When should we start listening to Christmas Music? with Carla Jimenez

if the peach is bruised you're not gonna

buy it the flowers really no one's gonna

get by the milk anyway so I was



welcome back half us in Queens to get a

girl you probably recognize our next

guest as the funniest made on the hit

show of the make God laughing - thank

you so much for being here

how are you enjoy and the funny so tell

us about the make and your experience

being on the show was amazing it was

like a really great show to be on had a

lot of great writers and people

associated with it the best thing about

it was it treated that role that

character yes she was a maid but it

wasn't the only thing she was yeah so I

got in the funniest predicament I did

the weirdest things but it also

humanized me and it's like yeah this

person has a light outside of this and

it's it's so nice to see like roles

expanding more like today and do you

feel that like do you feel that as a

Latina actress that you are able to find

more roles that are like that or do you

think that it's still kind of hard I

mean I think it's it can be in a campy

but I would say that now yeah

doors are opening more and there's more

opportunities and I feel that we're

being seen mm-hmm and we're doing more

for it yeah and speaking of being seeing

you much more to you the actress you're

an artist as well and you have a

Christmas we're already in our I got the

idea to do a Christmas album because

I've always sang but doing film and TV

you're not really given that luxury to

sing so I I'm working together with a

really good friend his name is Evans

letter he's my producer and we chose a

bunch of songs I actually picked a lot

of them from my childhood like things

that I absolutely love like what were

some of them okay there's a great cult

movie from like 1964 called Santa Claus

conquers the Martians have called hooray

for Santa Claus holy night and little

drummer boy and holly jolly Christmas I

have a very fun eclectic mix of it and

so I ended up calling the album mondo

Christmas which means world Christmas

you know a Latino song anybody the seven

at all and I do that duet with actually

Justina Machado I've known her forever

she's amazing I had a great other duet

with a guy called

George's alassad and he's an amazing

singer and actor as well so how so what

has it been like kind of being able to

do both right well today's theme it's

like we're talking about super women

like people who can just do everything

in anything so what is your experience

been like just playing both sides of

this industry I think it's just all the

encouragement I get from you know family

and friends and just telling myself that

yeah this is what I meant to do this is

where I should be and I don't think

anybody should ever tell you what you

should be doing where you should be

because if you listen to those voices I

mean you know they would keep you down

and it's like no be your own hero and

pick yourself up and you know motivate

yourself but also having friends who are

super supportive and loving help yeah

one thing more than the other let's say

singing or an actress I used to think I

liked singing more but now no I like

them both I love being creative I also

love photography I so love I actually

make chocolates artistic like I make

them into like pieces I just love doing

anything creative so basically let's

have a holiday party at your now what

would you say is like your favorite

holiday song because I think I people

freak out about like holiday songs in

general freaka I think my favorite well

the one that's like touching to me is

little drummer boy because that

resonates with me and my mom and I

always it was Christ the save part which

is when he's talking about giving his

gift to the little baby because reminds

me of your mother because she loved it

and so she introduced it to me and she

you know she always had a great love for

it she still does so I I had to have

that on my album because I just thought

that resonates with me and it's so part

of my child so we were talking about

motherhood in the start of the show and

I mean now I have to ask you like if you

know your mom like did she she really

teach you that you can do you know

anything you don't we label them for one

thing 100% because you know my parents

came to this country and they didn't

have anything and my actually my parents

got married a little later than

traditional because they got married in

like 30 at 30

so my parents always push career first

like they were just like be yourself

like if you fall in love that's awesome

but yeah if you can pursue something

pursue it and follow your dream okay

last question before we go how early is

too early to start listening to

Christmas music yes are you ready ously

you have your little flags Grand Prix on

spread for now and I'm gonna go through

some questions and you guys have to

answer truthfully

okay so first question have you ever

peed in a pool but now were you ever

afraid like I don't know


that is so funny okay next question

did your parents ever give you the

birds-and-the-bees talk

no see my mind really either yeah no I

think it's just like it's like unspoken

yeah you just don't have sex whatever

you guys knew it was because school or

whatever I learned from just a kid at

school I was an elementary school and

she just goes do you know what I see

accents and like for the longest time I

thought I thought that's how you said it

was sex like I couldn't even tell that

she was selling something kids are you

going to today because I hide it with my

daughters how did it go it went you know

surprisingly very very well she's very

mature and it was a good conversation

and I was because it's kind of like now

I don't know it it was a good thing but

I still want her to be open about it if

she ever has a question yeah and I'm

there to you know give her an answer

something like I want many kids to feel

comfortable like to come to me if

something does happen listen life

happens of course listen to be afraid

like I grew up afraid of like was it the

same for you I mean yeah because I've

spoken you don't say it but I I like the

thought of having that conversation

because again like you said when she

gets older she'll know to trust you and

want to go to you because we're open

enough to be like hey ya know geez the

the flower analogy kind of it can be

ruined forever and I was yeah

the peach is bruised you're not gonna

buy it the flowers really no one's gonna

get by the milk anyways I was

traumatized okay next question

have you ever since we're talking about

sex okay

have you ever faked an orgasm like

younger and the experience wasn't there

yeah I didn't want to make that person

feel like bad right it's hard enough for

grown adults to talk to kids about sex

and then for people to talk to can you

not that's not working yeah you know or

let's just like not at all okay next

question have you ever dated more than

one person at the same time No

listen you know we're talking about

mistakes I just made a mistake everybody


did y'all vote for Trump that's a big

no-no I just remember that night I was

like it was so just I'll never forget

that night I don't think anyone will in

history me was very it was very sad and

you know what my dog ran away on the

same day okay do you guys own any granny

panties guys listen up we need some new

advertisements going on what I don't

even know Hanes