Graduate Students Job Hacks - How to Get a Job Before Graduation

I was in your shoes a year ago I was

starting my last year in university

shaking because I didn't know what was

waiting for me after graduation will I

get a job offer to start my new career

of being broke all the time or will I

have to stay at home looking at this

beautiful paper all day yeah you should

have guessed that since I'm making this

video I got a job offer what's up guys

my name is Matty Caffey and I'm

currently a kid oversee councilman I

signed my offer three months before

graduating but the problem was many

tough students even better than me

didn't have the same chance there are

many problems why but the problem I

wanna tackle today is method preparation

so in this video I will tell you my

three simple steps of increasing your

chances of finding a developer before

graduating start the foundation of

double hunting is in your head it has to

be ready and in the right mood try

finding information systems try to

finding information sessions and gel

sets in your university this will give

you a general idea of what's available

right now and what companies are looking

for in candidates it also gives you a

great chance to network but I'll talk

about that later okay this one may be

common sense but you have to update your

CV and cover letter now some of you

might say Maddie we already know that

but most universities still receive

complaints about employers receiving for

series so try out bit in your CV with a

professional or your advisor also I know

it's hard to hear but you have to update

your CV and cover letter for every job

posting I can't emphasize enough on that

point if you really want to sit here can

do this yet part

employees have to feel that your

application is personalized treat you

jumping like a fool

we all have three jump categories the

first one is dream job the second one is

dub you candlelight and the third

category is jobs you really don't want

try applying to the first two I remember

applying to like 15 jumps birthday yeah

I'm crazy but if you want to optimize

your chances of getting a job you have

to leverage linked rigid heissen I think

we pronounce it by the way she's a

LinkedIn and HR star okay she once said

instead of sending a hundred CVS try

sending a hundred personalized messages

to recruiters and I'll give you two

strategies right now to get started

either a message a recruiter you already

met with a new position or jump there or

message a complete stranger let's say

you want to work at the Air Canada we'll

just type in the LinkedIn search for Air

Canada or a talent acquisition filter by

people and by location depending on

where you want to work in my case was

Montreal Canada last year it will have a

long list of HR people so try finding

someone with a shared experience or

shared connections in my case last year

I found someone at Air Canada who worked

at mosaic where I work as an HP

representative last year so I started by

presenting myself then I talked about

mosaic and then at the end I talked

about my skills and what I want to bring

to Air Canada and always ask for

specific opportunities idea

sometimes works sometimes not but you

have to keep going because 8% of jobs

are filled through referrals and

networking so your vector CV your cover

letter you applied to hundreds of jobs

and then you message some employers know

what the next step is accepting every

interview you get you have to practice

and experiment different ways of

answering questions that way you know

what works and what doesn't work

remember the three job categories that's

why I told you to apply it to the first

two and not only the first one it's

better to practice with the second

category for the job done you can fight

then your dream jobs of course if you

really want your dream job you've only

got one shot interviews are like sports

it's not enough to practice with your

teammates like brothers sisters advisers

friends you have to go four-wheel

matches against real continues to get

better over time following these advice

will really increase your chance of

getting a job offer before graduating if

you have any additional tips please

leave them in the comment section below

I'd like to know more about them now

what I would like you to do is message

every sewer Colonel meeting in the next

24 hours your best odds are in this

platform and in your network I've been

there myself and what it takes is

perseverance and patience thanks again

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