7 Revealing Questions Every Renter Needs To Ask (Property Rental UK)


hi I'm Kat a new tune into Phil's move

IQ property channel if you're looking

for a house to rent it's essential to

ask the letting agent or landlord plenty

of questions this is your opportunity to

really get to understand the facts so

don't leave any stone unturned

here's Phil's seven important questions

to ask them so number one how long is

the landlord renting the property out

for you don't want to fall in love with

a property only to find the landlord is

moving back in after six months number

two what's the duration of the tenancy

agreement how long will you be tied in

to the contract if you're only looking

for a short term let you don't want to

sign and lengthy contract number three

if the property is empty how long has it

been empty for alarm bells should start

ringing if a property looks good online

but it's been empty for a long time with

numerous price reductions the length of

time the property has been empty can

give you some room for rent negotiation

number four how much is the rent budget

is one of the most important aspects

when it comes to renting ensure you're

aware of how much money you'll be

parting with each month it sounds simple

but too often forgotten number five is

there a tenancy deposit scheme in place

a tenancy deposit scheme is a government

backed initiative designed to to

prevents the misuse or unjustified

withholding of a tenants deposit by

unscrupulous letting agents or landlords

an agent or landlord should provide you

in writing details of exactly what your

deposit covers they should also be set

out in your tenancy agreement or in a

separate document that you both sign

number six is the property being rented

as furnished part furnished or

unfurnished a fully furnished rental

properties generally includes all white

goods for example a cooker fridge

freezer washing machine and basic

furniture like a sofa table chairs beds

and wardrobes and some may also Inc

kitchen necessities such as a vacuum

cleaner crockery cutlery and some

electronic items a part furnished rental

property usually just includes the white

goods and an unfairness rental property

is usually an empty space for you to

furnish entirely yourself but be sure to

ask what is and isn't included in the

tenancy prior to moving in and when you

move in be sure to request an update of

the infantry to reflect what is and

isn't included in your tenancy prior to

moving in number 7 are you allowed pets

if you own a pet it's important to

establish whether you'll be allowed to

keep them in the rental property this

can make or break your decision to

choose the property if you found this

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