Jobs After Graduating - Top tips to consider when applying for graduate jobs

hi guys my name is Katie and welcome to

this video for jobs after graduation

things to consider when applying for

jobs okay so ask yourself what do I want

to do after leaving University you

should have some idea of what you want

to do in the future I mean you haven't

just spent several years at university

gaining a degree for nothing have you

thinking about jobs after graduation

it's extremely daunting that's why you

need to fully prepare after leaving

University in order to improve your

chances of gaining jobs after University

so remember make yourself stand out

getting a job laughter great situation

is not easy you might be thinking how do

I stand a chance against people who are

more qualified than me you have just

finished University and of course you

are unlikely to have ample experience in

the area in which you want to work

however this doesn't mean to say that

you don't stand a chance

but this does mean is that you will need

to put in that extra time and effort to

ensure that you make yourself stand out

in other ways so a great way to make

yourself stand out in front jobs after

graduation is to make yourself stand out

to the employers dry out your CV so your

CV will outline all of your personal

attributes skills and education all of

which you can tailor specifically to the

job you want to apply for give


okay so getting a friend the door is a

great way for you to get jobs after

graduation not only will this give you

some insight into your chosen profession

they will also allow you to gain

confidence and experience along the way

of course this set may not necessarily

be the step you thought you would have

taken but everyone has to start

somewhere okay so don't be blindsided by

the sort of starting out in a higher end

career so the fact is it's become much

harder to obtain a job in today's

society and even having a degree doesn't

guarantee you a job anymore so getting

that first foot in the door will really

help you to secure a job of your dreams

research and prepare okay so what areas

you get into to consider what can you

see yourself your self doing what are

you good at whether your strengths like

the above questions are all things you

should be asking yourself when you're

researching into different job roles so

a great place to start is the National

Career Service which I've given you the

link to here and this will provide lots

of advice and information on a whole

range of different careers okay starting

out at the bottom so starting out at the

bottom can be seen as an advantage for

many reasons you will be able to gain a

closer look into that industry if you

are already an employee with that

company you can eventually work your way

up to a more suitable position even if

it's a job you hate starting at the

bottom would generate extra experience

and personal growth all valuable for

your CV and you might decide that in

actual fact that industry is not for you

and therefore you can eliminate this

format your ideal career social media

savvy okay so an extremely useful thing

for all graduates is social media so

social media has become a powerful tool

which allows you to become connected

with a whole range of different people

so getting connected not only how it

should get a foot in the door but also

helps to put your name out there so

social media sites such as Twitter and

LinkedIn are two great examples that

many employees use as part of their

business strategy you can get connected

by joining in discussions following

people of similar interests voicing your

opinions and this is a great way for you

to boost your profile in the world of

business first job to dream job okay so

many people have several jobs before

they find the right one it's important

that you remember the following your

first job will not define you for the

rest of your life your first dog will

help you decipher what career you

actually want and once you know what

that is you can make plans to make that

happen so try not to be too picky about

your first job even if it's something

that you cannot see yourself doing for

years it's a great way for you to work

on your experience and gain personal

qualities which might be slightly

lacking due to your inexperience of just


as to so another thing to remember is

not let anyone influence your decisions

when choosing your career you have your

own mind you know what jobs you are

looking for on what jobs you want to


so don't let family your friends dictate

what job you actually want to get into

okay taking your job simply because your

family your friends like I just said

will not help you in the long run so you

need to be in control in regards to your

long-term career goals so if you have a

dream to stick by it if you are yet to

find an ideal job go out there get some

experience and find that ideal job

you're looking for never give up on your


okay finding your ideal job can be

extremely long-winded for some people

and it can be challenging especially if

you have no idea where to start so one

thing you should remember is to never

give up on your dreams

sometimes it takes a few wrong turns to

get us to where we want to be so for

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