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episode we're going to show you guys the

week 1 to 2 with the auto-fire grow in

the optic ache plus tent and we're going

to show you the growth of the

photoperiod plants in the 3 by 3 in the

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links so without any further ado let's

get right into it so the main thing this

week was I was trying to not overwater

them but also keep them properly watered

the otter flowers I didn't really need

to water much for the OTO flowers I only

water one time near the end of the week

and I did run into some issues with a

couple of plants that I will get into in

a little later my half gallon plants

under the optical in Excel I've been

needing to water them every 3 to 4 days

now as they're a bit smaller and they

dry out faster so we did actually run

into some runts with the photo periods

and the OTO flowers and we actually did

take them out as we do need to keep the

plant count low I've always found that

it's best to just take the stunted runts

out because they just don't produce that

much and they're not really worth the

time and the extra plant count so we

decided to start some new Auto flowers

and some photo periods for the photo

periods we started some God's baba cush

and our Kim seeds both are regular sex

scenes so I will be finding males to

replace the auto flower runts we started

to Dutch passion Auto guerrilla OG and

recently I got in contact with the

stepwell super soil company and there

were nice enough to send out a sample of

their super soil and their top feed

nutrients so I'm excited to try that I'm

going to be starting it with an auto

flower grow I'm gonna be growing the two

new Dutch passions in this so I'm

looking forward to see the results with

this and try notes a nice organic super

soil in the instruction the soil says

you're supposed to moisten the whole

soil this is what I did i moisten it to

the point where the bottom was just

getting moist there wasn't runoff and

they didn't want it super saturated so I

did this watering process

very slowly so the water kind of seeped

down as much as it can without super

saturating the medium



and now we got all the new plants going

both the Otto flowers and the photo pure

plants were going very nicely these

plants are growing with Gaia green

fertilizer that is mixed in with the

soil before the plants are planted so

all we do is water them and so far

that's doing pretty good but we did run

into some issues with two of the Otto

flowers when the plants were kind of

starting to dry out a bit around eight

twelve I gave them a very nice full

watering getting a little bit of runoff

and what seemed to happen the next date

was my biggest Otto went into what

looked as to be nitrogen shock the Leafs

went very crawled over and looked very

over fertilized for some reason it

impacted my biggest plant and also one

other but not as much as the big plant

for some reason either that phenotype

was very touchy with nutrients or maybe

just too much got added to that bucket

when I did post the video of mixing the

soil I did get a comment that someone

else did the same mix without realizing

but they did say it eventually grows out

of it so I'm just gonna let it go and

see what happens

the other plants it didn't seem to

affect it as much so now I know I'm

gonna put a lot less for when I do my

Otto flour mixes next time just to be on

the safe side I'll probably only do two

and a half tablespoons per gallon


this here is probably the weirdest sea

thing I've ever seen there is two seeds

two plants popping out of here this one

seed I don't think I've ever seen that

before I noticed when I put the seed in

it had two roots sticking out so very

strange so now that my outer flowers are

still pretty moist I'm not gonna water

them for another four or five days we'll

see how long it takes them to dry up but

looking at the newer leaves the nitrogen

doesn't seem to be affecting them too

much in the the burnt plant so we're

just gonna be keeping an eye on it and

hopefully it heals itself as there's not

much I can do if the nutrients is

already mixed into the soil that's kind

of my fault because I was following a

older mixing guide and didn't realize

there's a new mixing direction


so now that the out of flowers again

there are fourth and fifth entry notes

I'm starting to train my plants so what

I did to chain my plants is pretty

simple as I got lots of string around

the house I just use some of that I'd

had the string around a classic bucket

and make sure it's tight and then I wrap

a string around the plant and just tie

it to that string and it seems to hold

it pretty good does the trick for

pulling it down and doesn't really cost

me anything so I did that to the three

biggest auto flowers and a few more days

I'll do it to the rest of our flowers

and the our flower genetics we got going

here are the mephesto amnesia the auto

flower cookies and the our flower orange

diesel and the two brand new seedlings

are the our flower Dutch passion gorilla

og so the main thing I need to watch for

is my watering making sure my watering

is the right pH a new pH changer I'm

using it from tnb Naturals they also

sent over some co2 units that I'm going

to be using soon so stay tuned for that

and that is all for the update with the

Auto flowers in the obligate tent and

the photoperiod plants in the optic 1xl

tent also when I started my batch photos

I actually put in one extra seed in one

pot because I didn't think it was gonna

Germany and actually germinated so I

decided to just replant that one I did

transfer so I scooped it up tried to not

disturbing the roots and I put into the

half gallon pod just just for fun I've

never run an auto flower and a half

gallon pot and it would just be fun

little experiments so I thought might as

well try it out and just see what

happens so far it's doing very nice and

looks pretty healthy this is one of the

mesto orange diesels

thank you all for watching really

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