7 Things You MUST DO BEFORE Leasing Your First Apartment | Tips We've Learned from Years of Renting

what's up guys welcome back to the

channel I'm Mike and I'm Britt and in

this video we're gonna be talking about

seven things you need to do before you

lease your first apartment and this

comes from knowledge the birdie and I

have built up over the years of leasing

we've actually been renting ever since

we've gotten married which is about

seven years ago so we have a lot of

experience renting apartments we rented

a townhome first but we've been we've

been at this apartment for the last

couple years we've learned a lot made a

lot of mistakes and hopefully by the

time you guys finished watching this

video you will have gained enough

information to learn from all of our

mistakes so you won't have to make the

same mistakes yourself so with that

being said let's get into it the first

thing you need to do is see the space

before you sign the contract we learned

this the hard way when we moved to

Hawaii for a little bit we were so

excited caught up in the moment we did

not think to check out the space first

before signing and it turned out that

space had a lot of problems and could

have saved us a lot of headaches and

issues down the road if we had just

looked at the space first and then got

in a different apartment up until that

point we've been renting from my mom and

this is kind of our first experience of

renting from a company like a company

yeah and so like Brittany said we were

super excited about Hawaii you know we

were able to move down there for

business purposes for you know

temporarily and you know we've got set

up with this nice condo complex that was

right on the beach with the ocean on one

side and like the rain forest on the

other resident it was amazing but our

particular apartment there's nothing

really wrong with a building but our

particular apartment was just it was

gross yeah it was in a particular

location in the building to where the

Sun the sunlight in Hawai the sunlight

is very very intense and the sunlight

just beat on the windows in our

apartment all day long no air

conditioning our apartment turned into a

sauna and you know aside from other

things being wrong with it and we could

not get in a an a/c unit that was a part

of the agreement so we were stuck using

fans yeah so what we should have done

before signing the papers without seeing

anything is or what we should have done

was asked the the leasing agent just to

take us over there to walk through it

and just check things out and you know

if we if we had done that first we would

have definitely wanted another unit in

that condominium complex and it would

have prompt us to ask other additional

questions like can we have an AC unit

because we would have walked in there

and known the heat from the apartment

was too intense and Flor fans would not

have worked so before moving into your

apartment definitely 100% asked to see

it before you move in even if it's a

brand new you know yeah complex before

you sign yeah before you sign anything

ask to see it number two kind of goes

kind of goes along with number one but

there's kind of like multiple things

under number two that I want to talk

about so this the second thing to do

before leasing your first apartment is

so not just see the space schedule a

time to see it this particular time if

you if it's possible should be either

like in the afternoon maybe like 5

between 5:15 and 6:30 some somewhere in

there or on the weekends in the evening

time so what a newer apartment complexes

will have like a like a model unit to

look in so kind of like if you're

looking at a new neighborhood there's

like a model home in this apartment

complex the burning iron there's a model

unit that we went to look at before we

moved in and the model unit will be you

know decorated it should give you an

idea of what to expect your apartment

could look like if you move in and

decorate going back to what I was saying

before about that about that the time to

see your actual apartment that you wanna

move into the reason you want to do it

either like right after work or in the

evening time on the weekends is because

your neighbors who may not be there

earlier in the day are going to be there

at those particular times and if they're

noisy if they're blasting their music or

if they're just very heavy stomper or

very heavy walkers and you're sensitive

to that stuff then you may want to think

again about moving into that particular

apartment and then that's that's that's

the case with me the apartment that

Bernie and I were in before this for

this one it was in the same apartment

complex that were in now the gentleman

who lived above us was very very very

nice but he was a very heavy stepper and

every time he walked around Britney and

I would hear it she's a lot less

sensitive than I am to this but it was


I just couldn't sleep because you know

he went we our schedules were off every

time he would come home from work it was

like stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp you

know in the evening time he would play

his music very very loudly and it

rattled our walls it rattled our kitchen

appliances it was very very annoying and

if we had asked to see that particular

apartment in the evening time then we

would have noticed that we were and we

would have been like nope not doing this

one another reason it's a good thing to

see the actual apartment and schedule

time to to go look inside of it before

you sign any papers is that it'll give

you an idea it will give you an idea of

what what things around that

particularly living space are like so in

our example right now we've got a

loading dock I forget what it's called

like 300 feet away and it's a 24/7

operation and they're making noise all

the time it's like you know we've got

heavy machinery backing up so there's

like that beep sound throughout the day

throughout the night there's all this

like machinery clanking together we use

a lot of noise over there it sounds like

a construction constructions don't but

it's not it's just you know just stuff

going on over all the time Bernie and I

did visit this particular unit but we

visited on a weekend when there wasn't

much activity across the street it was a

lot less activity even though it's 24/7

on the weekends they don't do as much

long story short you want to be able to

see the space you want to be able to get

an idea of what things sound like around

you get an idea of how loud your

neighbors are because if you're

sensitive to noises you have noisy

neighbors not gonna work yeah it's not

gonna work if your neighbors a noisy

something else you want to do after you

schedule a time to see the apartment

you're thinking about leasing is smell

around the cabinets under the bathroom

sink smell in there and the you know

kitchen cabinets smell around the around

the laundry room around the electrical

around the circuit breaker panel the

reason I say this is because we just

came out of a situation where one of our

neighbors was doing the you know doing

something they shouldn't have been doing

and the smell from their activities was

seeping up into our apartment and it was

very very prominent under our bathroom

sink and in our library room we can't

obviously can't do anything about it

because no we can't

point who it is so it's very very

difficult but but yet we are forced to

breathe in all this stuff that we don't

want to breathe in at all

so I mean thankfully you know the

situation has been resolved but smell

around you smell around the space your

thing about leasing because if that sort

of thing is going on Trulli don't want

to be involved in that sort of thing so

