Should I become a Primary School Teacher? HONEST Pros & Cons!

hi everyone and welcome back to four

teachers in today's video I'm gonna

answer the question should I become a

primary school teacher I have been asked

this question so many times over the

last couple of months I thought it was

very important to make a video

addressing all the different areas of

teaching from the pay to the work-life

balance to the opportunities that

teaching present I'm even going to touch

on teacher relationships and how other

people might feel about your new job so

grab yourself a pen and paper grab

yourself a drink and let's work together

to create some reasons for and against

becoming a primary school teacher okay

so the first big thing I'm gonna have a

talk about is the work/life balance as a

school teacher so many people have been

messaging me recently saying I really

want to become a teacher I just don't

know if it's gonna be manageable am I

going to be able to still see my friends

and family is the work/life balance

situation as terrible as you hear about

on the news there can be a lot of

negative stigma attached to being a

teacher and a lot of people say that it

is incredibly hard to manage the

workload if you are looking for a job

that's going to offer you a really good

work-life balance and you've considered

teaching because you get a lot of

holidays you get maybe six weeks off in

the summer get quite a long Christmas

break Easter break yes that's amazing

and the holidays are absolutely

fantastic don't get me wrong I really

really do look forward to them but it is

worth knowing that the holidays don't

make up the job completely you will

spend a lot of time during term very

very overworked very very stressed there

is a lot to prepare and a lot to do

having said that you do find that each

year of teaching maybe gets a little bit

easier I have spoken to a lot of

teachers before recording this video to

ask if they will agree with that and

most of them do most of them saying you

know that first year is really really

tough the second year is very very hard

but maybe slightly easier and then after

that you do start to find a flow with

things you can reuse some resources that

you've made over the years you start to

understand behavior management and

time-saving tips a little bit better and

I do find that you start to gain a

better work/life balance okay for this

part the video I'm gonna have a little

bit of a talk about teacher pay and how

much you get paid as a school teacher to

be fair I think that the wage for

teaching is quite good I think the

starting wage does feel like a

well-deserved wage after you've finished

your teacher training at University

and there is the opportunity to climb

the pay scale every single year as a

teacher which is really really nice

assuming you are hitting the targets

that are expected of you you should be

climbing in increments every single year

here is a picture of the pay scale that

is currently available for primary

school teachers in the UK please

understand that the wage would be

slightly different if you were to get a

job in London but don't worry I've

posted all the links down below so you

can find out what the accurate pay wages

for the place that you live having a

look at this wage that I can see on the

screen I would say that it's quite

reasonable I remember when I was a

school teacher and I started my nqt year

which is my first year of teaching I

remember feeling as though I did have a

sufficient amount of money especially

for the stage of life that I was at I

was very very young when I did my nqt

year so for me this was like a great

lump sum of money that was coming in

every single month I felt like it was a

very acceptable wage for me and the

stage of life that I was at if you have

been working in a different career for a

couple of years maybe this might not

seem as desirable but I think knowing

that teaching has a set wage and that

knowing that every single year it will

climb and it will go up it's quite a

nice boost and quite nice to know as a

school teacher do I think that primary

school teachers get paid enough money

that's a whole different video and a

whole different discussion but what

we're talking about today is the actual

facts of what you will get paid as a

school teacher as you can see as a

primary school teacher you have the

opportunity to take on a TLR that is a

paid increment that you add on to your

existing wage in order to take on an

extra role within your school if you've

established yourself quite well in your

school and you've worked hard for a

couple of years and you've shown maybe a

particular interest in maths you could

become the maths coordinator in the

school there are also rules like phase

leader that you can become you could be

the phase leader for Key Stage two

within your school you might find those

jobs have been taken and the people that

have them are very reluctant to move on

because they know that they're on to a

good thing so that could be worth

considering when you look for a school

as well if you're going to be working in

a very small school where the staff have

been there for twenty years and it

doesn't seem as though they're going

