LST ~ Low Stress Training on my autoflower cannabis plants

hey everybody its Grammy always growing

always luring him just admiring an

amazing photo here

pink hairs I don't know if that's gonna

show up but anyways I'll take you see

what's going on in there thanks for

clicking on my video taking the time to

join me

the main part the main focus of this

video it's going to be low stress

training on my two youngest Otto flowers

so in the first half of the video I will

go over everything that I've done so far

and then the second half of the video

I'll get the camera back in here in a

couple of days and we'll see how they

see how the plants have responded to

everything a few days from now yeah I

meant to do it

a few days ago plants today are 19 days

old yeah the point of the training well

there's several points one is to control

the height so you don't have an issue

like that so I regret not training that

bloody skunk yeah oh well lesson learned

and that big bud Otto I overwatered it

it's just finally starting to dry out

now yeah it's doing okay certainly could

have been better if I had not messed up

with the over watering oh well we'll see

what comes of it but this blue dramatic

in the back and this Northern Lights in

the front they're going to be trained

and not necessarily for hate control but

more to maximize the yield expose those

lower branches sooner so hopefully they

can be equal to the top branch have a

whole lot of tops rather than one top

and a bunch of lower branch

such as those so it's kind of in my way

that is not cannabis in there it's just

other flowers I'm just messing around

with Scottie real may have been correct

and he said cannabis is the gateway to

gardening anyways so all I've done so

far is last night I just see if I can

get in there not quite a 90 degree bend

but you can see the stem is bent it over

I've got some garden wire I just hooked

over it stuck that into the dirt and

then same for that one so of course when

I did it the top was lying horizontally

if you follow me on Instagram you would

have seen a photo I put up there and

yeah it showed them freshly after being


so far they've responded well 24 hours

later doesn't seem to be any issues

so as these lower branches grow up and

out I'll continue to tie them down as


yeah hopefully all goes well I'm happy

so far with these plants I like the

color of the leaves there's been no real

issues and the pots are getting late I

didn't overwater them as severely as

they over watered the big bud but yeah

we're doing okay

they had that spray of over grow from

optic foliar that of course benefited

them so along with tying over the main

top branch and then tying down the other

branches well tuck down the bigger

leaves just to let more light hit the

leaves of the lower branches but yeah

that's all basic low stress strain stuff

so anyways I'll give the camera a pause

now and then like I say in a few days

we'll check back and see what's come of


all right I'll see you then all right so

it's about 48 hours since I was last in

the tent just started messing with this

Northern Lights and then realized I

should get the camera on just to keep

you guys in the loop what I'm doing

anyways it after the 48 hours it had

growing up some so I think you can see I

just used some garden wire


I tied it back that way just so try to

keep that 90-degree bend in the stem and

then just got it tied down twice there I

gave it a little twist just to keep the

branches going the way I want them I

think that's all I'm going to do to that

one today I'll let it go tomorrow I'll

probably start tying down some of these

other branches that have come up okay

it's gonna need a watering soon and then

there's that blue dream blue dramatic

you can see it responded well to the

training after 48 hours it's just doing

wonderful so

see where I had it tied down and it's

just shot up that much more so I'm gonna

do the same thing support it from the

back side so that it maintains that 90

degree Bend in the stem and I'll

probably start tying down some of these

smaller branches yeah I won't bore you

with that I'll pause it again

and then check back in 24 hours from now

all right well okay folks 24 hours ish

Saturday morning now I've got my cup of

coffee I had a good sleep in still in my

pajamas sorry

so last evening

I tied down all the side branches on

this blue dramatic not sure if you can

see in there but so it's doing well

keeping it wide open letting the light

penetrate in hit every every leaf pretty

much except for some of those fan leaves

that are now on the bottom I'll trim

them away layer later so uh yeah this

Northern Lights I'm going to do the same

with it

I've got garden wire just some cut

pieces that I used in previous grows

just use that make a little hook stab it

in the ground and hold the branches down

see if I can set this up in a way that

you can see what I do it's not much to

it really just make a little little hook

it'll hold over the branch wherever I


maybe longer than it needed to be too

lazy to cut it again

that's it I will just hold that branch

down open up for those two little

branches coming up on the inside and

that's all I do

I've seen other people they'll have

holes drilled into their pots they tie

off with wire and use the holes I've

seen people use velcro devices that are

easy to adjust I've seen love to bud UK

use pipe cleaners so lots of different

methods tools you can use this works for

me it's so easy so here I've got one

branch coming over top of another branch

so I mean I kind of direct this one over

that way more that one can have that


these plants are three weeks old now 22

days for blue dramatic 21 days for the

Northern Lights so far they are doing

well yeah I did overwater them so it's

taken a while for these pots to dry out

yeah it doesn't matter how many times I

get told that that's a common mistake is

over watering I still do it

oh well learn from these mistakes we're

doing well anyways for the first three


all right I won't bore you with watching

me tie down those branches you get the

idea of what I do I'll get it all tied

down and spread out hopefully a week

from now a great big Bush is growing

instead of little plants yeah that's

about it for the low stress training

that I'm gonna do on these two like I

said at the beginning I regret I didn't

do any training on that bloody skunk cuz

it's just growing out of control I've

had to adjust the light I took it off of

the pot stand it would be another inch

or two lower but yeah oh well it's

getting well into the flower stage if

you follow me on instagram you would

have saw a couple days ago i shared a

photo showing there we go a little bit

of purple coming in on the top of the

flowers so getting exciting down here

actually got some action seems cannabis

is not the only plant that struggles to

shed its seed when it comes out of the

ground can see sunflowers they struggle


I'll just leave those let them do their

thing that one shed its shell fine all


anyways I'll end this video that's it

for my low stress training we'll be back

in here and another few days maybe a

week see how things are going yeah I

guess if you have any questions or

comments you can leave them down in the

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see you in the next one