How to Get an Internship over the Summer (the easy way)

it's summer you're having fun with your

friends you're playing PlayStation

quarter GE all of those nice games but

you're watching movies and laughing and

just having a good time with people or

you're working out go to the gym trying

to get hench trying to impress Julie or

Jack or whatever floats your boat mate

you know what you deserve it exam

seasons overall you should enjoy

yourself yeah man that's the video

Donnell just wanted to relax and chill

out however at the back of your mind

that there is something there but you

know what it is but you kind of want to

block it out let's assume that you're in

uni and you constantly see other people

get internships and work experience a

huge firms and you just think to

yourself how is this done doing this or

let's assume that you've graduated but

you feel like you're late to the game

and everyone is moving on without you

but regardless of your age you want to

work for a big firm or a big company

whatever it is you want to make yourself

and your family proud but you just don't

know how to start it's intimidating and

it's overwhelming it's impossible to do

this right wrong big man very wrong in

this video I'll explain to you what I

did and what my friends did who are also

20 years old like myself and what we did

to get internships

police sirens yay and what we did to get

internships and graduate jobs at the

biggest firms in the world this summer

can literally be the reason for why you

land one of those placements if you

follow the tips in this video you don't

even have to dedicate all of your summer

to preparation so just give me a few

minutes of your time and trust me you

will not regret this okay as a quick

disclaimer I am basing all of this on my

own personal experiences in the field of

commercial law I've just finished my

second year and I've achieved multiple

vacation schemes and training contracts

multiple international law firms some of

the advice I'm going to be giving you

will also derive from the experiences of

my friends who have internships at JP

Morgan Deutsche Bank earnest and young

and all these big financial firms and

they told me what they did to get those

internships so that will be my main

focus however a lot of the things that

I'll be speaking about can be

transferable to other industries so even

if you're not trying to enter the

financial industry you can still benefit

from listening okay let's just get

straight into this man point number one

is you would need to spend your summer

building up your network and trust me

it's not as hard as

think its own so why would you need to

do this having people around you who

have experience in the industry is so

important maybe you think that you can

never secure a job at the top company

because information is so limited and

you just won't know what to put in the

application or what to put what to say

in the interview for example well if

your network consisted of people within

that industry you can easily ask them

questions and I am out any

misunderstandings and the information

that they give you can be the reason for

why you get a job in the firm or in that

particular industry so how do you do

this one way is by looking at your

University programs I'm at the LSE and

there's a mentoring scheme which

connects mentors who are professionals

in a certain industry with students I've

got my training contract offer already

so I didn't really utilize the service

much but if I didn't get an offer then I

definitely would have used that because

they connected me with us a lawyer who

owns his own firm and he has a lot of

experience in law and I definitely feel

like if I had more conversations with

him he could have definitely given me

information that I simply couldn't

Google and he probably has the network

to connect me with other people in that

industry as well you know the rule guys

know the rule you meet one person they

can introduce you to three but the point

is look into a uni and see what programs

they have to offer you which can connect

you to other people and expand your

network okay the second way you can

develop an expand your network is an

underrated way which is linked in I

linked it as a social media platform

which basically is like it's like an

online TV where you write down your

experiences write down your grades put

like a nice display picture I know

basically selling yourself and selling

your brand to other people and the

fantastic thing about this is companies

are actually on LinkedIn and they're

actively looking at different people's

profiles and seeing if they have an

opportunity for that person so if you

want to find like-minded people you can

actually find them on LinkedIn ie other

students who are interested in a similar

career to you so you'll have had

professionals in a certain industry

LinkedIn will back that as well and you

can actually message so on and LinkedIn

and ask them a question about something

particular let's just say that you want

to learn more about a certain role in a

certain industry let's just say it's

tech related and you can set up a

message and they can give you really

good information the worst case scenario

would be that that person ignores you

but you've got nothing to lose through

this so let me know if you want me to

create a separate video on how to make a

an attractive and successful LinkedIn

profile and how to prop

navigate LinkedIn I've given you the

basics that you would need to know from

now they for me to go farther just let

me know in the comment section ok moving

one number two the second thing you can

do is spend this summer building up your

experiences and this is probably the

most important point that hands down why

would you need to do this ok let's just

say that you're interested in a certain

industry whatever it is just think about

one is it something financial related is

it tech related like customer service

related law related whatever it is just

think about it all of your experiences

do not have to be related to that

industry when applying to big companies

there's usually a section on the

application form which will ask you what

skills you have and why you think those

skills would be useful in an industry or

at a firm like that about asking this

the company is merely trying to see who

is the best fit for that company

therefore in order to show the company

that you have X amount of skills you

would need to get experiences to

illustrate that on an application form

for a huge accountancy firm called PwC

my friend spent a lot of it speaking

about his part-time job at Tesco and how

it really built his team working and

communication skills even for my

application forms for commercial roof

owns I was sometimes write about my

experience and next the clothes shop and

how it truly develop my skills but in

addition to that I spent most of my

first year of university applying to

open days at the firms that I was

interested in and what happens here is

you go to a firm you network with their

employees you hear presentations of all

the firm does and what their different

departments do you get free food you