I mean obviously you know depend on what

state you live in

laws are gonna change but I'm pretty

sure it's not uncommon for most

apartment complexes to have some sort of

thing in the lease agreement stating

that you cannot burn anything or no

smoking in the apartment yeah ours are

particularly complexes of no smoking you

can't smoke inside you can go out to

smoke outside but there's nothing that

is supposed to be burned other than

inside the oven in the apartment okay so

the third thing you need to do before

leasing your first apartment is

determine what kind of sleeper you are

how light of a sleeper you are are you a

light sleeper you have you sleep you do

random noises wake you up do other

people in your household or wherever

you're living wake you up if so if

you're a light sleeper that's that kind

of thing happens automatically just

start looking at the top floor

apartments you don't don't even waste

your time with bottom floor or middle

floor apartments because there will

always be a risk that somebody who can

you can move in above you is gonna be

very noisy and it's gonna put you in a

situation that you that you don't really

want to be in so number four check the

reviews online for the particular

complex or unit or person you're renting

from usually they'll be a common theme

with the reviews so you can kind of

pinpoint what issues you may expect

there so this is a very good thing to do

on Google especially because you know

Google reviews been around for a long

time what I normally do is like sort the

reviews from newest first and just see

what people are saying about their

immediate immediate experience because

that so if you do that that'll give you

an idea about what your apartment should

be like right now and you know any any

issues that people are experiencing

right now

any positive feedback the people are

giving right now whatever the reviews

are like right now that'll kind of give

you an idea of what the apartments liked

right now so look for that first the

second thing you should look for in the

reviews are like what Bernie said any

common themes going back for a while so

is there an issue with people getting

towed unjustly is there an issue with

roaches or bugs

whatever that seems to be a common

complaint that never goes away there was

the type of things you need to be

looking for and you know hopefully that

will help you make up your mind about

the apartment complex you're thinking

about moving into and then you'll just

have to kind of weigh those in your mind

about well you know can I live with this

or is this something I don't want to

live with so all right the fifth thing

you should do before moving into your

first apartment is get a copy of the

lease agreement so the lease agreement

is something that you'll have to sign

something everybody signs who moves in

and then should give you an idea of the

type of things that are okay to do in

your apartment and the type of things

that are not okay so again like in our

example burning candles is there's a

no-no bring anything isn't enough just

fires so the lease agreement should give

you an idea of the type of behavior more

or less you should expect from the

people around you and just kind of like

what the apartment community is about in

general after getting the lease

agreement if you find that there are

things in there that are prohibited that

you just need to do so for example like

if Bernie and I just just had to burn

candles so we just had to like we've got

a mahogany Apple scented candle right

behind us we've never burned in here but

it's very flavorful and if we just if we

just had to burn that and we couldn't

live without it like we would not want

to move in here right because we can't

burn candles so that's the point of

getting a lease agreement just so you

can you can look over everything before

before moving in and even kind of weigh

your options so number six is to ask ask

management of the tenant before you

complain about anything at all and what

that was

yeah so the purpose of doing this is

again like you can't control who lives

around you if the if the tenant who is

living in your current apart or the

apartment you're currently looking

looking at to move into if they have

complained about anything ask management

what it was and ask yourself if that's

something that you can live with and if

the complaint had been addressed and is

solved you know if it solved great if it

hasn't been solved due to technicalities

or legal reasons or whatever definitely

you need to ask yourself though what can

I live with that so for example let's

say you're looking at an apartment

complex and you're looking at the unit

4005 top floor and the current tenant in

there has complained about that people

below them twice student noise from

music or parties or whatever if that's

something that you're sensitive to this

also has to do with like NORs and nose

ordinances that

specific to the city you're gonna be

moving into but you know if you're

assistant to that type of thing and

there have been active complaints of a

you know from the current tenant that

haven't really that cannot really be

addressed all that well then you may

want to think twice about that

particular unit you may not want to

start looking at another one last tip

which is number seven is to treat your

neighbors and the management with

respect and just be polite it goes a lot

further and you're more likely to

resolve issues quicker so when you're

moving into an apartment the reality is

you're moving into a space we're gonna

have dozens of people around you right

and you're gonna be separated from at

least at least two other people by you

know this much room there's gonna be

this much room in between your walls and

theirs and the noise coming from their

apartment is going to seep into yours

though there's and the noise from your

apartment is going to seep into theirs

and their way of living could impact

your way of living and vice versa and so

the more respect that can go around the

better so for example let's say I move

into a top-floor apartment everything is

going great and you know you have some

some buddies over for 1/9 you turn the

music up a little bit you turn the bass

all the way up and let's say your

speakers are like right up against the

wall that are connected to something

that's touching the floor more than

likely if you're if you're you know the

neighbor below you is home you're gonna

be irritating them at least slightly

with the music at least that's been our

experience so just just be mindful of

that type of thing when you do move into

your apartment unless unless it's

something that's like made out of

concrete and you just can't hear your

neighbors at all

which that would be the best-case

scenario but you know a lot of

apartments aren't like that a lot of

them are just you know typical wood

barely any insulation between so so

anyways yet the more respect they can go

around the better just be mindful of how

you're living and how that could impact

the people around you that's all we have

guys so I mean hopefully that helps and

again like all these tips are just to

kind of help you think about things that

you should be looking for if you haven't

found these already and hopefully these

will help you find an apartment

that you enjoyed hopefully this video

will give you some things to think about

some questions to ask that will either

prevent you from moving into something

that would be just very very bad or help

you move into something that was going

to be very good so so yeah hope you guys

enjoyed the video if you did give me a

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