good morning I feel like I have so much

to tell you today and I don't know where

to start

as you know I've been desperately on the

hunt for a wedding dress it is five

months in our wedding now and I have no

dress and most places say they need six

months to get you a dress although I am

finding out that they say that more to

pressure you then that they actually

need that time anyway this is gonna be a

bit of a mish-mashed

vlog and I basically asked on Instagram

stories if you wanted to see each place

I go to separately or bang everything

together so we're gonna put everything


today so the first place that I went to

was Browns bride as it is officially

summer I have whipped out a little as

our dress which is one of my favorites

there are so many dukes well Zara's

already do category I guess but so many

other versions of this that I'll link

down below which I love because I think

this is a little bit old now this is

like from September time I bought it so

I don't think you'll be able to get a

hold of it anymore then I have my Chanel

shoes on I would love to get these in

another color actually and also a little

injection of color in my life it's why I

sell bag sack to shore and it has this

amazing Fendi strap on it which I love

maybe doing you're so cute it's got my

mom's and we're wearing the same shoes

tragic or cute I vote tragic and I'm not

used to change changing colors I love

this color that's a really pretty color

black patent it's so cute I wish you

wear the same shoes I love that we can


and these new clubs it's beautiful

good morning Jay Bell good afternoon is

more like it cute little outfit you've

got going on there she changed us she

changed my name and those shoes I

cheated nicer for how they do it I think

we should walk out magic you know

we're going to brown bride today have

you been to this one

excited I haven't either and I think

some of my favorite designers

it's brown


this is going to be a good one I'm

really excited and also actually Rob's

mom's coming to I invited her along and

she was really excited so she's meeting

us there

and will we go for tea afterwards we

need to go back to what maybe depends

what time we finish okay I still have to

finish filming for tomorrow's video okay

anything else to add doing it glowing

today I used a new highlighter feel like

it really is highlighter II I like it

that's a no then no I do I really like

response I can tell when you're lying

if I like it like it I would

I Chi would say you didn't like that

here we have a Browns bride my god ready

starting off at mirrors willing go this

one is something that has caught my eye

because I love how their design kind of

disappears really gradually all the

florals so this is our room at Browns

look how beautiful it is all the light

pouring in and ready to start trying on

dresses beautiful the petals are all

hand-embroidered as well

it's beautiful and that can get hooked

up very easily for the dancing as well I

would that giant train you would

literally pin it up like that and then

it just becomes part of exact dress so

it's much easier to dance it veil is

coming on you feel like a real bride

when you put on the veil you're not just

playing dress-up oh my gosh that's a

pretty beautiful Jess here we go this is

a Peter lang a dress it's beautiful

Wow okay when it falls on you your blood

runs cold

but don't you sweat your pretty skin

this is another mirror number something

a little bit sexier but I love seeing

myself in sleeves I love sleeves and the

lace up here is so detailed I'm going to

try and get to the mirror so you can see

if it better so detailed and so

beautiful but I do actually have a

silence from the audience at the moment




I'm not used to seeing myself in

something this fitted so I'm just kind

of like staring at myself taking it in

because I'm not sure what kind of shape

I want yet still so I'm just deciding

having a brief little interlude if I'm

in my robe

I'm not my robe the robe that brands

pride is giving me looking through the

pictures whilst we get a few more

options together and honestly I'm still

I've tried on maybe 2025 dresses now at

this point I have a better idea I would

say but I'm still not like yes this

dress party takes a while I feel like

also I'm quite a decisive person and

this decision is quite difficult there

are just so many things I love and

they're all so different this is a Galia

dress called Harper I mean the detail on

this is absolutely incredible look at

that I wanted to try on something yeah

it's all hand stitched and I wanted to

try on something a little bit tighter

and see how I felt in it I already feel

like my food baby would pop out of this

sequins open all the beads but it's such

a beautiful shape like I love that shape

and I love lo oh my gosh it's beautiful

okay we had a response from I missed it

I missed our first recording too late

but we did have some Wow's and smooth I

actually prefer this to the other all

right one just because of the V is

straight I don't know why that makes a

difference for me but it does again so

detailed this is a Galia Lahav dress and

the Train kind of fans out like that

which is incredible yeah the Train like

opens out it's the body yeah and you

know what I do know about this is these

like how it grows down your body I love

that oh it's so pretty

I love this magnificent train don't know

how you

anyway don't know how you get into the

car rounding drowning drowning in fabric

this is also got voted a no from the

team there we go

I have lots of Woo's and wow that's a

good sign yeah me too I love the net

neckline the strap like one was saying