take a few pictures and you leave but

this is basically experience because

you're getting exposure in a certain

industry and then really not hard to get

on to you know open days so your

experiences can be related to the field

that you want to get into or it could be

something completely unrelated like or

retail or customer service just any

part-time job so look how would you

actually do this and build your

experiences firstly apply for a job over

the summer even if it's a part-time job

just so you can build your skills and

gain an experience so you have something

to write about when it comes to those

pesky application forms in September and

October this could literally be the

reason for why you get an internship or

a job like trust me secondly firms have

open days as I explained before so apply

to these like research when you can

apply for these open days make a note of

them and apply to them as soon as you

can okay

from work experience the third thing you

can do which is kind of related to

anyways is spend the summer developing

and doing extracurricular activities now

why would I say this like why would a

firm a top firm a top company whatever

is care about extracurricular activities

look if you go to a firm and show them

top grades and impressive CV and all of

these things they will smile at you and

I'll let you in the door however if you

haven't done things on a side big menu

you've actually finished yourself great

alone on not enough like farms or

companies when I hear what makes you a

person okay cool so how would you pursue

this and how would you do this or the

first way is if you have dead

volunteering experience in your fix

start like if the only voluntary work

you've done is something you were forced

to do in year 9 and big-man allow it

allow it and you do more stuff like go

on Instagram go to charities and social

programs drop them a DM explain how

you're interested in how you want to

build your skills and learn new things

and how you want to help them achieve

their goals and that you're willing to

join some of their projects the stuff

you'll learn there will be so important

you'll be meeting new people leaving

your comfort zone and really building

your teamwork and communication skills

so when it comes to application season

you'll have amazing things to write

about what you did the second way to

develop your extracurricular list is

through activities personally I'm not

into sports I've recently been going to

the gym and I'm not there yet can we

give you a month big man give me a month

but if you're into sports

try and find a team that you can join

even if something else like baking

debating art whatever it is just join a

team or a club you can do it in uni or

outside of uni and you're probably

thinking like wow with some magic circle

law firm or bulge bracket investment

bank or huge company in whatever

industry care about the sports or

activities that do on the side well big

man if you're listening you'll know that

I keep saying it's about what you can

put on an application form and how

you've developed your character and the

skills that you can demonstrate in

Illustrator so trust me the

extracurricular stuff will really off

and summer is the best time to get

involved in that stuff man trust me

thirdly really good point normally

people speak like this but I always come

with the original content so come on

maybe consider creating some content

I had a news page and Instagram for a

while and I always spoke about this on

an application form for an internship

but also at the interview level as well

but I did I did this news page not

because of interviews I was actually

genuinely interested about this I create

the news page way before

I even got into uni like months before

but it still benefitted me when I was at

uni and when I was applying to these big

firms trying to get work experience like

it really helped

I remember in some interviews at the

biggest law firms the interviewers who

are like senior associates and partners

would spend more time speaking about my

news page and my YouTube stuff rather

than my grades and my work experience

like it really makes you different and

it really showed my creative side so

look maybe you can create a blog and

write about something you're interested

in maybe anything technology anything

about Society race gender sport one of

your passions that you're just

interested on the side just a blog about

anything that you want to inform people

on and this point is a plug like it

could it could really really open when

it comes to application season okay

moving on the fourth thing you can do

this summer is research before I

continue you must understand that this

will be one of the most boring elements

of it but if you don't do this properly

you will not like I repeat you will not

get an internship or a job at any good

firm I know students significantly older

than me right now with great grades from

amazing universities but they can't land

an internship or some form of experience

at a firm if you get a good grade or

you're at a good university right now

studying a nice degree that you're so

proud of

do not feel entitled don't feel it look

you can spend some of this someone just

some of it doing some research which

could be the reason for why you get a

job or an internship a top company just

say you're interested in banking well

what does an investment banker do is

there a particular firm you're

interested in like what's your skill set

and why would that benefit you as a

lawyer don't be one of them guys that

submit a hundred applications to a

hundred firms and the application is

literally the same it's the same app

like all they've done has change the

name of the firm and this is why these

guys get rejected all the time like you

need to tailor your applications

properly but the tailor it you need to

research about what makes a company or

an industry different so look how can

you do this well for law there are so

many sites which should give great

information one of them is chambers

student they break down what each law

firm specializes in and what each type

of lawyer does like a real estate lawyer

or corporate lawyer a tax lawyer just

the basics of them the basics that you

would need to know there are so many

other pages just trust me research

if you started research now it will help

you so much whereas if you start

researching during application season

University may start which means you

will have less time to research and then

you overwhelm yourself and you'll cry

because you don't have time to research

and but close enough time to research

your application will be a whack big man

yeah man someone like researching over

the summer here and there it can help it

can help trust me overall I've given you

guys four solid things to do probably

more than four fish and you break it

down but I've explained to you why you

should do it and how you should pursue

this over the summer and if you're

watching this not in a summer but

another period it's still fine you can

still use these tips so thanks for

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