anywhere anytime soon they're quite

settled there you might want to take a

risk and go for a school that does have

a higher rate of staff turnover in order

to try and secure one of those TLRs at

an earlier stage I'm also going to flush

up the pay scale for leadership roles

now again all the details will be posted

down below I know it might take

a long time to climb up and to get that

kind of money if you are planning on

becoming a schoolteacher and staying as

a schoolteacher for quite a long time

this is definitely something that you

can aspire to achieve and I did also

find that when I finished University and

I went straight into my teaching job it

might not been the highest wage in the

world but a lot of my friends were

struggling to find work because they've

done a very specific course at

university and it took them a lot longer

to get on to a pay scale so I had

already been working for maybe a year or

two years and earning that wage by the

time my friends found the jobs that they

wanted and also a lot of people had to

settle for jobs that weren't quite what

they wanted I would say you are really

really likely to get the teaching job

straight after you finish your study

there are a lot of jobs available

whether it's going to be the perfect job

for you or not I can't say for sure but

I would say that there are lots and lots

of jobs available for teachers and you

might find that you can start pretty

soon after you qualify which when you

look at Pei long term sets you after a

really good start because compared to

other people who have studied different

courses you might be able to start

earning money a little bit earlier I

will also just quickly flush up the

unqualified teacher pay scale for you to

have a look at I know that some schools

now are allowed to hire teachers that do

not have their qts that's your qualified

teacher status so there is a different

wage available for that I would say that

looking at that pay I would definitely

not want to be paid that as a school

teacher you do work extremely hard your

time is very busy your time is very

precious and I would recommend that if

you were considering working as an

unqualified teacher try and get your

PGCE try and get yourself your teaching

qualification sorted because I don't

think that that wage would feel

acceptable for the workload that you're

going to be putting in as an extension

of talking about teacher wages I'm also

going to talk about the opportunities

you might be presented as a school

teacher every school needs different

roles every school needs a deputy head

head teacher

Faye's leaders head of curriculum so

there are going to be a lot of

opportunities for you to get a job

within your school that will take you on

to leadership if you are an aspirational

person or someone who quite likes

looking for progression at work teaching

can be a really rewarding job at the

school that I'm working at currently

I've taken on two additional roles one

is year group lead and one is

of English language so if you are a bit

of a go-getter and you are someone who

wants to try and climb I would

definitely recommend teaching as a job

that puts you somewhere on a ladder that

you can climb I'm also going to have a

very quick talk about relationships as a

teacher I've had a lot of people message

me at the moment saying I've heard I

won't ever see my family I'm not gonna

have time for them will I have time to

see my other half my other half is not

to teach her what should I do the first

thing I have to say about this which I

think is very interesting is a lot of

teachers that I know are in

relationships with other teachers

obviously it's not a rule and it's not a

requirement of the job but I think it is

really interesting that teachers seem to

gravitate towards one another obviously

there are a lot of benefits to that if

you are with a teacher or there are two

teachers together in a relationship

you're both going to get similar or the

same holidays so you'll have the same

time off at Easter the same time off at

summer and obviously that can be really

good for travel opportunities if you are

considering becoming a primary school

teacher a lot of people that are not

teachers might have quite strong

opinions about teaching and this can get

especially tough when it comes to you

taking your holidays so if you are on

your summer holidays sometimes people

can make you feel as though you don't

deserve your holiday or they can make

you feel very bad for being on holiday I

know that sounds ridiculous and it

sounds like something I really need to

address properly in a full video at some

point but a lot of people have very

strong opinions and I feel like they

will share them with you so you get a

lot of people say to you like oh are you

on holiday again I'm never on holiday I

can't believe how many days you get off

and I don't know how to properly explain

how it makes you feel as a teacher but

it can make you feel very undeserving

sometimes or defensive of the job if

you're constantly being told by other

people by you on holiday again I can't

believe you get so much time off and

that can be quite difficult I do feel

like that sticks in my mind quite a lot

