when it comes to walking around the

neighborhood so stick within that

before your doctor gives you the go so

mamas i want you to comment down below

tell me what kind of exercises are you

really looking forward to getting back

to doing

after having your seat your c-section so

let's talk about

after your doctor gives you the

all-clear go-ahead

so we've got our restorative breathing

exercises and we want to

slowly add to them and before we pick up

any weights

we just want to retrain our body in

those movement patterns that we need

for daily mom life like things like


and lunging and pushing pulling

picking up stuff we're going to be doing

all that kind of stuff holding heavy

babies and car seats and

strollers and stuff like that so we need

to be retraining our body

without any kind of weight first

so that could look like 20 to 30 minutes

of exercise

a video perhaps um every other day

maybe three days a week and you're just

slowly building up

your endurance your stamina your

strength using just

body weight exercises only so if you're

looking for a good video to start with

check out this video here it is a bit

longer it's about

30 minutes but it's just using your own

body weight so check that out

and also i'll link below my c-section

workout playlist that you can also um do

some choose some exercises from there so

what about returning to

strength training like picking up

weights and stuff

so returning to strength training will

gradually come

you've you're doing your your body

weight exercises and you can slowly add

in some resistance training so

i love to use bands bands whether it's a

band with handles a theraband mini loops

those kind of things you could start

using a trx suspension trainer

and those things gradually come when

you're ready to kind of

level it up and eventually once you feel

like you're getting stronger once your

core has

gotten stronger um you'll gradually add


some weights perhaps if that's something

that you want to do

there's no one size fits all there's i

can't say at 12 weeks you're gonna

definitely be able to do this

everybody's body is different and

everybody's body

progresses and changes at a different

rate so now you know

that post-operation the first thing that

you can do

right after having baby is your

breathing restorative exercises

the next thing after that after your

doctor gives you the all clear go ahead

is that you can start to add in some

body weight

training after that you can add slowly

add in some resistance

training and then slowly gradually work

your way up to using

weights this is all fine and dandy you

say but

what does restorative breathing


even look like and how does this help me

get my core back my core strength i am

so glad you asked because this is

so important and the first exercise that

i teach to all of my clients so

we're getting into that in the next

video of the series

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