Starting IVF Injections || Lupron Side Effects


how you to welcome back to my channel

guys I just thought that this would be a

good opportunity to give you a little

bit of an update on what's going on I am

on day four of Lupron I finished my

birth-control tomorrow is my last pill

and I have quite a few side effects from

this lupron already and I just I'm in

the midst of one of them and I thought

it would be a good time to just kind of

chat for a second I'm actually at Kohl's

right now and Zac is inside he's trying

to pick out a new suit for the king of

good days gala that I'm a part of and

that Oliver really had like headache and

hot flash from the Lupron so it's made

me really hot on and off especially at

night I've got like serious nights

what's going on kind of gross but it is

I keep getting hot flashes throughout

the day keep getting headaches and I

feel just kind of like fuzzy I don't

know it's I'm assuming it's the Lupron

take I literally had to take a step

outside like I feel like I'm going

through menopause right my brain is so

fuzzy to the point of like I catch

myself saying like having a thought and

trying to is happening right now I can't

finish my thought

like I try to say what's on my mind and

I get like mid thought and I can't

finish my sentence it's just kind of

like this fuzzy hazy I describe I don't

like this Lupron though this is gonna be

a tough like three weeks it to be honest

it's also got me feeling like really

kind of Moody and just like you're

irritable irritated no I'm just kind of

an angry crazy person I'm all over the

place and this is just like I've been

the thick of it right now and I'm having

a moment and I just wanted to pop on and

film myself in this moment so you guys

know that when you're feeling like this

and you don't really know like what

you're feeling or how to handle it all

like this is totally normal

I meant like in the thick in the mists

of working through whatever is happening

to me in my body right now and I think

it's important for me to assume that and

not just film it after the math after

after the fact maybe I shouldn't be

filming myself because I can't get my

act myself together I'm in a parking lot

two people are watching me film this

right now so it's kind of awkward but I

just wanted to film a really quick

update unless you guys know what was

happening in how I was feeling on this

Lupron overall right now not good I will

update you guys soon and let you know

what they have a couple more days under

my belt especially because I'm coming

off my birth control as of tomorrow and

I'll be very interested to see if I get

a period because there's a lot of

conflicting information online as to

whether or not I will get a period

well I'm some people say yes they did

some people say no they didn't

everybody's consensus is that either way

is fine and normal so until next time

guys I'll talk to you soon good morning

YouTube I just wanted to film a quick

little update since the last clip in the

car a few days ago I have officially

been on Lupron for eight days the first

few days were awful and I was not

prepared quite honestly I didn't think

that Lupron was the drug in this whole

IVF process that was going to be the one

that really like gives you the worst

side of things like the headaches and I

was nauseous and I was Moody and I was

irritable and honestly the hot flashes

were probably the worst part of it for

me but guys the Lupron is no joke and I

wish I would have done more research

prior to actually that's not true I'm

glad I didn't know what I was getting

myself into because I totally would have

psyched myself out so I have officially

stopped birth control I've been off of

my birth control for about four or five

days now I was curious to see if I was

going to get a period I have started

spotting it's been going on for about

two days now

all the only thing I can really say is

that everything

very light with this period the cramping

is very light the spotting itself is

very light it's very like sporadic and

scarce and color is a little off and not

to get into like girls nitty-gritty

details but you guys catch my drift

it's all very light it is exactly what I

expected based on my research once I

really got into this Lupron overall I'm

I'm excited to start stimming I'm

excited that egg retrieval is

prospectively two weeks away that's

really exciting to me I'm also super

glad that my side effects from the

Lupron have subsided I don't know if

it's because I've come off of the birth

control I've also read that Lutron is

one of those things that it gets worse

before it gets better but it does get


once it starts doing its job your side

effects kind of lessen so I'm definitely

over the hump and I'm super glad about

it I go in for a kind of like a baseline

ultrasound monitoring appointment

tomorrow it will be with dr. Griffin I

will have an ultrasound I don't think

I'm getting any blood work actually

maybe I'm getting blood work I'll check

my calendar yes I am getting blood work

so I think this is kind of like I said

kind of like my baseline they're just

gonna check all my levels all of my

numbers they're gonna check my lining

and my ovaries make sure everything is

nice and quiet and then I will get the

green light to go ahead and start

starting on Friday I'm super excited

about that tomorrow

my low-dose HCG will also be delivered

that I will be incorporating right along

with the gonal-f as I start swimming and

that will be my protocol up until the

time I trigger so this will probably be

the last update until I start stimming

so I think I'm just gonna do small clip

updates put everything all together and

then probably upload that video before

my egg retrieval and then I'll do a

whole egg retrieval video and

kind of see what else happened um I

think that's it guys if you're new

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you I love you guys I'd miss you guys

please talk to me in the comments and

until next time I will talk to you soon

exciting stuff coming up bye guys