Is It Time To Start Looking For A New Job?


let's go to Vicki who's on the line in a

Warner Robins Georgia Vicki you're on

the Ken Coleman show I can't are you

doing I'm living the dream Vicki how are

you I'm good good yes so I have a

question for you so um I currently work

for a nonprofit organization I make them

about 28,000 a year it's very rare for

promotion opportunities and raises to

come about so I guess my question is in

a budget run organization and what is

the best way if any to ask for an

all-around raise is it even worth

pursuing or should I go out and look for

a better higher-paying opportunity with

growth and raised potentials well those

are all the right questions but I can't

answer them until I ask you a question

and I need to know do you want to do

this work that you're doing of this type

of work whether it's at this particular

nonprofit or not is this the sweet spot

for you is this what you want to do long

term I like it but it's not my dream job

okay what is your dream job I would love

to be like a personal trainer or a

fitness coach and you're working at a

non-profit yeah it's my first job out of

college no no no here's a deal what

makes you hear me I'm not knocking you I

just repeated back to you our

circumstances and you heard it didn't

you will hit you like a thud didn't it

yeah so the answer your question is no

you don't need to stay there and ask for

a raise because in a non-profit the

incomes are very very fixed because of

the nature of the game it's a

fundraising model

it's the many many many many many

nonprofits don't have a true revenue

model outside of charitable donations

and so they run on a very tight budget

and you're not gonna get much of a bump

and why stay somewhere it's your first

job out of college so you're young your

whole life's in front of you there's no

reason for you to stay there to get

what's gonna be even if you got a bump

it would be such a small incremental

bump that it's not worth it I want you

to be living on purpose Vicki I want you

to stay

there right now until you're ready to

move into the next role and that next

role has got to be somewhere on the path

towards being what you ultimately want

to be so it gets you on the right path

maybe get you in the personal training

or the fitness arena or nutrition area

or something and it gets you there so

that while you're there you're actually

getting valuable experience you're

learning you are you are doing and you

are connecting in the industry you want

to be in

so no don't ask for a raise

don't stay there longer than you have to

you your homework assignment is how do i

best make a move into the industry I

ultimately want to be in because if you

ultimately want to run your own thing

but your own trainer you need to sit

down and get in proximity to people who

are successful trainers what works for

you do you have a side hustle at a local

fitness place I love it and so that so

essentially you have already launched

your own business and you're making some

money so how do you move into the

industry keep that side hustle going or

take the time you're putting the side

hustle and say I can always launch my

own thing again but right now I need to

put all my time and focus in working for

an established trainer or an established

gym or something like that

you can figure that out you're smart

enough you know the industry take me ten

years from now what are you doing

give me the dream I was I would love to

either be a head fitness trainer at this

studio I workout because I love it or

also personal training clients so what

do you need to learn are you saying to

get my personal trainer certification

which I am working on I love it way to

go way to go Vicki you're rocking this

thing and now right you know you know

how much that's costing you know how

long that's gonna take and now I want

you focused on the proximity principle I

want you getting around people that are

doing what you ultimately want to do get

in places where that industry you're

seeing the top performers maybe they're


at conventions or whatever or get in

other places competitors to the studio

the urine right now and going there and

and and visit you know you know and do

some recon you know what are they doing

that I would do you know you just need

to become if there's a trade magazine or

or fitness magazines the people that run

fitness organizations you know what are

the great Fitness organizations in

America that you go these are really

well run or are influencers people that

are you know dynamic content providers

in the form of their exercise routines

their nutrition who do you follow on

Instagram who do you follow on Twitter

why do you follow become become a

consumer of the people that inspire you

or that are doing it in a way that you

go I admire how they're doing it and you

become completely wrapped with this

proximity principle of people are doing

what you want to do and Vicky you're

gonna get there faster than you ever

dream I promise hey I'm proud of you

you're doing everything you do here's

the deal I know you like the nonprofit

but that's a temporary gig so you're

looking to replace that income and I'd

like to see you do that as soon as

possible and I want you to do it in the

industry that you want to be in you know

folks Vicky I love this you know she

called she was already doing it on the

side side hustle she's already getting a

certification and she's going should I

stay should I go the answer is you

should go if you're in a job that is not

a dream job it's not even where near the

path towards your ultimate work or did

you were created to do stay there only

long enough to get yourself into the

industry doesn't have to be the dream

job step right into that very rarely

does that happen but we want to get in

proximity to the people that are doing

what we want to do and in the places

where what we want to do is happening

this is where opportunity presents

itself time after time after time