When To Start Your Christmas Marketing Traffic Campaign

what's up internet marketers like pasa

minute marketing Jim calm and I'm

preparing for the Christmas wave of

traffic that's coming so this is a

general rule of thumb if you are if your

Miche is if your niche works in the

holiday season so for example one of my

dishes is the baby shower niche and I

know that people are looking for

Christmas baby shower printable their

Christmas baby shower goods then I'm

gonna prepare one month in advance okay

so Valentine's Day you start promoting

and creating stuff in January at least

same thing it's November now and I've

already sent out all of my pins on

Pinterest to get that Christmas traffic

and I've already created my Christmas

printables around while Christmas

because I want to catch that Christmas

traffic that's coming okay now of course

not all niches correspond or work with

the holidays but if it does then start

early at least a month in advance that's

my tip for today have a great day and

I'll see you next time