and how it just hits you on your ways

this is what you need yeah this strap

and top detail is beautiful and the way

it hugs you in everybody get quite

speechless around dresses I really like

admit all I can say is that's gorgeous

and Wow

beautiful okay this is a little Monique

Lhullier dress oh I actually love this

neckline I haven't tried on something

with this neckline before very Sarah

Jessica Parker the second line of feel

love this this feels very light actually

this is the lightest big gown that I've

tried on and I think because it has I

can feel it has like a skirting

underneath that makes it stick out

rather than loads of layers I could be

totally wrong what are the votes from

the panel the vote is I'm looking her

face on a musicom now she's smiling

cause she knows what okay this is a kind

of from the board

I actually love this neckline I think

it's really cool but it does undermine

her arms a tiny bit so that would kind

of bother me I love how light it is like

it feels really easy and breezy it

doesn't feel heavy either yes there's

another dress I will show you now the

mums are gossiping I've tried on too

many dresses now they're gossiping in

the corner I love this detail okay what

do we think of this dress

this is a li hija dress which is a

designer I actually haven't tried on

before oh my gosh I love this dress just

like looked in the mirror I was looking

in the rod camera and then I looked in

the mirror I love this it's so elegant

so beautiful really flattering on the

waist I would like to maybe bring that

down a little bit so it's less like

about my neck I love the sleeves also

this is beautiful this dress honestly

that was the best place to start Browns

was definitely the place where I got to

grips with the different designers and

their different styles a bit better I

had someone called parisa helping me and

looking after me when I was there and

she is actually an angel she is a

real-life angel if there was an angel on

earth it would be her she is so

beautiful she has such a kind soul you

can just instantly tell when you meet

her she was so helpful and so honest

and I really appreciated her honesty I

really didn't feel like she was trying

to sell me anything or push anything on

to me and she really helped me come to

some clear just

so if you go to Browns definitely

definitely ask for her because she was

honestly ah she was amazing I wish I

could bring on every single appointment

with me I wish she could be there on the

wedding day like she's actually I'm just

totally enough with that if you couldn't

tell anyway the second place I went to

after that was the wedding club with the

wedding club actually had a berta pop-up

when I went to go and see them good

morning Tiki monkey

good morning middle money I'm ditching

my laptop early this morning goodbye and

I have my coat on ready to go because

today is another wedding dress Tryon day

there you go very simple outfit of the

day today one of my old favorites this

Alexis dress she wore she bagged and my

Mimi you good shoes I really should fake

down my legs but I'm gonna be trying on

long dresses so I haven't fake down my

legs at all very very pasty and pale but

whatever no one's gonna see them today

that's a lie I'm wearing it wearing a

short skirt I guess I'm just gonna have

to embrace it on today who's excited to

see oh my phone she's excited wedding

dresses why do you always do that let's

go in and see if the wedding dress hunt

mission continues I'm quite excited

because there are birds addresses at the

wedding club

is a brand that I have had my eye on

yeah oh I can see them I can see them I

can see them

hello oh my gosh yes yes yes I'm so



I pretty much stocks online the exact

back to try on and they're all here and

the wedding club I'm really excited

there are a few that I have been buying

up I've saved a speech on it and zoom

like I liked everything detail about

them so let's see what they look like on

there are also a couple of us who have

around every three weeks I don't I taste

it on me but this via my life yeah


fit better like that we can imagine it

now and I love the detail



what do you think mama Rachel okay

that's because you're so honest it's

great I appreciate your honesty even

though it's very funny I love the little

boat so cute I never think about having

a bow there the cuts obviously a bit too

big for me but I love what happened

makes you look like tiny tiny in the

waist as well

tiny tiny I love this yeah yeah what

kind of groom I do to you yeah and the

cloud seal is life



I'm always wearing sastra really

beautiful I love the Train

I actually really like having that like

mermaid fish vibe if that actually suits

me which I do think it would let me know

what you think curious okay you ready

yes mama Rachel space she's unimpressed

this is what we're trying on yeah it's

so comfortable this is our most

comfortable dresses I've ever tried on


yeah it does look better on the north I

agree I really like this neck actually

and in the back it has a little button

these pearl buttons it's just so cute

sorry I had cuffing done on my back so I

have like needle marks I also really

like how the sleeves is like top and

then bottom I kind of like that mesh in

between not all the way down I think

that's really nice


to be honest I found the Berta dresses

very Instagram heavy I felt like they're

very focused on looking good in pictures

which is great for me

I'm liking Instagram like so much of my

life is like content pictures and stuff

and I love the dresses but I just wasn't

totally blown away by them I felt like

they were more Instagram dresses than

