hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel so today's video is going to be

all about hip releasing so my experience

with Daisy and the tools I use and what

my plans are for this pregnancy labor

and birth day if you want to find out a

little bit more than mckee watching in

this video as I mentioned I want to talk

about my experience with Daisy because I

always think it's really positive to

hear other people's hypnobirthing

experiences and it makes it become less

of a myth and more of a reality and then

I'm also gonna talk about the tools that

I use as well so I'll get onto those at

the end but let's talk about my

experience so as a bit of background as

you'll need to my channel this is my

third pregnancy now and I also have Phil

here is my little boy who is five and a

half years old now and he was 13 days

late and he was an induced labor with

the prostaglandin gel which did work for

me my waters were broken and a few hours

into labor and I progressed very quickly

and I had really really really fast

birth basically for you first time at

least anyway so there's a contain round

while my labor with all was really

positive I wanted to feel more in

control with my labor with Daisy who is

my 20 month old little girl and the main

reasons for feeling this way was that

while he arrived quickly I wasn't able

to have any pain relief because gasps

and that made me feel very sick and I

was too far gone in my labor to have

anything like you know an epidural and

things like that and I didn't really

want to go down the path Adeem route

because that just personally wasn't

something that I wanted to do so his

labor was quite a overwhelming and

frightening experience and I think

you've hit time around a lot at the time

it is no because you don't know what to

expect so they say that knowledge is

power but I found myself when I got to

around the same stage that I am now in

this pregnancy which is 30 weeks I find

myself getting a little bit scared I'll

be honest because I knew what it felt

like I could remember and you were to


but at the same time I haven't had a

spontaneous labor before because I was

in Jesus time to hold I go into labor

naturally this time and there were loads

of other factors as well that sort of

made me really nervous and I did have

like a general fear of birth and I was

just anxious about it so I had read a

lot about him everything I heard a lot

about Hitler being I am quite I would

seem like a logical person I am quite a

romantic individual and quite sensitive

as well and I can't go off with the

fairies but for me

hypno birthing before I sort of looked

into it felt like a load of old

gobbledygook I put my hands in the air

I'd be honest like I wasn't sold on the

idea at all because in my head if all

you needed was like your brain and your

breathing and some more understanding

and practice why didn't everyone deed

hit everything why was this not like a

general thing why did we have drugs but

I decided to give it a go anyway because

I thought that there was no harm in

trying so with my pregnancy with Daisy I

didn't have the funds to go for a hit

and a birthing course and that was the

fatal for me because that really put me

off because I thought well if this is

such a useful skill why do I have to pay

to you know attend these classes I can't

afford that I just I couldn't afford it

we were saving up at the time for my

return to you because I only had such

Tim Burton to pay and every penny

counted where is this time even though I

probably could afford to do it I'm going

to go back to basics and do it the way

that I did with Daisy now I used two

things really

I used a book which I will go on to you

in a little while and I also used tracks

on my iPhone which I would listen to

every night so I started around 30 week

mark with Daisy and I started reading

this book and I started listening to

tracks and I would do it most nights

obviously there'll be a few occasions

where I hadn't done it because I was too

tired or maybe we've gone out for a meal

but for the most part I would do it and

you know what I actually really started

to enjoy it though I went through all of

this process and then when it came to

giving birth I actually went into

spontaneous labor with Daisy when I was

40 plus - so

him plus two days overdue and I went

into labor after having a sweep stretch

and sweet membrane sweet which does work

for me

I can recommend them but it's totally up

to you and I went into labor in the

middle of the night and it was a

surprise for me because obviously last

time I was in G stand it is very

different and I felt these slow surges

of pain in my stomach and I said what do

I need to go to the toilet is this this

like you know you're right eaten

something dodgy and I told mark my other

half look I'm gonna give run a bath and

soak for a bit and honestly I didn't

actually think that it was labor

initially and I got in the bath and the

surges of pain keep coming they just

kept coming and coming and coming and

they were very very very close together

and quite intense and I found myself

thinking hang on a minute Charlie you're

overdue you're heavily pregnant this

might actually be Labor so start

tracking me so I used an app on my phone

and I lay there and I thought right I'm

on my own I'm in my house I'm in my bath

it's calm you've lit candle there's no

one else awake right now but you and

this baby so just focus on you know what

you've learned and focus on your

breathing and things like that and I did

and I ended up bringing the midwifery

team and they told me to come in right

away because I've half a smiley but was

with bills and honestly daisies bear if

you want to know the full story I will

leave like her link to me it's mainly

how her birth went down below but her

birth was magical it was absolutely

brilliant the Midwife was so confident

that I knew what I was doing and I was

happy and comfortable that she honestly

just left us to it and it was anywhere

mark went to go infect you because I

said I was ready to push that she came

back in the room at no point did I ever

feel like I couldn't do it I felt so in

control and I knew what was happening

with my body and I just felt amazing and

I as such I'm doing this again because

why wouldn't I want to do that it was

incredible now the first thing I did

when I decided that I wanted to do it in

a bit

was getting myself a book and I did a

lot of research on the line and I looked

at like reviews on places like Amazon

and things like that and one of the most

popular ones was the hypno birthing book

I Katherine graves and she's actually

assess what the home of hidden birthing

as well and there's like certify care

organization that a lot of midwives or

hypno birthing and teachers will

register under and learn here techniques

and I just felt really comfortable

knowing that it was a widespread way of

teaching hit the birthing I'm not saying

