right so today's video is going to be

all about how to find student house or a

uni house when you're going to be living

off-campus in maybe your second and

third year or maybe even your first year

I'm going to give you tips on how to

find housemates how to find the actual

house and also some things to consider

once you've found a house that you like

occasionally here I'm Sophie I go to

University of Nottingham and I'm a third

year studying philosophy and I'm in my

third year house right now so it's the

second house that I've lived in in

Nottingham so I've had quite a bit of

experience looking for houses so my

first thing that I need to say is to

start looking now if not you should have

already started looking before now

because it's never too early to start

and for Nottingham I think a lot of the

houses are secured before Christmas or

in about January time so maybe I am

doing this video a little late but I

would say you've still got maybe four

weeks left of term so start looking now

so first thing I'm going to talk about

is housemates and the most important

thing here is do not live with someone

that you are kind of with if they are

boyfriend or your girlfriend I would not

advise doing that at all in case you

break up in case you have an argument

anything like that I just never think

it's a good idea to live with someone

you're kind of involved with so with

your housemates people you do want to

live with are people that you're friends

with maybe people that you're sharing

accommodation with in your first year

and you do want to make sure that they

are your friends because you don't want

to be having massive arguments when you

move in together so that can really help

if you are living together in first year

because you kind of know what someone's

like when you're living around them but

also remember that it's possible that

you have a couple of arguments because

not everyone is perfect and we

definitely had a few arguments in our

house actually that has a bit of an

understatement our house completely had

a massive argument and split into two

but for the majority of the year we were

all good you need to think about if you

want to live with boys or girls or a

mixture of both

I've lived with girls both years and not

kind of on purpose it's just naturally

what's happened and also you want to

consider how many people you want to

live with so if you have a massive

friendship group you might want to split

it into two or you might want to look

for a big house normally people have

massive houses in the second row of

unique just because the idea of it is so

cool we had a massive house of seven

girls and now I'm in a house of three

girls so it's much smaller and but I

think third year is the time we really

want to crack down on work so it's kind

of nicer to decrease the amount of

people you're living with also if you

use that

friendship group down then you're more

likely to get a nicer house or a better

deal in your house because the bigger

houses and we have more issues with them

or they might have some smaller bedrooms

which you don't want or just some other

random issues really so there's just

some things about how to pick your

housemates now I need to get on to

choosing the actual house so I would

start by looking at some local agencies

some student accommodation agencies and

I would look on maybe pages that you're

know University has to see what agencies

are recommended a lot of student

agencies get ripped to pieces because

they are really bad at ripping students

off or just like bad communication and

I've had that and actually I think three

of the main ones in Nottingham get such

a bad rep from it and but you're going

to have to probably use one of them so

although there'll be so many negative

reviews there'll be negative reviews for

everything so just try to be really

sensible with the ones you use maybe

look out for ones that are recommended

or private landlords that are

recommended also there's obviously two

routes you can go down going for an

agency or a private landlord university

students I think it's more likely to go

through an agency which we did last year

but this year we're in a house owned by

a private landlord and we kind of

thought we were bit skeptical about if

there would be problems or anything and

it has been perfect so far I don't want

to jinx it

but it has been perfect and actually way

better than our experience with an

agency last year private landlords are

harder to find though because they're

not going to be advertised with an

agency so we just found this house by I

think we were looking at other houses

and there was a notice in the window of

a house that said call this number for a

three-bed student house so we did came

in looked at it and loved it so you also

need to think about where you want to

actually live normally for most

universities there's like a student town

or a student area that's got loads of

houses that are kind of similar you want

to think about the distance between

University and kind of town where you go

out where you go shopping or eating or

just things like that and also if you're

going to be walking or getting public

transport because here there's actually

like a certain distance away well where

I am some people do walk to uni but it

takes quite a while and I prefer to get

the bus but and it is something to think

about how you're gonna get to uni so in

a minute I'm gonna talk about my

experience of finding both my houses but

first I'm gonna give you some things to

really look out for when you're looking

for your house so I would always

our students who are living in the house

how they find it say if the person who

shown you around the house kind of goes

upstairs of someone else maybe one of

you find a student who's living there

and ask them how they find it because

they will probably be really honest with

you I think the most crucial things to

look out for when you're looking in a

student house are the kitchen and the

bathroom because the kitchen you'll want

a big enough kitchen for you all to cook

or maybe most of you to cook at one time

and the bathrooms are really important

because and one uses the bathroom every

day so you don't want kind of to be

fighting over the shower or anything

like that our kitchen this year is way

better and we have one bathroom between

three people and last year we had two

bathrooms between seven people and both

of those numbers worked out fine we also

haven't had a dining room in either of

our houses or like a table last year we

didn't have a table actually this year

we do you have a small table that you

can eat at but we hardly ever use it so

I would say that's not an essential

thing you need to look for I feel like

most students eat on their lap on the

sofa anyway so another thing to consider

is whether you want bills included or

not included both of my houses have had

no bills include asleep had to sort mat

ourselves which obviously does take a

bit of work but I think it's worth it I

don't see much different in the price to

be fair and between people that I know

who have bills included and so it's just

something whether you want to consider

because one person in the group will

normally have to take the responsibility

of sorting that out when looking for

houses something that I didn't really

take notice of was like what came with

the house like extras like toasters

kettles microwaves and last year

everything kind of came with the house

whereas this year it came with

everything except a kettle and a TV and

a kettle we bought for like six pounds

and the TV I feel like most people have

like a family member who I have a spare

TV on them and we just kind of my mom

had a spare TV so we use that but yeah

maybe something to consider you might

want to make a list of everything the

house has and everything it needs so

just some last hips I think most people

are into have a house by the end of

January you can always ask your Unni for

help if you need it mind gives loads of

help and they actually looked over our

contract this year for our house and

they were really helpful picking out a

couple of things that we needed to

question also maybe get a parent to

check over your contract to they'll

probably have to sign to be the

guarantor for the house so make sure

they check over the contract as well and

you want to know kind of like what

happens if someone moves out someone

gets ill

drops out of uni all of these things so

really quickly with my houses my

first-year house we went for an agency

and we were looking for a seven bed we

looked at quite a few houses and maybe

like 20 houses we nearly signed for one

and then they turns out they wanted

checks like post-dated checks ready for

each month which we didn't kind of feel

comfortable with giving obviously we

would have the money in our bank account

but we didn't kind of want to give them

all of that control we'd rather bank

transfer the money over so we in the end

found another house which was so much

better and it didn't have a dining room

life I said we did have quite a lot of

issues with the landlord and with the

agency and but in the end it was kind of

okay and then this year like I said we

just saw a poster in the window of

another house and we were shown around

this house and loved it we did have a

lot of reservations about having a

private landlord at first but in the end

we decided that the house was just way

too nice and it was better than any

other three beds we've seen those are

the other three beds we'd seen were

really small and they just kind of

figured that since there's only three

people living there that meant you

didn't need a living area which we did

one a living area because we still like

inviting other friends around and having

little like gatherings and stuff so yeah

if you have any questions then put them

down below and I would really try to

answer them the best I can and if you're

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