and when I hear people say another week

off teachers have got it so easy I do

feel like it it stings a little bit

because when my friends and family have

time off I would never say to them oh I

can't believe you're on holiday so I

guess that kind of stigma that's

attached to teaching is something that

you should be aware of if you are

considering the coming of school teacher

you might be fine you might not hear

these comments maybe people will realize

quite how much work teachers have to do

you probably will hear something like

that and it might have a bit of an

impact on the relationships with the

people around you especially if you are

finding it difficult to make time to

spend with the people you are close to

it's just worth considering it's worth

making a note of cause if you do have

children of your own

which I don't right now maybe it would

be considered a positive that you will

also have time off when your children

have time off so you might have a really

similar holiday time to your own

children which might save you money in

child care and it might mean that you

get more time to spend with your

children I guess there's lots of

different ways we can look at this and

it can be a positive for some and a

burden for others I think it is

something that's very important to

consider when you are sorry the son is

doing all kinds of crazy things today

it's definitely worth considering how

teaching might affect your current and

future relationships the next thing I'm

gonna have a talk about is quite deep

but I think it's really important that I

share my opinion on this and let you

know exactly how I feel about my role as

a human on this planet I worried that

I'll reach an age in life and I'll look

back and think what did I do

what did I really do that made a

difference obviously making these videos

can be quite helpful for me because I

feel like I am making an impact

hopefully on some people who are

thinking about teaching I think some

people feel the need to get a job that

is going to have a positive impact on

others if you are a school teacher if

you are thinking of becoming a school

teacher hopefully you'll have a massive

massive positive impact on hundreds of

children that are going to go on to do

amazing things in this world I think

whenever I'm having a really tough time

with teaching and whenever the workload

is just piling up and I really really

can't focus on what's important and I

sort of lose track a little bit I like

to try and remember that the job that

I've chosen has such a massive positive

effect on the lives of many so if you

are looking for a job in life that will

give you a huge amount of job

satisfaction and you want a job that

makes you feel as though you're really

achieving quite a lot you're having a

really positive impact on the life of

others teaching can really really do

that for you you get a huge amount of

job satisfaction from inspiring the next

generation of children next I'm gonna

have a talk about where teaching can

take you I believe that if you are a

school teacher and you've been working

as a teacher for a couple of years you

have got a serious amount of skill set

that you can apply to other jobs

if you are still wanting to work with

children or with education in some way

if you've started out by becoming a

schoolteacher and you've got that

qualification chances are you can apply

those skills into so many different

areas too I've provided a link down

below that has lots and lots of

different options for school teachers

that have been teaching for a while and

might want to go into a different career

as every country around the world needs

school teachers it might also be really

good to know that your qualification can

take you into lots of different places

right now I'm a school teacher and I

work in Hong Kong I find the work/life

balance is a little bit better

the pay is certainly better and I'm

enjoying exploring this side of the

world if you would like to find out more

about teaching in Hong Kong we have got

a few playlists with some videos all

about teaching abroad maybe go and check

those out teaching is one of those

amazing jobs that you can dip in and out

of you could be a teacher for a few

years you could take a break you could

have a year focusing on something else

and have quite a good secure knowledge

that if you chose to go back into

teaching there will probably be some

jobs available even if that means

working as a supply teacher for a while

that can be really helpful as well to

get to know lots of different schools

and how they work to sum up is teaching

a hard job yes it's really really really

hard it's time-consuming you're gonna

have to put a lot of effort in you're

gonna have to put a lot of work into the

job every single day apart from maybe

the summer holidays you can have some

time off then thank you so much for

watching this video if you are still

interested in becoming a school teacher

please consider checking out our

playlists we have one all about getting

into teaching we have one all about your

first year of teaching and we have some

tips for existing teachers who just want

to have a look at improving their own

practice thank you for watching goodbye