that you have to get this book I'm not

saying like this is the Bible get this

one don't do anything else but this is

what I really enjoyed you'll also notice

as well the in terms of thickness it's

not like it's a hard read it's not going

to take you too long and it's also

really really nicely laid out inside

which is a useful thing I think for me

because it didn't feel too intimidating

now what I really like about this book

is that there are twelve chapters in

total and they really really take you

through everything that you want to know

and I feel like I began a skeptic and

the end I was a believer that made sense

which one so corny but it's true

like the first few chapters personally

for me we're the most insightful and

inspiring because the first one is

hidden a bit of thing explained so it

looks at hypnotherapy the power of

language hypnobirthing in your mind the

effectiveness negative thoughts and then

also how like other mammals give birth

and when you start to see the way that

animals give birth in nici's sort of it

starts to click a little bit but then

the next chapter is the uterus and the

fear and confident responses so it

actually talks you to you about how the

uterus were now I don't know if you know

this because I didn't want to started

reading this but the uterus actually has

two it sets of muscles so it has the

vertical muscles which is the main set

of muscles and then there are muscles at

the very like entrance or opening where

you would give birth and the baby passes

through the birth canal and they are

completely separate but they work in

unison but they have different jobs and

it teaches you about how freezing up and

getting scared

tens can affect the way your body would

naturally respond to giving birth then

chapter three is the mind body effect

which is looking at the power of the

mind and learning about like breathing

and visualizations and all of this and

then it goes on into different areas

such as relaxation preparing your baby

in your body for birth nutrition now

reading in you know finding out more

about Hitler birthing is a great great

start but if you're obviously not going

to a class you're gonna need to learn a

few techniques as well and this book

does touch on techniques don't get me

wrong it teaches you things that you can

do with your partner if you want to

things you can do on your own breathing

techniques visualizations things like

that but you may also benefit from some

tracks as well to listen to because you

can use those while you're in labor you

can put them on your phone download them

put headphones in and then just listen

to those words and those visualizations

while you're giving birth and it allows

you to say announcer you ignore any

hospital noise like beeps you know the

noise of strangers voices and things

like that and you can just go into your

own little world now last time I

actually use two tracks from the London

School I've hit a bit of thing and I

believe those linked down below so you

can download them as far as I am

remember they were eight pound

ninety-nine each which is an investment

but at least for me it was a hell of a

lot less than doing a call but this time

around I'm still using those tracks

because I've still got them I'm also

using Katherine Grace's own tracks that

I found on iTunes is it now I have an

iPhone you know like a lot of us do but

maybe you don't so maybe this is only

useful for iPhone users but I've never

used Apple music before I tend to

Spotify and I went on Apple music the

other day and I searched for them so

this is the track it's a hypno birthing

relaxation color and calmness with fish

visualization while I was looking at

this it was just a quick search while I

was in bed I realized that I can get

three months free of Apple music because

I've never used it before and I'm doing

that at the moment so I've essentially

got this for free so if you haven't used

it yourself or maybe you have Apple

music already

it it might be worthwhile giving this a

go and giving it a listen she goes into

a state or hypnotized Asian sort of

teaches you to take your mind elsewhere

and yes you will listen to it first and

you'll probably want to have a little

bit of a giggle and it will take you a

little while to relax but the more times

you start to listen to tracks like this

the more relaxed you are going to become

and the more natural it is going to be

for you and you'll just be able to feel

like a little bit more at one with your

breathing you learn about like how much

your state of mind and your breathing

affects your body and you learn to relax

which is really important because if you

imagine like you want to push your baby

out your body actually voluntarily

starts to push and use those uterus


anyway if you start to really resist

because you're frightened then you are

just basically giving yourself like a

force to go against like it's not going

to be as natural as it could be because

you're resisting it and you're sort of

digging your heels in and you're making

it harder for yourself so it's

definitely worth downloading those and

trying them out and seeing how they work

for you I'm not saying that hidden of it

is for everybody my mom actually had

about thirty hours of labor with me I

think and ended up in an emergency

c-section because I was faced

presentation so instead of coming out

like this I was coming out like this

which could have hurt me and potentially

killed me and my mom so it's not to say

that the be-all and end-all it's not

going to solve emergencies it's not

going to give you the PFA results every

single time it might still very well

hurt some women do hit the very thing

and say it wasn't painful it was just

powerful but it's really really worth

giving it a go for me personally I found

that yes I felt like there was pain and

I was very aware of the fact that it

wasn't a comfortable experience I never

panicked and I never felt like I

couldn't do it with Bill I remember it

saying I can't do it I can't do it I


and I could I could I was doing it it's

one of those things where I just think

can it go because it's absolutely

amazing and I will be using those tracks

and reading that book everybody started

because I'm 13 weeks now

and I'm really really really excited to

give birth you know hopefully you found

that really helpful as I mentioned

before I believe all of these links down

below and I will also leave a link to

Daisy's birth and also a post I wrote

when I was pregnant with Daisy about my

hip a bit imply understand as well if

you'd be interested in readings more but

yeah I hope that helps

good luck if you are very close to

giving birth and let me know in the

comments down below if you've got any

other questions and I will do my best to

answer them and just believe in yourself

and go for it because you've got nothing

to lose

I'm it yeah thank you so much for

watching and I will see you next time