bridal dresses if that makes sense that

was just my personal opinion they were

really great in there they also have a

really exclusive range of dresses as

well so it's definitely one to go and

check out they actually have two one and

Knightsbridge and one in south ken I

went to the one on humans row and then

lastly I really fell in love with a

specific dress and Peter Langer and one

of my friends actually two of my friends

wore his dresses recently for their

weddings both of them really encouraged

me to go to Milan and go and meet him

and so I got some airmiles flights and

my mom and I and we went to Milan

now I actually loved his dresses that I

can't like I can't show them in the vlog

because I tried on three and I loved all

of them so much that I could end up

wearing one and I don't know which one

yet so I'm actually gonna cut them out

of this because there were some dresses

in there that I totally totally fell in

love with


a very special mission or tourniquet

6:30 a.m. and relate

we need to clear security by 7:00 so

actually we're not that late but my mom

wanted to bring me up an hour anxious

this place this is the Amelia way of

traveling we've checked it we don't even

have bags look we have 20 minutes to

clear security that's day is today I

literally have never had that happen and

I'm always late that's get our boarding

passes that would be useful


it's a

I did a quick clean makeup which gave me

an extra 15 minutes in bed this morning

I looked into Peter Langer a bit more

and he actually used to work for do or

and that's where he gets all those like

beautiful really feminine silhouetted

today he also does some mother of the

bride dresses little mop mother of the

bride but none bridal wear so we're

gonna look mother of the bride for

mommy's well Browns had buy a few

dresses from him but there are a few

loads I've seen Instagram I've literally

like saved so many now I have a look at

and I will just want to be a small

collection and I also just launched a

new collection that I want to look at as

well so it's lots to do today


we just got out their car to this

beautiful courtyard and here is the

peaked Elijah showroom

oh my gosh my mom just wants to take a

picture of me outside now I cannot

cooperate with this


this is so funny I actually wanted to

take my lip Martin to this place for

lunch where Rob and I went when we came

here but I couldn't remember where it

was or the name or anything and this is

what she's taken me for that misery the

same place in a beautiful courtyard

excited especially so funny thing you

think this isn't so

what is it




by rubbish around try to find them the

other day from Sunday somewhere down

my phone didn't change the time so I

thought we had an hour and a half

thank goodness you were paying attention

we have an hour and a half we actually

only have half an hour now it's a

10-minute walk so maybe we'll go after

and then go to the airport oh my god say

good news is we were to miss them we

were there for a chest we were never an

hour longer than I thought

we're going back to the beetle anchor

show right now they have made really

quickly at the Lord example spot

now see you and then head back to the

airport I think hopefully we'll have

time to show you the dorm with the doom

of its time in here I want to show you

the door

don't hook me one of time because we're

only trying on one day but um how

stylish is everyone here I have to say

the girls just put it on like a Jun

Jie's I'm sure any blazing a new jet and

a dress have a miner's bag and they look

so cool yeah so for all the women here I

just keep staring at them what we're

just thinking there's so well dressed

which means we need to go straight back

yeah yeah we just keep following things

like ice cream and cocoa makeups and now

he's known here anyway I just posted an

Instagram that's what I was doing I was

following my mom

to help me visualize something it's nice

hearing someone's


do Wedman of the plane but trying to

predict numbers

that is where I'm up to right now I have

one more appointment that I'm waiting to

make a decision about which is at the

wedding gallery in Marylebone and that

is huge hopefully we'll get a better

idea there and then hopefully hopefully

hopefully in the next couple of weeks I

can have a proper decision and I can

order my dress it's actually quite

overwhelming and in the beginning so

many people said to me go and try on

loads of dresses and I was like oh yeah

that's such a good idea and I did that

and then I kind of regretted it because

I felt like I've tried them too many and

I've confused myself but now having

tried on even more I would definitely

recommend that to any other brides to be

because the more you try on the clearer

your ideas become if that makes sense

and the clearer thought process you have

and the more familiar you've become with

looking at yourself in a dress and

styles and shapes because it's a totally

different dress style than your everyday

dress style like I'm quite decisive

about my everyday clothes but that's

because I'm wearing a similar style a

lot and I'm used to seeing myself in

those clothes but bridal dresses is a

whole other ballgame the first place I'm

gonna post my next appointment it's on

my Instagram stories so if you want to

go and follow me on that to keep up with

my bridal wedding dress Diaries but I

just made up that name it's not even a

name that if you want to keep up with

everything Bridal and everything to do

with everything come and join me on

Instagram I would love to have you there

and I will see you in a couple days time

with another video

mwah thanks for watching guys bye